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Losing Jill

Updated on August 31, 2012

Losing Jill

When Angus our male German Shepard, was about two years old, we thought it was time for a female companion. So we went looking for A pretty female c for Angus. We knew we would name her Jill, because my family enjoyed the music of Jill Scott and we all agreed that our female dog would be named after this great singer.

On a sunny Sunday in September, we found Jill. She lived in a place called Lelydorp

(about 30 kilometers South of Paramaribo the capital of Suriname)

Lelydorp is a beautiful environment surrounded by woods and creeks. Jill was about 4 months old and as all German Shepard,she was fund of the water,which there was plenty of in Lelydorp. The owner Mrs Blank told us Jill and her brothers and sisters loved to swim in a creek nearby.

Unfortunately Mrs. Blank lost one of the puppies who was caught by a boa constrictor that grabbed the little thing,and drowned it. Mrs Blank didn't leave it that way and shot the serpent,but the puppy was already death.

She waved at us goodbye when we left with Jill and cried, still a bit sad to see one of her dogs go: "Bye Jill , do your best! Be good.

Jill proved to be a fantastic dog and mother. The first time she was having puppies we were afraid she would eat them but she did quite the opposite and was gentle and very patient. She cast puppies three times and they were all very beautiful.We couldn't keep all the dogs,so we sold them.

The second cast, I chose one of the puppies to be a watchdog for my school. This dog was quite a handful and even got "dog napped" once. His name is Beau (French for beautiful).

But a real disaster happened two years ago,Jill was attacked by the Rottweilers of the neighbors across the street. She had pushed her head under the gate (maybe she had smelled something interesting" but got stuck, her body still inside our yard. The Rottweilers were on the street and grabbed her by the head. Angus barked none stop and my son Jerome rushed to help Jill but the damage was already done.

Three dogs attacking her while still stuck under the gate. Even Angus couldn't help her because the gate was closed and he was inside too.

My son lifted the gate with a stick and you can imagine what Jill looked like. The bloodthirsty dogs had bitten off her ear and her face was totally ruined.

She was bitten so bad, that even though we brought her to the veterinarian right away and he operated about two hours on her,it was a hopeless case.The next morning Jill died still .

Most of the Jill's children are still healthy and fit,but two of them died of the dog disease parvo,and just a few weeks ago tragedy stroke again. Christoff,a son of Jill was poisoned by burglars,who entered the owner's home while they were at work.


Life goes on. Jill can not be replaced, but still, We could tell that Angus was sad. He was very quiet all the time. So a few months after the death of Jill we bought Sarah a wonderful dog.Angus loves her too.Sarah, is now two years old and yes, she will have her first puppies next month.

Jill,Christoff,and other puppies - Rest in peace Jill and Christoff

In this short video you can see Jill with her second cast of puppies,including Christoff who was poisoned a few weeks ago.

German Shepards or Rottweilers

We never had Rottweilers,but I know quite some people who have or have had them,and of what I heared and experienced

with what they did to Jill,I don't think we will ever have Rottweilers. I just don't trust them.

Do you prefer a German Shepard or a Rottweiler


She's a widow

Sarah is a widow now, because Angus our male Dog was poisoned just like his son Christfoff was. Its unbelievable that people can be so cruel.


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    • religions7 profile image


      10 years ago

      Cute dog :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      My Monkeybrain tells me that German Shephards are the best!

      (And by the way, I hate Rottweilers!)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The dead dogs are coming to life again, although it's only for 1:32 minute! Wonderful to still see them again after two years. Your next lens should bring them back for allways. That's a challenge!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I think that their should be more laws in place for petowners in Suriname. This way people will be held acountable for the actions of their pets, and such tragedies as this can be prvented. Owners will take better care of their pets and not breed dangerous animals


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