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St Valentines Day

Updated on February 11, 2010

Lo and behold St. Valentine has shot an arrow into my basset hound Wacker. Since yesterday Wacker has not been himself. He wants out every hour and goes to the south side of my fence and barks. When he took me for our daily walk he seemed to be distracted. When he barked this afternoon he was answered by another softer sounding bark from somewhere down the street. Upon entering the house he went straight for the cube he sits on by me. I tried to pet him but he sort of shook me off and kept staring at the table and then at me. The only thing on it was his brush. I picked it up and he turned to me and smiled and wagged his tail. I began to brush him for. He wanted me to brush for a longer period than normal. Also I never brush him before a walk just after. He then jumped down and went into the kitchen and stood in front of the cabinet door where his favorite peanut butter snacks are stored. I said that he was a good boy which always gets a funny look from him ( He doesn't think he is a dog). His snacks look like a cheese curl with legs and he thoroughly enjoys them. I gave it to him and he gave it back. Instead he kept looking at me and the snack and nodding his head toward my pocket. I put it in my pants pocket and he looked back at the snacks. I did this four times till he looked at me like finally and walked to the wall where his leash and collar are hung. Wacker does not like to wear his collar around the house only while walking me. It gives him a place to hook my lead onto. I got down his blue one. This is the one he wears everyday. He only shook his head and would not let me put it on him. The red one is used when we go out in the car or to the Vet. It is a harness and does look good on him. I put the red one on him and he trotted to the front door. As we walked away from the house he bayed really loud and was answers by another dog down the street. One half a block away I seen her. A toy poodle named Ellie. She had just been groomed and looked spectacular. White curls on her head and then around her chest with another set of curls around her hips with a round ball of curls on the end of her tail. Other than that she was shaved bare. She looked like a swimsuit model. Wacker just stood there with his tongue hanging out like a love struck teenager. She pranced over to the fence and they touched noses. He looked up me as if I was a voyeur and I sort of felt like one. After what seemed like five minutes he turned and bumped my leg and looked at my pocket. I understood and handed him a treat. He handed it to her. She was a lady. She nibbled at it and looked back at him and they bumped noses and I think kissed. It was about this time when Ellie's human came out and told her she had to come in. She didn't want her to mess up her new do. They kissed one more time and she walked away. Christie Brinkley never walked the runway with more style. Wacker stood there for another minute and started to walk away. He appeared to be walking on air and had this smile on his face as if he was in a dream. When we passed the neighbors house with the two boxers, they ran to the fence and started to bark and growl and gnaw at the fence as usual. Wacker always stares them down and they lay back down. He only slightly looked their way and smiled and walked on. They were so confused by this behavior they both just sat down and stared at one another. The rest of my walk was very silent. He was in another world. We came in and he didn't even want to watch the news with me. He just curled up on his bed and went to sleep. I watched him sleep and I know he was dreaming about Ellie. He would smile and make little grunts and move his legs around. I hope he gets over it but I am glad he has found love especially on Valentines Day.


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