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Classic Morkie Puppies

Updated on August 23, 2017
squidoopets profile image

Darcie French writing for squidoopets. Darcie French offers a network of hobby breeders called Puppy Love Connection. Visit online today!

Mature Morkie with baby Morkie


Cute pictures and videos of Classic Morkies puppies and adult dogs

We are hobby breeders of Morkie puppies and thus we have a lot of cute pictures of Morkies from newborn puppy to adult dog. Generally our Morkie litters are from two purebred parents - a purebred Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a purebred Maltese, and thus with no other breed in the mix we call them Classic Morkies.There are also super cute Morkies that come in a variety of colors from cream or white to black; usually this is from another breed in the lineage. We call the classics F1 (First generation) and the dogs with another breed in the mix F2.

We kept one of the puppies from a classic Morkie litter we had years ago, and we called her Blueberry. Blueberry was (sadly she passed in April 2016) a tiny little dog with a giant heart and personality who grew to be only 5 lbs. I cherish the pictures I have of Blueberry and friends. She is pictured here with Little Buddha, who is a sister from another mister, along with some other photos of cute Morkie puppies in our puppy love connection network.

Adult and puppy Morkie pictures

Owned By A Morkie

Morkie Heart
Morkie Heart | Source

Are you owned by your Morkie?

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squidoopets Avatar - Is a Morkie puppy

Called Curious Hart
Called Curious Hart | Source

I Love Morkies - What's not to love?

The Morkie is an inquisitive, intelligent, loyal, playful and energetic little dog. As a hobby breeder, I appreciated the benefits of mixing purebred breeds. This brings out the best of both breeds in the puppies.

Picture of newborn Morkie puppies coat

Newborn Morkies have a much darker coat. Their coat lightens significantly as they mature.
Newborn Morkies have a much darker coat. Their coat lightens significantly as they mature. | Source

Newborn Morkies

The big one and the smallest of the litter

These are two female Morkie puppies. The picture was taken shortly after they were born. They were well fed and drowsy, so stayed still enough for a quick photo shoot. Puppies at this age have their eyes and ears closed. They're not interested in anything but nursing and staying close to mom and siblings body heat.

Two week old Maltese x Yorkie puppy sleeping in my daughter's hands

Great things come in small packages
Great things come in small packages | Source

The Morkie's coat is darker at birth

Three week old Morkies
Three week old Morkies

When a Morkie puppy is first born, their coats are very dark. You can see in the above picture that these Morkies coats are starting to lighten up at three weeks of age. Their coats looked almost black at birth. The markings resemble that of the Yorkshire Terrier parent if both parents are purebred. If there is another breed in the mix, the coat can be all one color. We called our Morkies Classic because they all had the Yorkie markings with white markings in place of brown or tan. A Classic Morkie looks like a Yorkie, only with white in it's coat and lighter colors. A blue Yorkie sire mated with a pure maltese will produce Morkie offspring with silver, blue and white markings in place of the blue and tan. The puppy's fur lightens in color as he or she matures.

Morkie Three Months Old
Morkie Three Months Old

This is Armani - he was from a Yorkie mom and a tiny maltese sire. He was such a sweet little guy - a real people person. He adored his humans and so he was totally delighted to go to a forever home where he was the "only child".

Morkie Puppy Pictures Polaroid Gallery - Cute puppy posers

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Will you be mine?Look into the camera sweetieCuddly pupHow do I get down?Morkie sister twinsHow do I get out?
Will you be mine?
Will you be mine?
Look into the camera sweetie
Look into the camera sweetie
Cuddly pup
Cuddly pup
How do I get down?
How do I get down?
Morkie sister twins
Morkie sister twins
How do I get out?
How do I get out?

Morkie Adult Dog - Blueberry the Morkie

Blueberry the Morkie
Blueberry the Morkie

This is Blueberry at her full grown adult size. As she matured her coat got lighter and lighter. By age five years, most of the dark fur on the back had turned to silver.

Puppy Love Connection Network of Hobby Breeders

Visit our website for available puppies from our network of family hobby breeders
Visit our website for available puppies from our network of family hobby breeders | Source

Pastel Portrait of Blueberry the Morkie - By Darcie French aka squidoopets

Blueberry Morkie drawing by Darcie French
Blueberry Morkie drawing by Darcie French

Videos of Our Morkie Puppies - Different versions of the Morkie

Some of these puppies are Classic Morkie. Velvet is Blueberry's daughter - Blueberry the Morkie was bred to a Maltese making Velvet a 3/4 Maltese 1/4 Yorkie cross.

Velvet is a F2 Morkie

Morkie puppies playing

Feeding time for the litter

A cute video of Maltese x Yorkie pups playing

Child does an interview with a puppy

Is There A Morkie Near You? - A place to woof it up

Regarding the Morkie breed of dog

I Heart My Morkie


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