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Bringing Home a New Puppy Tips

Updated on October 7, 2012

Portuguese Water Dog or Black Lab? What kind of puppy to adopt?

I had considered adopting a Portuguese Water Dog as I do a lot of sailing and hiking around water. The Portuguese Water Dog is a great dog with children and grow to 40 to 60 pounds with the female being towards the lower range. Portuguese Water Dogs are very people oriented and love to be included along with all the families activities and don't like being left alone for long times.

Portuguese Water Dogs were used by the fisherman in Portugal and lived on the fishing boats were trained to dive down and fetch fishing gear, carry messages by swimming from boat to boat or to shore. They also were known for herding fish into the fishermens nets. Or course the Portuguese Water Dogs were excellent swimmers.

The first Portuguese Water Dog was thought to have been brought to the USA in 1968 and 4 years later the Portuguese Water Dog club was formed in Connecticut.

I ended up adopting a Black Lab mixed breed from a neighbor who was care taking a friends dog who didn't know she was carrying puppies. Black Labs are also great swimmers and easily trained and much more available than the Portuguese Water Dogs.

Puppies For Dummies

The bestselling guide to making the most of puppy's first year

Bringing home a puppy? This fun, friendly guide to puppyhood prepares you for this tough but terrific time. From the basics -- housebreaking, feeding, training -- to the latest on doggie day care, traveling with a puppy, and the new designer breeds, you get everything you need to help your puppy grow up to be a healthy, playful, well-mannered dog.

Puppies For Dummies
Puppies For Dummies

This book is great for people like me who have never owned a dog! There are a few chapters in the beginning that i didn't find helpful, however. I had already chosen my puppy before i bought the book, but if your are searching for the right puppy and have any questions, then these chapters would be perfect for you! I still use this book to reference back to, my puppy is only twelve weeks old, so there's still a long way to go!


New Puppy Supplies to have on hand - Have these supplies before bringing home a new puppy

Zoey will be 6 weeks old tomorrow, today I put the leash on her and led her around for 5 minutes so she can gradually get used to leash training. A new puppy requires constant monitoring so she doesn’t get electrocuted from chewing on a power cord and for paper training.

I made sure to have at home before bringing her in was:

* plenty of extra newspapers

* plenty of extra toilet tissue

* a dog water and food dish

* a bag of good quality puppy chow

* large dog nail trimmers

* leash and training collar

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days

Whether your dog is a puppy or getting on in years, whether your goal is to housebreak, paper train, or litter train, this practical, easy-to-follow plan will help you transform your pet into a dependable member of the household--in a way that works with both his innate behavioral instincts and your individual lifestyle.

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days (Revised)
How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days (Revised)

If you can make it through the first 24 hours, freedom from an unhousetrained dog will be yours! It REALLY DOES WORK! I had a dog that was a 1.5 year old, I mistakenly paper trained her first and she never stopped doing what she was taught- going inside on the paper! NOT A GOOD IDEA! A family friend recommended this book and within about twenty four hours she was house trained!!! Most people would have said that I would always have a problem with her, NO way! Two years later, she's remains PERFECTLY HOUSETRAINED! In addition to this amazing success story, I recently loaned the book to someone who was having trouble house training her new puppy; within a few days- no problem at all! Buy it, it really is well worth the money!


Black Labrador Retriever

This Black Lab from the neighborhood is alleged to be the father of Zoey. I named her Zoey after the Firefly character, but I added the Y. Actually she looks more like she has German Shepard in her and her mom looks part Shepard.

Mom dog with nursing puppies

Zoey's mom with her puppies when they were 13 days old. the Mom named Roxy had her first litter of nine puppies. The owner is keeping the runt which is on the left and took the others to a nearby no-kill shelter.

Got a new puppy? - Tell us about your new puppy?

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