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Mini Cows - Miniature Cattle

Updated on February 1, 2015

COWS GONE MINI - Smaller is better?

I never thought I would see the day; Mini Cows? I am seeing things like, "trailer friendly cows". Now, if you ever grew up on a farm, ranch or even came close (my Aunt and Uncle were farmers all their life), you know the (1) smell, (2) debris, (3) flies! I am having a hard time imagining a cow anywhere near my house let alone in my patio. But, this is the new age; anything goes.

My sister had a pot belly pig, and yes, for awhile he was roaming around in the house. The darn thing was house broken. They are very smart - probably smarter than their master who let them in. But, porkey started to bite and that was that!

The folks at have this to say for themselves:

" was founded in 2003 to provide real, natural milk. Our founders realized that our society was losing touch with its roots as an agrarian society. Most children today think milk comes from stores in clear plastic jugs and have never tasted milk -- warm and pure -- directly from a cows teat."

Ok, let me see. Straight from the teat. I'll take mine in a glass, thank you.

Now, to be fair, let's get back to the serious side (there must be one) of this discussion. What are the advantages of this breed? Mini-Cows West gives us some of those advantages:

1. A more easily managed animal (naturally polled, docile and easier on your pastures and fences)

2. More efficient animal on feed and pasture

3. They mature earlier and dress off with less waste

4. Good fertility and easy calving

5. Pigmentation avoids problems of lighter colored breeds

6. Less birthing and maternal problems

7. Ideal size for 4-H and small handlers

... and more

These minis are about 1/2 the size and weight of a regular cow and produce 65% edible beef. Because of the size, more women are considering ranching. Families are considering having a family cow. Another interesting fact: Ten years ago, fewer than 5,000 were registered. Now, there are more than 20,000.

Just right for the garden: a mini-cow

Miniature cattle farming catching on with families staying ahead of rising food prices

It's the little cow with a big future. Rising supermarket prices are persuading hundreds of families to turn their back gardens into mini-ranches stocked with miniature cattle.

Registrations of the most popular breed, the Dexter, have doubled since the millennium and websites are sprouting up offering "the world's most efficient, cutest and tastiest cows".

New York Times

A Purple Cow

A Purple Cow : By Mr. Gelett Burgess

I never saw a Purple Cow,

I never hope to see one;

But I can tell you, anyhow,

I'd rather see than be one.

California Cows

Cows Gone Wild

Cows with Guns


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    • WebMarketingPro profile image

      WebMarketingPro 4 years ago

      I could foresee a little "problem." Raising cows for milk makes sense. But turning them into goulash and steaks after they've been your cuddly pets in the backyard could be a bit more challenging... I've read interesting stuff about backyard hens on that issue, and I imagine mini cow owners could face the same issue... Great lens though.

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 5 years ago

      Fixed the lenses with the cow...hope they work now.

    • EpicFarms profile image

      EpicFarms 5 years ago

      That is wild; I've never even "herd" (ha) of miniature cows before this. Most awesome :o)

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 5 years ago

      Thanks Papier. I have made some change...still had one video I could not get to work or erase. Appreciate the feedback.

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 5 years ago

      message just for you - videos don't work, and can't see several pics

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 5 years ago

      These are fascinating little critters.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Family cow ... now that would be something:D. But they are really cute. I haven't heard for them before. Great lens.

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 5 years ago

      Thanks Vallain for stopping by and for taking time to comment. I would also love to have such a "giving" bovine but I would not be able to given it its due.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I think it is an excellent idea for families to have their own miniature cow. They need to remember that it requires milking twice a day so more responsibility than just having a dog.

      I can't have one due to community restrictions, but I'm afraid our backyard alligator might attack it as well.

    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 5 years ago

      Mini-cows sound good to me, but then again so do regular cows. Don't really feel like getting out and milking everyday, though. Interesting. And yes, cow tipping is an urban legend. You'll get killed if you try it with beef cattle. They'll get you!

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 6 years ago

      Interesting lens...Never knew about mini cows and I have gone to Dairyland shows but never ran across one...I have to say, they are cute!

    • jupiter justice profile image

      Asher Socrates 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Haha.. these cows are so tiny! Who knew....

    • Sunflower Susan profile image

      Sunflower Susan 6 years ago

      I grew up farming and ranching, and this used to make me laugh. However, I would love to have one now. With just two of us here and no pigs who would devour the extra milk, the idea of getting just a couple of gallons a day and having enough grass to support a mini-cow on my little farm sure beats trying to figure out what to do with 5 to 8 gallons a day and having to purchase feed for a full-sized cow. The trouble is, they are so expensive. But if I'm given the opportunity, I'll take one! :o)

    • profile image

      poutine 7 years ago

      Hard to imagine!!

    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 7 years ago

      @GramaBarb: Well thank you GramaBarb. I love your work and consider it an honor to be blessed by you. I am glad you enjoyed yourself.

    • GramaBarb profile image

      GramaBarb 7 years ago from Vancouver

      Blessed! for getting my attention and keeping it to the end of your lens!

    • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

      ElizabethJeanAl 8 years ago

      I grew up on a dairy farm. I can't imagine a mini cow.

      Thanks for sharing,


    • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

      ElizabethJeanAl 8 years ago

      I grew up on a dairy farm. I can't imagine a mini cow.

      Thanks for sharing,


    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 8 years ago from La Verne, CA

      And we thought the mini cow was joke when we saw it on Jack in the Box. This is good to know. Perfect for a small acreage lot. (Which I will probably never have).

    • profile image

      Marelisa 8 years ago

      Have you seen the mini horses? They're even smaller than ponies. I guess we can all have mini cows and mini horses in our backyard now. Great lens. :-)

    • Tiddledeewinks LM profile image

      Tiddledeewinks LM 8 years ago

      I'd rather see a purple cow than be one, too! Where would one go to see one?

    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 8 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      Mini-vans, minni-mouse, mini-skirts, ouch! So why not mini cows? Love this lens. 5*s

    • kerbev profile image

      kab 8 years ago from Upstate, NY

      most curious

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Thanks for visiting my Spider Fighting lens. I seen these mini-cows before. They are so cute. Great job.

    • Superwife profile image

      Superwife 8 years ago

      this is moo cute! :)

    • papawu profile image

      papawu 8 years ago

      Since when have there been mini cows??? I have seen mini dogs, horses, and goats, but cows? I guess I can say that I have seen it all now. Unless, they manage to make a mini pink elephant. :0 :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago