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Litter Box - Where to Buy Large, Oversized, Automatic and Hidden Litter Boxes

Updated on September 8, 2011

There are actually quite a few things you need to consider when choosing the perfect litter box for your kittens or cats.

Each cat is different and, as you are probably already aware, some can be also be picky or finicky.

For example, some cats are on the "shy" side and prefer a litter box that is covered while they do their business, while others might not like the feeling of being closed in and might prefer a box that is open.

Some cats are neat and gentle which means a standard sized litter box will do, but others might be especially exuberant when burying and scatter litter all over the place. In that case a larger or taller than usual box might be needed.

A larger litter box or self cleaning litter box is usually a "must-have" if you have more than one cat in the house, you tend to be away for days at a time or if you have a particularly finicky cat that does not like going in any box that is not spotless.

Other things you might want to consider is the aesthetic side or placement of the box. There are hidden litter boxes which allow you to keep the box in main rooms disguised as planters or end tables, or you might want to consider covered litter boxes to help contain odor if the box needs to be in a room that guests or visitors will pass through.

Luckily there are so many different kinds of litter boxes on the market, you are sure to find the absolutely perfect one for both you and your cat.

Keep reading to see all the different boxes available, their functions, their prices and where you can purchase them.

Basic and Inexpensive Litter Boxes

The following litter boxes are standard sized litter boxes.

These are perfect for kittens or single cats who are fairly neat.

Some come with their own scoops or you can buy an inexpensive litter scoop to go with it.

They even feature a litter box specifically made for corners to keep box neatly tucked away in the room.

Large Litter Boxes

These litter boxes are oversized litter boxes. They are either longer than usual or taller on the sides.

These are mostly used by cat owners who own more than one cat or who have cats that get a little too enthusiastic when kicking up litter.

Many of these too come with their own litter scoops or you can purchase one separately.

Covered Litter Boxes

Here is a nice selection of covered litter boxes. Covered litter boxes have quite a lot of benefits.

  • They afford privacy for your cats (which some cats prefer)
  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • There is a reduction of odor (as long as they are cleaned regularly)
  • Less mess as litter is more likely to stay in the box

There are a bunch of different sizes, styles and types of covered litter boxes to choose from.

Simply click on the blue link next to each item for larger pictures, and further descriptions.

Hidden Litter Boxes

These hidden litter boxes are a great way to have a litter box in a well traveled area, yet no one will even know they are there.

Cats find them pleasing because of the privacy they afford them as well.

These hidden litter boxes can come disguised as end tables, potted plants or even cute little cat benches that look like furniture but provide fun hiding places for your cats as well. They will also look great in any room.

Automatic Litter Boxes

This following section has a great bunch of automatic or self cleaning litter boxes to choose from.

These boxes essentially work by having units drag across the litter gathering and disposing waste into disposable bags leaving you with little or no work to do other than change the bag and add more litter.

Most of the motors in these boxes are so quiet that cats don't even know they are there. Some work by moving very slowly and continuously around so cats can go in anytime undisturbed, others work by sensor and start cleaning automatically 10 minutes after cats leave.

These are perfect for cat owners who travel a lot or who are away for long stretches of time because it ensures an always clean litter box for cats. They are also great for owners of more than one cat because work fantastically well in reducing and eliminating odor.


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