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My Pet Snakes

Updated on August 30, 2017

My corn snakes

I have two corn snakes as pets. I am not a great believer in keeping exotic pets which, in my opinion should be free, but these two little beauties were rescued as babies and have become part of the family. Beside, I don't think they'll be able to survive in the wild as they were born in captivity. I've had them 5 years and they're called, Billy and Charlie!!!

(photo: Charlie smelling the camera)

What's your view?

I personally think snakes should live in their own wild environment. Mine are rescued and that's the only reasons I have them. I let them roam free as much as I can, but since Charlie and Billy are born in captivity can't release them as they wouldn't be able to survive very long "out there". I hope they live a happy life with us.

Should snakes been kept as pets?

If you're thinking about getting pet snakes

I would recommend corn snakes. They don't grow very large and are quite resiliant. Although they only need feeding once a week they still need a lot of care. I tend to get mine out of the terrarium once a day and let them roam free, usually on my person. I think it's great for them to have a bit more space to stretch but never turn your back. I've lost Charlie 3 times and Billy twice. They are really sneaky and can hide very well. So it was, cats out, mice spread out on the floor and hours of waiting for a little head with the tongue hanging out to pop out of the floorboard...not a lot of fun....

Corn snakes are tame but I have got bitten a couple of times. I doesn't hurt as they have tiny teeth. My mistake....don't waive your hand with which you've just handled a mouse in front of their faces....they smell food and go for it......

Mine eat mice only. I buy them frozen at a local pet shop. But if you are squeamish about mice you can feed them chicks. If that's the case don't buy a baby snake cause chicks will be too big for them to swallow. Chicks are cheaper then mice but I can't really handle birds (yes, I'm squeamish about birds...) .

Baby snakes, or small snakes in general will eat baby mice. I hand feed mine. That means I take them out of the terrarium and feed them. If you put the food in the terrarium there's a good chance they will ingest some of the bedding and could become ill.

be prepared

Before you bring your new pet home you will need a terrarium, heat mat, water bowl, one or two wood branches, a little cave (they like their privacy), bedding and food. Make sure your new friend will have plenty of space to move about, buy a nice large vivarium.

When buying bedding make sure is for reptiles (dust extracted). I have two different kinds in my terrarium: half is wood chip bedding and the other half is shredded wood. I do this so my snakes get a different feel depending on what side they are.


...this one is Billy climbing on the back wall of the terrarium....Quite content, just been fed!!!

Corn snakes in captivity can live up to 25 years....big prepared for it.....

Some tips

1: Handfeed your snakes. I do this for two reasons. Firstly they get used to the fact that food doesn't go into their habitat so when you put your hand inside to pick them up they know that's not their food and won't bite. The second reason is a bit of the wood bedding could be injested with the food and make your snakes sick.

2: Do not handle a snake with the same hand you've just touched their food with. Always use one hand to hold the snake and the other to hold the food.

3: Take your snakes out as much as possible as they become tamer with human contact. Never let them explore by themself but keep them on your body. They can be quite quick (especially very young ones) and can squeeze themself into very small crevices.

4: Snakes do not drink a lot but make sure fresh water is always available. Change the water every day or it will go stale and become dirty which could harm your snakes.

Do you have pet snakes? - Share your experience and stories....

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Howdie to Billy and Charlie, nice to meet them

    • merfzel profile image

      merfzel 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I love snakes (and this lens).. thanks for visiting and liking my National Whiskey Sour Day lens :)

    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      I've never owned a snake, although I've known people with pythons. I have a tortoise and a dog.