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Why I adore Welsh terriers

Updated on January 7, 2013

Welsh terriers are adored by many but why are they such a lovable terrier?

Before the 1800s which was when the first pedigree Welsh terrier was recorded, these beautiful welsh terriers were working in the fields hence the name terrier taken from the Latin word 'terria' which means earth. These pups were used to rid the farmers of rats and other vermin which was a common job for many terriers around this time. These Welsh terriers were real troopers and when their job was finally finished they had earned the right to relax by the fire with their owners and family, which is the reason behind their temperate nature. If you want to find out more about these fantastic dogs you have come to the right place, enjoy!

welsh terrier
welsh terrier

A little more history behind the Welsh terrier

Also involved in fox hunting

Not only were these dogs bred to fetch rodents. They were also bred for the sport fox hunting, which is now banned. What is fox hunting? Fox hunting was an upper-class sport and those involved would ride their horses chasing after a fox. Now this is where the Welsh terrier comes in as because they are really hard working creatures and like all terrier dogs have very good sense of smell and small build. So the dogs would lead the way toward the fox. I'm not saying I agree with the sport I actually think it is cruel to seek out such a cute creature (fox) but back in the 1800s the game was all the rage.

Welsh terrier puppy - Cutie
Welsh terrier puppy - Cutie

Choosing your Welsh terrier puppy

How to choose your future friend

Isn't this pup such a cutie? If you have ever been to select a welsh terrier puppy you will know that they can really pull at your heartstrings. When a Welsh terrier puppy is three or four weeks old it will be almost entirely black! But, don't worry it is quite normal. If you meet your soon to be puppy when it is around this age it is nice to see them change in the weeks leading up to the time when you can take them home which, is usually nine or ten weeks old. It is important that the puppy is left with its mother and fellow pups as in those short few week from birth the puppies learn how to behave, that they are a dog and also about reading other dogs body language. If this time is not allocated there could be some problems caused by an absence of any of these.

Training and bonding with your terrier
Training and bonding with your terrier

Training your Welsh terrier puppy

What your puppy needs to be trained

When you first take home you Welsh terrier puppy he or she will need around six week of all day attention, socialising and training. If you lead a busy lifestyle it can be hard to find time to teach your Welsh terrier its life skills which, is why it is recommended that you buy a puppy in the summer so you can spend six week training and getting to know your pooch. When any puppy is young it does require quite a lot of attention and so do any young. You will need to build up a schedule or routine and don't worry getting to know and train your pup is fun. You should take on the routine of regular exercise and house training and also find a time to feed your pup once or twice a day. It does sound hard to train any pup but as long as you are loving and firm and are armed with treats as rewards when your pup shows good behaviour, you will get on well.

Welsh terrier Vet Bills
Welsh terrier Vet Bills


Getting insurance against high vets cost?

When you buy your puppy quite a lot of breeders will offer you free or low cost insurance for a small amount of time. This is an excellent idea and is sensible for preventing high veterinary costs (vaccinations and boosters aren't covered). When your puppy is young they are usually very inquisitive. Some Welsh Terries go through a 'fear phase' this usually occurs when the puppy is around five to seven weeks old. The fear phase is when a pup will be outgoing and suddenly get scared or shy, it usually only lasts for a few weeks at tops. This fearful spells and inquisitiveness is what you need to be wary of as this is what can cause your welsh terrier to get hurt and this is where the insurance comes in if it does injure itself.

Grooming and cleaning your Welsh terrier

When and how to groom and keep your Welsh terrier clean

Grooming your welsh terrier is very important and crucial that it is done correctly and kept consistent. You will need to pluck your welsh terrier's coat 2-3 times each year; it is very important that you do this by hand and be very gentle so not to cause any pain or discomfort. The reason why this is really important is that the Welsh terrier doesn't malt or shed and you need to pull the hair for new ones to grow. Then you need to groom their coat a couple of times every week, you can do so with a metal toothed comb. Also it is necessary to bath your welsh terrier whenever you think is convenient, but remember do not bath him and or her too often! After a bath when drying your terrier try not add too much volume to their coat you should just let it fall back into place naturally.

Another important thing is to check their eyes daily as small pieces of dirt or debris can get into the corners and be uncomfortable and may be rather painful. To prevent this you need to wipe their eyes daily. You also need to check the ears once every week too, your dogs ears should be pink inside if healthy if they aren't then you should seek veterinary advice. Cleaning the ears minimizes odour, removes dirt, bacteria and mites trapped in wax. NEVER use a cotton swab on the inside of the ear; you may cause some damage! If your welsh terrier is only a puppy then you will need to introduce brushing very slowly, but to do clean dogs teeth you need to clean a few times a week and you need to brush in a circular motion and get under the gum line. The last important thing that you should do every 2 weeks if you follow this information then you should have no problems.

Welsh terrier grooming routines

The grooming routine of a welsh terrier is very similar to a lakeland terrier. So, please see here on how to groom your welsh terrier

welsh terrier stories
welsh terrier stories

Diet - Feeding and hydrating your terrier

A healthy terreir is a happy terrier!

You Welsh terriers diet should consist of as much fresh food as possible and should contain meat and vegetables it should also be rich in protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids and have the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals. Meal times should be 1-2 times a day for example: morning and afternoon. However, when you have decided what times in a day you are going to feed your welsh terrier these need to be fixed times so not to confuse your terrier. It is crucial to keep your welsh terrier hydrated this means water. You need to have at least one to two bowls of water around the house, but placed were your welsh terrier can find it, this place shouldn't change. You also need to fill them up regularly. You can train your welsh terrier at meal times use 'sit' and 'stay' as the basic commandments at meal times you need to be calm when saying these commandments.

welsh terrier best toy
welsh terrier best toy

My top toys for welsh terriers

Reviewed - Best toys for terriers

Toys are a great thing if you have a puppy welsh terrier as they can help to give reassurance to them and are fun for both you and your pup to play with. Toys can also be a help to adult terriers too as they can help strengthen teeth, keep up exercise and help you with training. There are is a large rage of toys that you can get your welsh terrier but I am going to share with you my top 5:

5) Reward toys

Number 5: There is a great range of toys that reward treats at the same time as play, I find that this particular toy is great for when you leave your terrier alone for a long period of time, you simply fill the toy up with their favourite treats and let them roll it around, and it will dispense treats for them.

My favourite food distribution dog toy - The kong wobbler

This is a wonderful product as it not only incorporates the food aspect but it is also made out of rubber meaning that it lasts longer than a normal dog toy. Plus if your pup were to bite it, it wouldn't hurt its teeth. I defiantly favour this food distribution dog toy over others because its dog friendly and better for the planet because it's not made out of plastic.

4) Rubber toys

Number 4: Has got to be the classic rubber toy, these are good to be played with in the home, as they are a tough toy and great for all sizes of dogs weather they are a puppy or going into adult hood.

My favourite rubber dog toys - rubber rings, sqeakers and the nobbly wobbly

As I said before rubber dog toys awesome because they are dog friendly and long lasting toys. There are lots of rubber dog toys on the market today but these four are my short list of favourites!

3) Squeaky tennis ball

Number 3: Has got to be the great for training squeaker tennis ball, these are the perfect toy to teach your welsh terrier to fetch, you throw the ball, then your dog should fetch it for you and when they bring it back they shouldn't chew on it you should give a simple commandment like 'drop' or 'taa' and they should drop it at your feet or into your hand.

My favourite squeaky dog balls

These two below are my favourite squeaky tennis ball dog toys. I have again included the one above as it still perfectly fits into this category and is a brilliant product. The other product is the normal tennis ball with squeaker and I think that this is a good product too as it is lighter for all of the smaller dogs and puppies.

2) Dental Toys

Coming in at number 2: Dental toys, there are a wide range of dental toys for all breeds of dog and would be ideal for a welsh terrier, as when they chew on these particular toys are designed to clean their teeth but at the same time provide entertainment.

Dental dog toys - What a fantastic idea!

I think that dental dog toys are an awesome idea, I mean your dog can still have the fun of a bone or toy and clean their teeth. Here are my top 3 toys for your dogs dental health. Ooh and the dinosaur dental toys are actually in the shape of a dinosaur which is also cool as, it is every dogs dream to chew on a dino bone!

1) Rope toy

At number one: the good old rope toy, this can be really great for strengthening teeth although one thing you have to e careful of as an owner is not pulling too hard on the toy when in your dog's mouth as this can cause damage to their teeth.

Rope Toys - Dog rope tugs and knot ball

I think that these rope toys are fab especially the bottom two as you and your dog can both have a game of tug of war and, these rope toys are long lasting and 'dog proof'. I would definatetly recommend these product for any dog owner.

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I would love to hear about your views and Welsh terrier stories :)

If you want to make a shout out about your favourite pup and their traits please do! - Or, if you want to ask a question about this lens or this lovely breed of

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Our little 8 month welsh terrier has been quite a roller coaster training but he seems to be finally understanding how to live side by side with us. I strongly encourage only humane training and no adversities (pop collar) techniques.

      Tenby has every single toy on your list and is very playful. But he does enjoy taking nice long naps.

    • JackRussell LM profile imageAUTHOR

      JackRussell LM 

      6 years ago

      @kimark421: Haha, I know what you mean! :)

    • JackRussell LM profile imageAUTHOR

      JackRussell LM 

      6 years ago

      @TTMall: Great, thank you ;)

    • JackRussell LM profile imageAUTHOR

      JackRussell LM 

      6 years ago

      @orangewho: Haha, thank you for the wonderful comment! Your little chappy sounds like a character, thanks for sharing! ;D

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My welsh terrier, Odin, absolutely loves rope toys or anything he can tug with! He has such a personality! Very independent! Thanks for this lens :) Can't wait to go home and hug him

    • TTMall profile image


      6 years ago

      nice lens! I like terriers

    • kimark421 profile image


      6 years ago

      Very nice. I love Terriers (we have a Westie), they are little dogs that think big!

    • JackRussell LM profile imageAUTHOR

      JackRussell LM 

      8 years ago

      I don't have a Welsh Terrier but would love to! They look adorable and have some distinguished characteristics which I absolutely love. =)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I would love to hear your stories about your pooches

      So, please post them here




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