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Llamas and Llama Training

Updated on January 1, 2013

Llamas and Llama Training

Llamas are intelligent animals who make wonderful hiking companions (they carry the load) and all-around friends. I call them "friends" because they have such a zest for life, and so much curiosity about what is going on around them, that they are a delight to be with. They don't typically get attached to you in quite the way dogs do; it's more like the stereotype of the companionship of cats.... though I've had some mighty attached cats! But you get the idea.

Llamas are easily trained. Often about the fourth or fifth time you show a llama something you want it to do, like climb into a van or horse trailer, it understands. Try that with most dogs!

They get a lot of bad press for spitting, which they rarely do.

Photo credit: I took this one. That's my favorite llama, Lil Bit. She had a tremendous spirit. She lived a very long and happy life, too!

Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith

What Every Llama Should Know

Can you handle llamas? It's important to be able, so that you can get them to do what they need to. For example, if there is an emergency or if you want to go hiking with one.

This DVD can teach you a lot of the essentials. We produced it with noted llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith, and I've lost track of how many we've sold over the years. A lot of them went to people who were thinking of getting llamas and wanted to know what was involved.

Here are some of the things llamas learn to do, with the help of the DVD. (Sorry, you can't just show it to the llamas!)

* accepting your putting a halter on them

* walking easily with a lead rope, not pulling... they seem to naturally be better at this than dogs are

* loading into a vehicle, like a van, or into a stock trailer

Often llamas get what you are wanting them to do after you have shown them just a few times. Once they have it, they tend to keep it. They are amazingly smart! Llama training can be tremendously fun because of this. Bobra called her workshops "Training Llamas for Willing Cooperation."

Bobra and many alpaca owners have also used these techniques for training alpacas.

That's Bobra there with our girl Blossom. Photo credit: My husband Kelly Hart took that one.

Llama Training on YouTube - A Selection from Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith: What Every Llama Should Know

In a couple of minutes you can get a sense of what's involved in working with a rather reluctant young llama. This video shows llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith approaching and haltering the young llama, with her helpful commentary.

Training Llamas to Drive - No, not cars! Teach them to drive to cart!

Would anyone want to drive with llamas, we wondered when we first thought of producing a program on how to do it. The answer turned out to be yes, and this has been one of the most popular llama programs that we created.

Here's the cover of our llama driving DVD.

If you click on the image, it will take you to a page on my website about llamas where the DVD contents are described and listed.

Photo credit: Video cover by Kelly Hart

Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith DVD at Amazon

This is the same program we sell from our website, but it's often more convenient to get it at Amazon.

Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith
Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith

In this two-hour program, you will watch Bpbra train a variety of llamas of all ages, from the basics to quite advanced!


Please note that if you click through to from here and if you buy something, Squidoo and I may share a commission, at no cost to you. Clicking on some of the other links might also yield me some commission. I appreciate the income, as it enables me to spend time doing writing like this.

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    • hartworks lm profile image

      hartworks lm 5 years ago

      @lclchors: Great story.

    • lclchors profile image

      lclchors 5 years ago

      I had one as a sheep guard, we no longer have either. He use to go out on rides with me and my mare, he adored her and would follow us anywhere.

    • LisaDH profile image

      LisaDH 5 years ago

      I've always loved llamas. I think they're adorable. :-)

    • ragtimelil profile image

      ragtimelil 5 years ago

      I forgot to add, I still have a bag of llama fleece. I'm spinning and knitting a shawl with it.

    • ragtimelil profile image

      ragtimelil 5 years ago

      I miss my llama. He was such a great boy. I had to give him back to the previous owner when I moved. His buddy, however, the alpaca was a spitter. Rotten thing. But he was otherwise easy to handle.

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 5 years ago

      Like Lamas, they are cute animals, but I don't know a lot about them. So your lens is informational for me. Thanks.

    • ForestBear LM profile image

      ForestBear LM 5 years ago

      How interesting, would love to learn more about llamas

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image

      hntrssthmpsn 5 years ago

      When I was little, our neighbors just up the road had llamas. One of them loved to gently nibble on the ends of my dad's beard.

    • hartworks lm profile image

      hartworks lm 6 years ago

      @BlueStarling: They have a lot of personality, and they are as varied as we humans are! For example, our Posey was flighty and aloof while our L'il Bit would come right up to anyone.

    • hartworks lm profile image

      hartworks lm 6 years ago

      @jimmyworldstar: You can have them as pets if you have enough land for them. They are great for hiking with, and THEY carry the packs, not you! In fact, a lot of people who own llamas start out getting one or two (two is better, they are VERY social animals) for packing.

      You can also comb out their wool and card it, spin it, and knit with it. I've done that some.

      To find out more, go up to that first link under LLama LLinks and if you click through you can download the book I wrote, Living with Llamas. It's free now; we sold it for many years.

    • profile image

      jimmyworldstar 6 years ago

      Can you have llamas as pets? What are some uses for them?

    • BlueStarling profile image

      BlueStarling 6 years ago

      Interesting lens. I think llamas are beautiful as well as cute. Love the story about the llama spitting at the photographer and reporter -- very humorous, and I was surprised to learn they had existed in North America. I'm sure if I lived in a rural area and had the means I'd have a couple. It would be fascinating to get to know what they're like in person.

    • beckyf profile image

      beckyf 6 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your lens. :)

    • profile image

      JoshK47 6 years ago

      Great read - I love llamas!