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My own Finches

Updated on October 27, 2010

Cordon Blue Breeding Finches

Cordon Blue Finches
Cordon Blue Finches

The Finches I have had

Cordon Bleu Finch - A great addition to any aviary. These are a pleasure to keep and breed. They need live food to encourage breeding and enjoy a planted aviary, although not necessary.

Breeding -The male will hop up and down on the perch to attract its mate sometimes with piece of nesting material in its beak. They have a melodious voice and lay between 4-6 eggs. The male has the red flash on the cheeks

Gouldian Finches male on left is the prettiest female on right

Beautiful Gouldian Finches

Gouldian - These are very beautiful birds, but need a draught free environment to breed successfully. The most common of these have the red or black heads. There is also a white fronted mutation now. They lay up to five eggs although mine have never hatched more than two at a time.

Bengalese or Society Finches

Bengalese Pair of Finches
Bengalese Pair of Finches

African Fire Finch- male brighter colour than female

Bengalese or Society Finch

Bengalese - These are often called a society finch, because they are brilliant foster parents. If a bird dies you may take the eggs and place them under these and they will hatch and rear them as their own. They are also good for the beginner breeder. The only downside is the Male and female are very hard to sex in these.

Parrot - Blue or Red faced. These are very active birds and also great escape artists. If there is a tiny hole in the wire of your aviary they will find it.

Beware the parrot family will crossbreed with one another given the right circumstances. So it's a good idea to keep the red in one aviary and blue in another to avoid this.

Male Painted Finch

The Red painted finch is a brilliant friendly and inquisitive little bird. They will carry small chips of wood up to three inches long in their beaks. We had a pair that actually carted all my mulch chips and stacked them twelve inches high behind one of the doors.

We couldn't believe they could be such hard workers, carrying so much twigs and chips.

These birds also come in (yellow although some call it orange) Picture on right is the back of a young yellow baby three weeks out of the nest.

Some Finches are very hardy whereas others cannot stand the cold it is quite common to lose many female finches in one night from the cold weather

 Caring for your birds

Take that your birds have fresh food and water every day. If you have automatic bird feeders make sure they do not become blocked.

Orange Painted Finch
Orange Painted Finch

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