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Mouse Hunter Cat toy.....for dogs, too!

Updated on July 23, 2014

I know it will sound strange, but my Italian Grey Hound and Papillon dogs -yes DOGS- both abolutley go nuts for these mice! I don't know if is the fun squeaks that it makes, or the small fuzzy shape that fits well in their mouths, but they just love these toys. My Bengal cat was fascinated with them too but then would become bored and look for something else to entertain him. But my tiny dogs just love them. They will carry them around, fetch them, even kind of toss them around on their own, and they also like to hide them in their dog beds. 

I know that these mice are for cats. But my little dogs just love small plush toys and especially ones that make sounds. The cat certainly was amused too but seemed pretty convinced that the mouse wasn't real and since it doesn't move on it's own, he found something else to play with. Small dogs just love these tiny toys and if your tiny dog is not a super destructive type then they will last for quite some time, even the sound chip! My girls don't usually destroy toys, they sometimes de-stuff an plush toy, but these have done just fine. The italian greyhound did rip the tail off but that doesn't seem to bother her. In fact I think that it fell off since that's how they like to carry it!

Whether you have cats or dogs, I would reccommend that you give these little mice a try. They are cute, realistic and just the right size for small pets and small mouths to play with!

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Lily the Papillon and Lucy the Italian GreyhoundSox the marble bengal
Lily the Papillon and Lucy the Italian Greyhound
Lily the Papillon and Lucy the Italian Greyhound
Sox the marble bengal
Sox the marble bengal


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