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Luxury Dog Collars for Pampered Pets

Updated on August 7, 2013

Pamper your Pup with a Fancy Collar

Even doggies want to look their best.

With a luxury dog collar, your pup can stand head and shoulders above the rest, and so can you! After all, you always want to look your best when you're taking your pooch out on the town for a walk, or a visit to the groomers or maybe a stop at the pet shop to pick out some treats. Why shouldn't your dog look your best?

Luxury dog collars are not just great for stepping out in style-- they are a must for pet portraits! After all, if you're going to invest in having your dog's picture taken for the Christmas card, or to frame and hang on your wall, or to set out on the desk at work, you don't want her wearing any old common collar-- you want one with some style and pizzazz, just as you would dress up for a picture!

Seriously, though... when it comes down to it, they're just so gosh darn cute, how can you not want to play dress up with them? Let's have a look at a little luxury indulgences to bling out your pet.

Heads will turn with this luxurious collar for your pet! This collar is made of stylish leather and embellished with a sparkling diamond charm. It's embellished with crystal buckle for added sparkle. Made from 100% durable leather material, this beautiful collar is hand-stitched for added style and strength.

Actual size - Small: 13 inches Medium: 16.5 inches Large: 20 inches.

This leather collar comes in shades of black, red, brown and white.

Bella's Leather Dog Collar with Sparkling Striped Overlay

Dogs will really shimmer and shine in this gorgeous stunner. This collar is made of stylish leather covered in a an additional layer of designer fabric. Collar features stripes and glitter for a beautiful sparkle. This is just the kind of "jewelry" that can put a little kick in your dog's step. Glittered material is embellished with colored stripes.

This product is made from 100% durable leather material, and to add extra strength and give it that customized touch, it's hand-stitched.

Small: 12.5 inches Medium: 17 inches Large: 21.5 inches. Colors available include blue, yellow and pink.

Hennessy Lorica Microfiber and Leather Dog Collar

Simplicity at it's finest, for the conservative pup.

A fine leather collar makes a statement without being too bold or ostentatious. Black-hand made Lorica Microfiber lines this tanned black leather dog collar with orange stitching. Metal components are made of quality 316L stainless steel, which can be engraved for your convenience.

For friends to the environment, you should know that the leather is tanned eco-logically.

A stylish, matching 4-foot leash is available, and 2% of Hennessy & Sons annual turnover is donated to the International Animal Rescue Foundation.

Rhinestone studded collars - Bling for Fur Babies

This gorgeous dog collar is made up of 4 rows of sparkling crystals. The 2 inner rows in pink sapphire and the 2 outer rows in diamond crystals and mounted on a beautiful light pink velvet with a crystal buckle and crystal crown charm attached. This collar is 5/8 inch wide. Beautiful polished chrome D-ring for tag & leash attachment. Sizes available for small to large breed dogs. Each collar has 1 1/2 inch adjustment. This collar will fit a neck size of 11 1/2-13 inches. Please measure you pet's neck size for a proper fit. Proudly made in the USA!

Made of sparkling high grade rhinestones, soft pink velvet and a crystal buckle.

Bella's Clear Crystal Luxury Leather Rhinestone Dog Collar

Made of stylish leather and is embellished with sparkling blue crystal rhinestones, this lovely collar has five rows of blue beautiful crystal rhinestones. Hand-stitched white leather with leather thread, this is a collar that will turn heads and get attention.

Comes in sizes small: 13 inches; Medium: 15 inches; Large: 18 inches.

I Feel Pretty - Dress your doggie to the nines

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Leather & Lace Dog Collars - Hand-made Specialty Collars

Is there anything more lovely than leather and lace? This collar is made of stylish leather and decorated with lace and ribbon. Leather is 100% durable and hand-stitched for strength and style. The crystal encrusted buckle adds sparkle to this collar.

Available sizes: Small: 13 inches Medium: 14 inches Large: 15 inches

Bella's Luxury Leather Dog Collar - Polka Dot Ribbon, White Lace and Large Pastel Colored Jewels

Formalwear for Dogs! - Stepping out in style with a bow tie collar.

The cutest thing for when you really want to dress up your pet in style. This dog collar is hand-made in Thailand using high quality materials and high standards manufacturing. This get-up features a shirt-like collar with a bow tie for a "pet formal wear".

Fits cats, too, if you want your puppy and kitty to have a matching set. Put these on for your animals for your next party and they will impress all your guests.

Do you love to dress up your pet in lovely luxury collars? Which one is your favorite? Please leave comments!

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    • profile image

      myblueheavenpets 3 years ago

      Wao!hat, tie and collar set is freaking hilarious. Thanks for the smile!

    • ChenB profile image

      ChenB 4 years ago

      Thanks Toy-Tester. It's so funny, right? I guess dogs like to look their best, too. Appreciate your comment, thanks for checking out the lens!

    • profile image

      Toy-Tester 4 years ago

      That bow tie and collar set is freaking hilarious. Thanks for the smile and lens