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Natural ways to combat algae in ponds

Updated on March 13, 2011

Having a crystal clear pond

So you walk out to a green pond with scumb on the bottom and you think theirs got to a natural way to get rid of algae.  Well their is and it's quite easy if you use these products that I list below.  Algae blooms that cause green water is from to much sunlight, excess nutrients or overcrowding but I talk about that more here.  I love a crystal clear pond like anyone else but with the right stuff you can keep the clear pond all year round.  These products can be used for ponds of all sizes.

This sphere is preloaded with a natural bacteria and enzyme blend which reduces excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia, resulting in improved water quality and clarity. A patented timed-release system incubates and releases beneficial bacteria and enzymes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over a 30-day period. Each sphere treats up to 12,500 gallons (to calculate pond volume in gallons, multiply pond length x width x average depth x 7.5). Being all-natural, you can't overtreat. PRO formula works effectively in water from 34° to 110°F. Safe for humans, pets, fish and plants. Made from a corn-based polymer; after 30 days, sphere can be disposed of or composted. Replace sphere every 30 days. 2-pack treats up to 12,500 gallons for 60 days, or 12,500 to 25,000 gallons for 30 days. May require 4-6 weeks to achieve water quality improvement.  I love these bio balls they are a all natural approach to controlling excess nutrients which in return rids your pond of algae.  These are also nice because they treat very large tanks.  Also being a barley ball they last alot longer than a chemical would that would evaporate out.  The Barley ball is safe for fish, plants and even you.  Plus it doesn't reduce the level of oxygen in the pond unlike the chemicals that reduce oxygen by 50% which in return does bad things to your koi.

TREATS 2,000 GALLONS The natural alternative to treat cloudy water in decorative garden and fish ponds. Each mini bale lasts for 6 months (1000 gal pond) and includes a cork float. Will not harm fish or pond plants.Using these will help absorb excess nutrients which starves out the algae bloom. I like that these last for 6 months which is alot longer compared to most barley bales that you can buy in the store.

I love this product for combating algae in the pond because it works so fast and effectivly that it shocked me you are required to keep adding the liquid for a healthy clear pond.  This bacteria is great for all size ponds and is perfect for starting beneficial bacteria to your filter. It also aides in pond clarity.  How it works is It's a mixture of beneficial bacteria, including nitrifiers and photosynthetic bacteria, that reduces ammonia levels, eliminates noxious odors and reduces the buildup of wastes and excess nutrients which causes algae blooms.
You simply pour into pond. First application will require a larger amount followed by four weekly treatments using a lesser amount.

16 oz. Treats 200-400 gallons
32 oz. Treats 400-800 gallons
1 gallon Treats 10,000 gallons

Remember never think that your algae problem will go away or it will treat it's self. Along with proper feeding and a good population of fish in your pond you to can achieve a algae free pond and win the battle in your combat with pond algae. 


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