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5 Things That Cats Hate

Updated on January 21, 2016

Car rides

Have you ever taken your cat for a ride in your car and noticed strange behavior like vomiting,moving up and down, making strange noise and trying to get out this is why. Cats enjoy their territories, routines and when that is changed they become unhappy and adding moving vehicles this makes them confused and are likely to attack you as they look for safety,


Cats do not like when they are wet in fact they avoid water and this can be seen when it is raining, even around swimming pools. When trying to bath them they make strange noises, shiver in fear and most likely strike. Since cats always clean themselves they tend not to understand why you are trying to bath them.

Loud noise

We all love watching movies, listening to music, playing video games at full blast noise and this mostly triggers flight responses in cat since it instills fears them leading to them attacking so fast. Other contributes are honking car horns, fireworks and even sneezing.

Tummy rubs

Have you ever tummy rubbed your cat and got clawed and you thought your cat was enjoying and kept on rubbing before you knew it you got attacked, here is the reason why. We all have that one part of our body that is sensitive that we don't appreciate when someone holds you there, so do cats there most sensitive and vulnerable part of their body is their stomach. So when you tummy rub them they get into defensive mode and attack you with their paws so for safety measures avoid their tummy.

Aggressive petting

We love petting our cat and they love that however we overdo by doing it aggressively or hard this normally annoy cats and most of the time they will try to get away from you. If you don't let go of them they will get in that defensive mood and strike.


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