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Golden Retriever Names–Top 10 Tips For Naming Your Retriever Dogs

Updated on September 3, 2013

The most important thing you must put into consideration while choosing a name for your Golden Retriever is the gender of the dog. Golden Retriever names for the male gender follow a different naming convention from that of the female. And this is why the male dogs’ names sound quite different from that of the females.

If you take a close observation, you will discover that the female dogs’ names, including the Golden Retriever breeds, usually comprise of mild sounding verbs and consonants; while that of the male counterparts are usually long and generally masculine.

Here are 10 (ten) top tips that will give you insight into what and how you should structure your Golden Retriever names.

1. The gender of the Golden Retriever should be the first thing to be put into consideration, since we have said that the naming convention for the male dogs differ from that of the female.

2. The season in which the dog was given birth, could be suggestive of the name that the dog should be called. A Golden Retriever that was born in the peak of snow could be called snow white.

3. The dominating trait of a dog can also serve as a clue to what that dog should be called. For example a dog that is excessively agile and vigorous (particularly the male dog) could simply be named “smart”.

4. Golden Retriever names can also be patterned in line with their physique. A retriever dog that has a sturdy stature could be suitably named brawny.

5. Gender-wise, a female dog can be given a short and mild sounding female name while a male dog can bear a male name.

6. The color variation of a retriever dog can also suggest what name it should be called

7. You can combine both the color and stature trait of the Golden Retriever to form a name for it; e.g. brawny white.

8. The circumstance surrounding the birth or existence of the dog can help in giving the dog a name.

9. you can also let your instinct inspire you to create a name for your Golden Retriever

10. Finally, you can select Golden Retriever names from some online database for dog names.

The above are the top 10 guidelines on choosing Golden Retriever names. If you are thinking of getting a Golden Retriever or any other breed of dogs, then follow the tips outlined above and you will come forth with an amazing name for your dog.


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