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Pasting a broken heart : stray dogs too have hearts

Updated on May 28, 2016

Pasting a broken heart : stray dogs too have hearts

Have you ever seen a stray dog on the road and wondered what its' life is like? Well, I don't know if this always bothered me because I'm a dog-person. But, sometimes it pricks me from inside as being a human with six senses, I'm not able to do anything to save the creature with five senses from the pain caused by fellow-humans. I have seen dog-corpses due to hit and run on the highway.

Well, I'm happy to recite a story about being able to help one such stray dog. My dad who is also a dog-person, actually he's an animal person who's affectionate towards all animals, found this little dog on the road being abused and thrown away from a vehicle by a drunkard. He brought him home. This little guy was frightened initially because of the abuse he went through previously.

This guy had physical injuries but what hurt him more was the mental distress which caused him extreme fear to get along with humans. After being nursed for two weeks, he was finally recovering both physically and mentally.

I had to leave home after two months of his arrival to another city for my job. For three months I had no contact with him. I finally paid a visit to my home after those three months and I was awe-struck by the way he welcomed me. It seemed like he was the one who missed me even more than my parents. I pay a visit to my home once in every month and he's the first person to welcome me home.

This has given me so much satisfaction that I'm soon to join an NGO which helps stray dogs.I love him so much and his name is "Sultan" well-suited for him as truly he's a warrior who fought back and gave humans another chance.

Unconditional love!

This is how you shower love!


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    • Prashanthi Menon profile image

      Sulo Ramesh 14 months ago from Coimbatore

      Thank you. :)

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 14 months ago from St. Louis, MO until the end of June, 2017

      Prashanthi Menon, Welcome to HubPages. I appreciate this article and the sensitivity you and your family have shown to this little dog named Sultan. I hope you will continue to write here on HP. Your English is just fine. I look forward to many more hubs from you.