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Most Comfortable Dog Harness

Updated on November 2, 2012

What are your choices in comfortable dog harnesses

Here I have picked out the dog harnesses that I would personally use for my Pitbulls. Even though they are not that big in size or weight, try and hold one back when they want to go do something. The picture to the left is of my mama dog. I will show one of her pups I also kept later on down the page.

Anti Pull Dog Harness

Here I am high lighting the non pulling dog harnesses that I would personally use. These also come in Black, so you can pick your choice.

The first row is the mesh chest piece, while the second row is solid.

Sporn Nylon Non Pulling Dog Harness, Small, Red

Sporn Nylon Non Pulling Dog Harness, Medium, Red

Sporn Nylon Non Pulling Dog Harness, Large/X-Large, Red

Canine Equipment 3/4" No Pull Harness Small Black

Canine Equipment 3/4-Inch No Pull Harness Medium, Red

Canine Equipment 1-Inch No Pull Harness X-Large, Red

Anti-Pull Harness for loose leash walking or heel video

Head Harnesses for Dogs

These harnesses differ from the rest as they control the movement of the head.

These Head Harnesses control the dogs head more than the body. These are for aggressive dogs that just want to snap, or a dog that you want to make sure there mouth, or teeth do not get close to something else. The first row, Hamilton Head Harness,comes in Blue, Black, Raspberry, Brown, and Red.

Hamilton Pet Company HH SMRD Red Head Harness Small

Hamilton 5/8-Inch Medium Dog Head Harness, 25 to 60-Pound, Ocean Blue

Hamilton 5/8-Inch Large Dog Head Harness, 60 to 130-Pound, Ocean Blue

Car Harnesses for Dogs

I have a few car harnesses for you to look at. Some,or most of these come with seat belt attachments also. My pits have to always try and ride in the front seat. For some reason, they think it is their duty to ride shotgun.

Kurgo Tru-fit Dog Harness, Large

(for Dogs 50 to 80 Pounds), Black

Kurgo TruFit Smart Dog Harness, Khaki, Medium

Kurgo Black Tru Fit Dual Walking Harness & Seat Belt Harness

Starting the training of an aggressive dog with the dog whisperer.

Watch the dog whisperer introduce an aggressive dog

How to Choose a Dog Harness

Tips for choosing a dog harness.

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When choosing a harness, the best way to decide is what part of the body do you want to control. As an example, do you just want to control them in general, or do you want control there head.

Consider the following:

  • How much do you want to spend
  • The size of your dog. Is your dog heavy, or thin
  • The weight of your dog. Is your dog tall, or short
  • How strong is your dog
  • How old is your dog
  • How much control do you want over your dogs head

In choosing a harness, the best thing to remember is the points above, and you want a harness that is easy for you to put on, and take off.

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Would you let me know how I am doing. Bad, or good, i know you have something to say.

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    • pcpupil lm profile image

      pcpupil lm 5 years ago

      @AmberDog: Exactly, you can see in my picture at the beginning of my lens I have Pits. The red harness on her is the absolute smallest harness I would use. That is 1 inch in width, and she only weighs 60 lbs.

    • profile image

      AmberDog 5 years ago

      The Kurgo car harness looks sturdy enough to offer good protection in case of an accident. I love how it distributes the impact across a larger area of the chest for minimal damage.

    • profile image

      Sojourn 5 years ago

      Our last dog was 110 pounds. I could not walk him with a regular leash. Even though he was well trained, it just didn't give me enough control in case of an emergency. It was much easier to use a harness like these.