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My cute cat Bulu and his cute story.

Updated on April 5, 2012

I am not writing this article to make an impression nor any sort of business promotions. Its just an article to relax the minds of my beloved readers and read on the cute relation between an animal and a human. This article is dedicated to my beloved cat Bulu who is still alive but has gone far away from my reach. That is the saddest part of the story, but what I like to show is the dedication it had to our family and the different things it did and I did with him. Well lets get into some history of my beloved cat Bulu.

When we first came into the training quarters, there we found a cat which was reported to be the cat of the former house owner. Its name was Rabi. It lived with us for a long long 10 years and before it died it presented us with a fury cuty white kitten and we named it Bulu. The name was because it looked foolishly cute and in Hindi foolish or innocent is termed as Vola. We simply modified it to Bulu. When it was 2-3 months old my father was against of keeping it as he said he did not want to see more cats in the house, and the small kitten knowing this hid in the cupboard whenever my father came home from work. When my father shooed it out, it ran with all its almighty energy and we were very sad about this fact. Afterwards my father also became attached towards Bulu as time passed by.

Bulu was a shy cat and whenever any place existed on the earth where he can hide himself, he tried to. One day nowhere could we find the round whitish fury kitten and my mother was very much worried, because she loved Bulu very much. Afterwards when my father was to wear his shoes, we all saw our beloved Bulu sleeping inside it crawled like a ball. We all laughed at this funny incident. As Bulu grew up with time, he became huge and fury as well, but not like some of the hybrid cats as you all can see him in the pictures.

As you all can see, one day I thought why not to make him look like a sleeping female cat with some flowers on his ear. And I succeeded. Just see how he tolerated my maddish creativity on him. He was crawled and down like some type of stone. He might have thought what is he doing with all these things on me and flashing some type of light. That was a digital camera though. Funny isn’t it? Also there have been incidents where I have pressed his stomach and it felt like a soft cotton ball! One astonishing fact is his tail which looks like a bottlebrush and whenever he goes, he makes it a 90 degree angle and passes by. And he is at the forefront whenever the kitchen cupboard is opened, as it rings an alarmbell in his ears that food is coming. It does not matter even if he is 1 km away at that time, he will be at the kitchen as fast as he can.

You all can see some pictures I have shoot of him. In different poses and different times, they have been a memory for me and my family. The above one is him and one kitty that we found. Bulu has always been calm and cool and I was literally crying when we left him and came to another house because of workplace transfer. The last day where I treated him with some milk, I have never seen him again though some of my past neighbours say that he is still there given food by all of them and he is still fat and cute. Who knows he misses us or not, as we miss him, our beloved cat Bulu.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      Sorry you can't be near your kitty. Nice story

    • bskumar profile image

      bskumar 6 years ago from India

      Thanx very much....well if you all also have a pet story do write. I will love to read them...:)

    • Queen Bumble Bee profile image

      Queen Bumble Bee 6 years ago from My Queendom

      I love your picture!

    • DearBandit profile image

      DearBandit 6 years ago

      Very cute story!