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listen dog people

Updated on March 28, 2012

Pitt bulls gone rogue

Last night when I came home my next door neighbor was waiting outside for me. As I got out the car I was like " Whats up?" Because the only time he comes over is when something is not right or he needs to vent about something.' Man..." he said shaking his head, then he reached beside his porch and pulled out a gigantic moses stick, "man..." he went on " Something has to be done about those dogs, man, I'm serious." Me and my next door neighbor go back about twenty six years, we went to the same school and we use to work at the same pizza parlor in high school so we have a history. A few years back my neighbor suffered multiple seizures and strokes and had to learn how to walk again, when he tried to return to work he was told that working was not an option for him and he was placed on disability. Being placed on disability really broke his heart because before the seizures and strokes he was earning 72,000 dollars a year and living a very comfortable life, now he is hellbent on becoming self employed and getting his lifestyle back. I understand where he is coming from because I am at the very beginning of running my own business, junk and Debris removal, so we sit around and talk about where we will be in five years and all that kinds of stuff, a mastermind alliance in other words. "Man, they got after me man." He said. "Who got after you?" I asked. " Them damn dogs man!! Those man eating pitts down the street!!" I immeadiately broke down into a uncontrollable fit of laughter. " I'm serious man!" He went on. " ...they caught me on the rabbit trail doing my exercises man! I had to beat them back with a stick!" He was going on and on and I was laughing like crazy at the thought of him getting chased by TWO pitt-bulls, you see he's a pretty big guy, he is like 6'1 about 350 pounds. " They took my stick from me man! They chased off the rabbit trail man I had to jump on top of a car so they wouldn't bite me man!" I was really about to double over with laughter."This is not funny man! I almost had a heart attack!"

Yeah I feel ya my dog...

It's not funny man! That's what my neighbor said. When I finally got my laughter under control I began to tell him about my run in with those same "man eating pitts.." I went on to tell my neighbor my story of my run in with the two monsters. One night a few months back I decided to take a stroll the store on my way back, as I was about to walk into my drive way, I was rushed by two pitt-bulls. The two pitts split up and I was trapped in the middle of the road, right in front of my house, with one pitt in my drive-way, the other behind me, neither pitt was barking. Instead the dogs was growling and snapping at me. One would rush towards me and I would yell and stomp my feet trying to scare them off. I spent about fifteen long minutes dancing with these dogs. I thought for sure that these dogs was about to bite me possibly even kill me and I prepared myself for a fight to the death. I frantically looked around for sticks, bricks, really anything that could give me the edge over these dogs. Just my luck there was nothing around. "Get over here!" was the voice I heard from behind me the pitts ran to their master, the neighbor down the street. " Those damn mutts are dangerous dude!" I remember saying, "You better do something about them because sooner or later they are going to bite somebody!" I added. " He's scared....giggle.." I heard his girlfriend say as they put leashes on their beloved demon dogs. Scared? You bet I was scared! Having to face off against two vicious pitts in the middle of the night in front of my drive way, who wouldn't be scared. "Why didn't you call the police man?" my neighbor asked. I really don't know why..." Because they didn't bite me." I said. " Man who knows what would have happened if that dude had not came and got his dogs. They could have killed you out there!" my neighbor said " I called the cops on those mutts! And everytime I see them outside of that fence I'm going to call the cops on them! you can't have pitt-bulls running around like that man." Yeah I fell you my dog. I understood exactly where he was coming from. A few minutes later as the conversation was calming down the neighbor from down the street walked up and a huge arguement broke out between my two neighbors. As I stood back and listened and moderated the conversation, I began to notice that the owner of the two pitts did not see the situation as dangerous. His entire case was that his pitt-bulls get of the fence all of the time and chase people and they have not bitten anyone yet. And the first thing I thought was this guy must be crazy. No one wants to deal with some one elses pitt-bulls, no one wants to be chased up and down the street by your dogs!

The message to Dog people

This is what it boils down to. Your dogs are your dogs. The person next door does not love your dogs. The person walking in the park do not know that your dog is a gentle giant. Your dog is a member of your family and will not bite or harm you are your family and friends,because your dog knows them. If you have pitt-bulls,rockreillers,great danes,saint bernards, or any other large breed of dog, keep them on a leash in public, do not let them run around because other people do not want to be bothered with some large animal running up on them. No one cares that you may have had them trained well and nobody cares that they might not harm a flee. They are dogs, animals, and just like any other animal on this earth they can be set off by anything. All it takes is the wrong scent,the wrong movement, or the wrong sound. Think about the people around you when you walk your dogs. Think about your neighbors. Peace I am Audi 5000.


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 5 years ago from sourcewall

      Thanx for visiting.I live in a neighborhood full of dogs, and it seems to me that "Dog People" do not really consider or care about their neighbors.

    • profile image

      Chris Hugh 5 years ago

      Great pics. I love the "I said 'sit'" one. Good point, too, and well made.