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My Miniature Dachshund

Updated on January 15, 2017

I Love My Mini Dachshund

Meet our longhaired miniature Dachshund, Jamie. Jamie has featured on other lenses but this is his own page that I promised him some time ago.

I like to call his color mahogany rather than red as he's got this gorgeous black tinge. His mother was red and dad fully black. Born January 16 2007 Jamie joined our family in September that year.

Jamie takes over the story...

All photos on this lens are taken by me and remain the property of Lyn Bell This photo shows Jamie waiting for his favorite dog choc drop!

Vitakraft Dog Drops With Carob
Vitakraft Dog Drops With Carob

I love chocolate...Mom tells me that real chocolate is poison for dogs so she gets special stuff that won't make me sick. Tastes good to me. When I see the box coming out I start licking my lips! Mom puts the chocs in a special box.

Daxi pups
Daxi pups

A New Home

September 2007

I was brought up in a garage with my mother, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. On occasion we were allowed in the kitchen for short periods of time where we interacted with Annette (the breeder) and her family.

One day this lady came to look at my two sisters who were getting ready to go to a new home. They were younger than me as Annette was thinking of keeping me for breeding. This same lady came again another day and when I bit her shoe I was told that I shouldn't spoil my chances as this could be my new Mom!

Seems my new Dad wanted a boy and apparently I was too large for showing...they said I was overweight. (Note from Mom: Jamie looked skinny and I was shocked that he was considered overweight!)

Yippee! I was the one who was taken to my new home! I was so excited that I was sick all over the car seat...

This picture shows my younger sisters.

My Sisters

Daxi puppies
Daxi puppies

Checking out the Sleeping Arrangements

Dachshund on the bed
Dachshund on the bed

This is my Mom and Dad's bed...I'm making myself at home as you can see.

I am 8 months old in this picture and still have the blond fluffy baby hair on the top of my head. When out walking one of the neighbors said she would 'just die' for a hair color like mine! My eyes look like I've got eyeliner. Many think I'm a girl,I'm so pretty! Aren't I more ways than one!

Dog House

Available in small, medium and large.

TRIXIE Pet Products Dog Club House, Large
TRIXIE Pet Products Dog Club House, Large

This is just like my house...kennel, I believe it is called. Mine has a thermal lining (which is available to purchase separately).

I'm very spoilt as my kennel is in our garage and not outside like many others. You see, I'm left on my own sometimes. The garage door has a dog flap for me to get through so I can come and go as I please. On cold days I like to sleep in my kennel. And would you believe the neighbour's cat took a fancy to using it at night too. We soon put a stop to that!

It has been outdoors for a fact about a month while the house was being fixed after the about that still to come. I'm not sure how sturdy it would be in extreme weather but mine has been going for years now.

The slanted roof will help with drainage and the raised floor will keep water out. The door is at one side so gives room to sleep undisturbed. I do my round and round...nesting is it called?

The roof opens for easy cleaning.

dog kennel
dog kennel

This is my home when my folks are away. You'd think Mom would have taken the wood things off the top wouldn't you? That orange thing is my 'kill'. Mom says it was a wedding present a long time ago. I like to thrash it about!

Christmas at Home

Dachshund at Christmas
Dachshund at Christmas

Each year my Dad's sister, her husband and two kids come to spend Christmas with us. We sometimes take it in turns to go to their place. Dad's Mum comes to spend a few days with us too. I love all the attention I get! This is Christmas 2010 with Melissa.

Dachshund with family
Dachshund with family

This is Melissa's brother Scotty also in 2010.

We have a BBQ outside but always have a baked ham with the glaze and trimmings of pineapple and cherries. The dinner is finished off with Christmas plum pudding, also strawberries and cream...sometimes there's a Pavlova too.

I believe that Christmas in some other countries has snow...we have snow just not at Christmas as it's summer in New Zealand!

By the way this was the year of the BIG earthquake! More about that later...

My Favorite Things!

KONG Puppy Kong Toy, Small, Assorted Pink/Blue
KONG Puppy Kong Toy, Small, Assorted Pink/Blue

This is a handy gadget that is stuffed with treats...I learned that when the Kong was filled I was going to be left on my own. I didn't mind because the treats excited me. I'd encourage my Mom to hurry up and give me my treat!!

PureBites PB000055 Beef Liver For Dogs, 16.6 oz.
PureBites PB000055 Beef Liver For Dogs, 16.6 oz.

Mom uses these to show me I've done well in a training session. I also get a piece or two when I've had something unpleasant done to cleaning my teeth. Not too keen when the vet gives me a piece or two of a liver treat...usually means a nasty injection. At least I can trust Mom!

You should see me twirl in excitement...apparently I send everyone quite dizzy!



It was 4 September 2010 and 4.35 in the morning....there was a loud explosion followed by shaking and more breaking glass. "Hey, what's happening?"

My Mom was shouting, "Jamie, is Jamie okay? Where's Jamie?" I had run under Mom and Dad's bed as my own bed is at the foot of theirs. Dad scooped me up and we huddled together as the shaking happened.

Dad went in to work and apparently was driving around the suburbs to check the roads to see if the buses could continue their routes. The power was off so I sat in Mom's lap until the daylight came. The usual 'morning chorus' of the birds was absent that morning.

All the neighbors were walking outside, dazed and bewildered. Some still in their pyjamas. "Imagine what it must be like in Wellington!" was the theme as everyone thought it was Wellington who had suffered the earthquake. Little did we realise it was a 7.1 in our own Canterbury area!

The earth was like jelly and I wasn't keen on going for a walk that day but by afternoon Mom was keen to see any damage. Once we were outside Mom had to coax me back in doors...I thought the house was the problem you see.

earthquake mess
earthquake mess

22 February 2011

Worse was to come...

It was 22 February 2011 at 12.51. Mom was a bit later than usual and was making a cup of tea to take back to her see she works from home. She said she would have been under the bookcase in the office if she wasn't running a bit late. I'm so glad she wasn't running on time.

I had had this terrible forboding and ran from the kitchen. The ground shook...up and down AND sideways all at once!

This quake was only 6.3 but was far more devastating. This time furniture fell all over the house. Mom was terrified I was under the bookcase that you see here.

(185 people were killed in this earthquake).

Dachshund coming out
Dachshund coming out

I was with my Mom in the garden as we were worried about the flying furniture. Every time we tried to step inside the house we got another aftershock.

Mind you the garden was rocking a bit too. Mom tried calling people in Christchurch. She wanted to see if Dad was ok. She couldn't get through to locals but could call overseas...she phoned her brother in South Africa at 2.00 am! As she was talking another big shock came through.

We heard a voice outside the yard so went to look. Being a work day not many would be home. We found Trisha and the builder man from next door in a big hug...from fear. The builder excused himself now that Trisha had someone with her and went to see how his elderly mother was.

We spent the next few hours together with Trisha. None of us was game to go indoors. She had her tobacco for her roll your own but no paper so she used a notepad!

Max, a big dog I was usually afraid of came to us. He had escaped through the gate which had come undone in the shakes. Max found an old mouldy ball and insisted Mom throw it for him. I felt ok around Max now as I knew he was just as scared as I was!

Mom and Trisha ended up with five dogs that day! All had escaped from their yards. Mom put water out for us all -- there was no water in the taps. Mom and Trisha also went around to the immediate houses to see if anyone was in trouble and needed help.

New Neighbors

and getting back to normal

After over 13,000 earthquakes (as at March 2013) things are calming down now. We don't feel them so much now. I'm still alert when there is a loud noise. I look at Mom to see how she is reacting.

Since the earthquakes we've had a change of neighbours all around. My favorite is Mavis and her friend Barney.They came from the 'red zone' and their old house has now been demolished. Barney and I walk every day together. He's soooo bouncy and on the go (Jack Russels are like that). He's a bit hyper though!

Barney walks ahead...rather runs ahead...while I walk behind stopping often to sniff. That's what a walk is about, don't you think?

UPDATE: That Barney is still hyper...I can't keep up!

I Love... - Stuffed dog toys

(Warning...Do not let your dog play with these kind of toys alone)

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop
Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop

I love stuffed toys. Mind you Mom gets a bit annoyed because they don't last very long with me. But I have so much fun with them. I pull the stuffing out and destroy the squeeker. We play catch with them.

Dachshund with toy
Dachshund with toy

This is the result of my over excited treatment of a stuffed toy!

The day I got a new toy!

This toy is looking very sad now...I just had to chew it! I still love it though even if you can't see what it's supposed to be. He's got no head or tail and only two legs left.

Do you give your dog a stuffed toy?

See results

One of My Salivary Glands is Removed - (Salivary Mucocele)

In February 2011 Mom noticed a lump forming on the front left side of my face. She was very worried and took me to the vet. They did a biopsy and it came back ok. I hated that needle thing they poked in me. It was truly frightening! It was HUGE and THICK-- to my embarrassment I did squeal!

Turned out it was my salivary gland. I was given antibiotics which seemed to help but we were warned it would return. It did and I had another series of antibiotics. No one knows how I got it but the salivary gland stops working and the saliva starts to accumulate under the skin.

When the swelling continued and made me look like a bullfrog Mom thought something needed to be done. She thought I might start choking or something. She also thought I might have trouble breathing. The vet isn't keen to keep prescribing antibiotics either. It didn't worry me, it wasn't sore or anything. On 1 October 2012 I had an operation to remove one of my salivary glands. I was shaved down the front and side of my face.

I was in the operating theatre for two hours! I spent the whole day at the vet and even when I got home I just wanted to sleep. Mom was charged with cleaning my was kind of messy. I had eight stitches. Don't you think I'm brave? Mom couldn't get any pictures of me as I didn't want my shaved front shown and kept my head down.

There is still a slack pouch of skin as the skin got stretched so it looks like I have a double chin. When my hair grows fully this should be less obvious.

I've included a couple of website links that tells you all about this if you are interested. The condition is called salivary mucocele.

NOTE: Fortunately dogs have several salivary glands including under the tongue, under the ears and at the back of the mouth. The removal of a gland, while a major surgery, does not leave your dog without saliva.

UPDATE Jan 2015: It's been four years since I had the operation. It hasn't affected me but Mom says I have a "double chin". It seems that the skin in my neck got so stretched that it now just sags! The vet says there's no fluid there and not to worry. Because of my long hair it's not noticeable though.

Have you heard of salivary mucocele? It is rare...

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Meet My Mate Barney

This was taken as Dad calms me and Barney after the 5.7 quake on Valentine's Day 2016...and we thought they were all over!

See how Barney takes the top position? Minds you I like having my head tickled and be able to lick Dad's hand so I don't mind.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
I always run to the table when Mom throws the ball.   I know she won't get the ball under the table.At my destination!
I always run to the table when Mom throws the ball.   I know she won't get the ball under the table.
I always run to the table when Mom throws the ball. I know she won't get the ball under the table.
At my destination!
At my destination!

Cake for Christmas

Dog cake
Dog cake

I was given a dog cake for Christmas. It had banana in the cake and cream cheese on top. It had some yummy dried meat stuff on the top as decoration. It was given to me by our neighbor, my friend Barney's family.

Has your dog ever had a cake made for them?

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The Day I was Attacked

Back in September 2016 Mom and Dad were away for 10 days in Australia so they sent me to holiday camp. The day came for me to be collected and at 10 that morning I was on my way home...excited and very muddy from my running in the play pen with my new found friends.

As soon as we got home Mom gave me a bath...I was a bit messy from all the mud, I must say!

That afternoon at 4 pm Barney came to take me for a walk. Usually I lag behind but I was very keen as I missed my mate and our daily walks. Mom and Mavis were talking when suddenly these two large dogs came charging. We were all taken by surprise. Somehow Mavis managed to pick up Barney but I was too far ahead for Mom and one dog got me by the neck. When the second dog couldn't get to Barney he came for me. There was no owner in sight and neither had collars on.

Mom was hysterical and started flinging the retractable lead at the dog who had me by the neck. He let go but the other dog held on. Mom was worried she'd get get me...she was screaming. By now a lady came and a passing man stopped. We can't remember how the second dog let go.

Mom though I was dead as I lay still on the grass so I moved my head to let her know I was okay. The lady who had stopped rushed us to the vet. The man followed to dogs I was told for an hour until the ranger came to take them away.

I was in shock as was Mom. After the vet closed at 7.30 I was operated on. Don't remember anything really but Mom says that she got worried when she hadn't heard anything at 10.45 that evening. They had just finished operating on me. I was taken to the overnight vet and for a week I was on a drip and in intensive care. My intestine was exposed and had many nasty wounds. Ruby, the vet said a lot of other dogs would not have made the operating table so I'm seen as a bit of a hero.

Late in 2015 I was given the dreaded snip...nasty business! I put on a bit of weight after that but the vet says that helped save me. More padding for the attackers meant my vital organs were not pierced. There's something to be said for being well covered don't you think?

I'm recovering well but did have to have my leg operated on after I was recovered enough from the initial attack. There was a time they thought I might have to have it amputated but four months on I'm having physio and hydro therapy. It's a long slow process...Mom has to massage me and give me exercises.

Not too sure about this hydro therapy lark but I love the treats I get!

In case you are wondering, the two dogs were put to sleep a few days later.

Ruby, the vet who operated
Ruby, the vet who operated | Source
Jamie recovering in intensive care
Jamie recovering in intensive care | Source

PS: I love you Mom!

Let us know that you dropped by.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Jamie, sorry to hear about your operation. You are a lovely boy and I can see you are well loved and cared for. Keep up the stories!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Loved your stories Jamie, hope to meet you in person one day!

    • MBurgess profile image

      Maria Burgess 

      5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      To the Dauchsund - I enjoyed your story, Jaime, and your Mom is very lucky to have a sweet dog like you around. To your Mom - Neat lens, Lyn! All your babies are beautiful! =)


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