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The Cat Hatched in the Garden

Updated on January 18, 2015

Meet Binky!

I had already had two cats and a dog, all three of which had died in the space of three years, one year after another. I wasn't going to have any more pets.

Then one day, about three years after the last pet died, my mom found a tiny kitten meowing in the farthest corner of her flower gardens. This kitten's eyes were open but they were infected and her ears were black and crusty. Mom couldn't get her to come out from under the peonies but somehow I managed to lure her with some bowls of milk. After a couple of hours she let me pet her and she became part of the family. My parents adopted her but they already had a cat and after a month or so the elder cat had had enough of the humans' attention all going to the kitten.

Therefore it was either I take her home or she would be taken to the Humane Society. By this time we had all become attached to her so she came home with me.

Four years later she is still with me and an indoor cat. She has a sort of fairy cat voice, very high pitched like a kitten. I think she will never really grow up.

Image All Rights Reserved

World's Best Cat Litter - It Really Is!

World's Best 00558 Cat Litter, Clumping Formula, 34 Pounds (Packaging Varies)
World's Best 00558 Cat Litter, Clumping Formula, 34 Pounds (Packaging Varies)

This really is the world's best cat litter. It's made from corn byproducts and so is completely biodegradable. It can't harm your cat and can be flushed. It clumps better than anything else I've tried. It takes me 6-8 months to go through a big bag like this. It has no perfumes and keeps the cat smells in check. And it's made just 30 miles from where I live.

Itty Binky - All Rights Reserved
Itty Binky - All Rights Reserved

My Mom Grows Cats in Her Garden

My mom has an entire lot devoted to flowers, primarily daylilies. Over the years she has had many cats, and at least half of them have seemed to magically appear in her flower garden, sometimes not long after mom and dad's current cat has died. We don't know where they come from, but somehow a kitten will show up in the middle of the flowers, meowing away. As I said in the intro, that's where Binky came from.

Before Grain Cat Food - Binky loves this stuff!

Before Grain, Chicken, Dry Cat Food, 11.1 lb
Before Grain, Chicken, Dry Cat Food, 11.1 lb

Although almost $25 seems like a lot to shell out for cat food, in the long run it's very economical. It has made Binky's coat very thick and soft and her poo is almost odorless. Her urine seems to have less ammonia, too. The bag makes sure that the food stays fresh with its zipper top and foil interior. I think I'm going to get four months out of one bag of this size.

Fall Leaves - All Rights Reserved
Fall Leaves - All Rights Reserved

Where the Name Binky Came From

I wish I had something clever to say about how I came up with this name but I don't really. It was the first thing that came to mind and it struck me as funny that it's also a name for a pacifier. I can't say that Binky is very calming, though. She's an attack cat.

Binky Piano - All Rights Reserved
Binky Piano - All Rights Reserved

Binky's Favorite Things to Do

- Play ninja kitty and attack my ankles when I walk from one end of the house to the other.

- Jump out at me with jazz hands (I think she's been watching too much Glee)

- Toss her "babies" (small bean bag cats) around

- Sit in the upstairs windows and pretend to be a cat figurine

- Lie on the piano when there is a summer breeze coming in the window

- Burrow under the covers

- Chase bugs

- Lie on my wrists when I'm on the computer

- Talk on the phone when I get a call

How to Grow Cat Grass

I went to the local pet store to get a cat grass kit for Binky to keep her from chewing up some new houseplants. What I found was much more expensive than what I have listed above. But I was on a mission so I went on to the local Earl May nursery and plant store. An employee there was nice enough to tell me exactly what to get and how to grow cat grass (which is oats, in this case). These are the seeds he recommended and I've had good luck with them.

Toad Portrait   All Rights Reserved
Toad Portrait All Rights Reserved

I Always Wanted to Be a Veterinarian

When I was growing up I was fascinated by animals. They always made more sense to me than people did. No hidden agendas, no acting wildly out of the ordinary (or so it seemed to me as a child). Around the time I was ten years old my best friend and I both decided to be veterinarians. When I was an adult teaching piano lessons I came to understand that all girls want to be veterinarians. But I couldn't stand the sight of blood and I was awful at math, so that was a short lived dream.

I have, however, been around medicine and healing most of my adult life. I ended up working as a medical transcriptionist in a big state hospital for thirteen years because that was the first typing job I could get. One of my coworkers was into alternative healing practices and that started me on a long road to finally becoming a massage therapist and Reiki Master by 2008. I had wanted to be some sort of alternative healer for animals after I first learned about it in the early 1990s. But I found that most of the time I had to be a veterinarian anyway to practice anything on animals. Now that I am working with people I see a lot more similarities between animals and people than I had originally thought. So my urge to work with animals has faded.

I wouldn't turn down a chance to work with animals if it was presented to me, though. Perhaps I could give Reiki to eventing horses, or use it to relax dogs before surgery.

My Drawing of Binky Cat Napping

I drew this picture of Binky on my computer when she was sleeping one day. I've put it on these products in my Zazzle store.

Teh Itteh Bitty Book of Kittehs - No, those aren't typos

If you haven't ever visited the I Can Has Cheezburger blog then you've been missing hours of cat related entertainment. If you have, you know how it can render you as helpless as laughing gas. At first I thought the cat-speak in the captions was insulting my intelligence but then somehow it got into the lower levels of my brain (my cat brain?) and now if I need a laugh I can always count on that blog to make it happen. They have started printing books and this is the latest.

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    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 5 years ago from Virginia

      Awesome CATTTT lens. Is there a new crop this spring?? I had to hover over and bless this one.COUNTRYLUTHIER

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      An attack cat! I love the list of Binky's favorite things to do and how cool to have a cat hatching garden!

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 7 years ago

      Well, Binky looks very cute and personable -- our cats like to chase bugs and then eat them! Ack.

    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 7 years ago from Iowa

      Binky the attack cat is adorable. Budda likes to pop out from behind doors and does the "Jazz Hands" thing Love that you called it that. :).

    • VladimirCat profile image

      Vladimir 7 years ago from Australia

      Hai Blinky! That could have been me! Some gardens just grow kittens, don't they? But both of us safe and living in luxury now. (Perhaps not luxury in my case, I had to get by with canned food tonight!) High Paw to you!