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Poems About Birds

Updated on October 19, 2014

The Birds I Have Seen

There have been many birds in my life. Some I have met up close. Some through books. Some through films. Please enjoy these original poems about the birds I have seen


Birds of a feather together flock

At least that's how it should be

Except the chicken in the stock

For she was not that lucky


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission Only

I took this photo of a rescued pelican at a bird sanctuary on the Florida Gulf Coast

Hope You Enjoy the Newest Poem ...

Noisy Bird

Noisy Bird

High in a palm tree a very noisy bird

Carried on warbling to point of absurd

The incessant song was necessarily heard

Til the wind roared and air bestirred

Yet, from his music, he wasn't deterred

That chirping, raucous, noisy bird

Oh Robin - A Sonnet

First Reading Aug 2, 2010 - Laughing Goat - Boulder, CO

Oh robin, light upon the golden bough

Where do you fly when winter winds arrive?

Comfort, I embrace; that you know somehow

As you wait out the worm through its connive

There, you flit soundless to a different limb

Another of your kind alights beside

Diffused autumn light is waning and dim

But you need not the sun for slumber's guide

Eyelids, heavy, will soon shutter your world

Safe you both are, precarious and high

An avian dreamscape to be unfurled

Do you play in the sky there? Do you fly?

Oh gentle robin, in the morn you'll wake

When snow comes you'll leave and naught will you take


Thinking of Sylvester and Tweety

Canary in a gilded cage

Is fed by mistress in the morn

And cat who looks upon with rage

Is chastised; treated oft with scorn

Into the mines canaries went

To warn the miners of bad air

And if to death the bird was sent

Saved lives of men made men not care

These yellow birdies singing sweet

Are perfect pets with little fuss

Their tune is heard as dawn he greets

Just feather fluff is all the muss


Grandma's Parakeet

A parakeet or budgie be

We have Bluebell as our guest

He flies up to the ficus tree

Yet quick returns at Gram's behest

Twice around the house flies he

On his return home for bed

Bit of millet, then good-nighty

On single foot this sleepy head

Learn about Parakeets (aka Budgies)

Fred, Our Cockatiel

Fred, Fred the silly head

A cockatiel we once had

Picked the fuzz from Peter's ear

Just the way to treat his "dad"

Two Ducks

Two ducks floating in a run-off ditch

A male and a female; wedded

With family they would soon be rich

Their egg nest surely bedded


Geese aloft in graceful V

Travel together mile on mile

Sometimes over fresh picked barely

Before they land near fence's stile

Seeds for the Birds

Seeds for the birds

To make their turds

Would else go to weeds

That we don't need

Jewelry Inspired by the Birds

Blended Family

I saw a female duck and a drake goose

With four ducklings in their wake

A new blended family on the loose

Nature's doing odd things on the Lake

Sterling Silver "Friends Come and Friends Go, Thanks For Staying Put" Flock of Birds Pendant Necklace, 18"

Goodbye for now, I'm flying high

Wings outstretched, touching the sky


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