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On Mountain Pond - Poems of Critters

Updated on October 5, 2014

Poems and More Inspired by the Critters at the Pond at Stone Mountain Lodge - Lyons, Colorado

My Husband and I own Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins in the Colorado Rockies.

There are ducks and a turtle and fish and a muskrat (from time to time). Fishing is only by catch and release. The canoe is for staff use only. Geese come to visit in the spring. And the fountain is turned on for the summer!

See Stone Mountain Duck Blog for loads of history and photos on the Stone Mountain Lodge ducks.

A Word About the Pond Fountain

Did you notice the fountain in the photo of the pond?

While the pond fountain is really a pretty feature and a magnet for lots of photo ops, the fountain also aerates the pond and keeps the water fresher and clearer!

On Mountain Pond

On mountain pond, there be a duck

Eating algae, bugs and muck

To find the stuff below

Butts up, he will need to go

On mountain pond, there be a turtle

What he eats I am not certain

To find what may be in the air

Outstretched head, he dares

On mountain pond, there be a muskrat

Crossing, barely visible, imagine that

To find, what whiskers tell

Disappearing back into his hovel

On mountain pond, there be fish

Don't worry, they're not for any dish

Under algae, duck feet, swimming

Being fed by pond stuff, skimming

On mountain pond, there be a child

Eating gummy worms, not wild

With father, fishing from canoe

Child's eyes wide, what, no kangaroo?

copyrighted 2009 - Mindy Makuta - may be reprinted with permission only

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Favorite Creature from the Poem

What is your favorite creature from this poem?

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Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins----The Perfect Location for Your Colorado Vacation ----- Feed the Ducks on Your Next Visit!

At any time of year

A mountain pond is dear

Enjoy the wildlife you see

Take a photo, maybe three

The Quackheads

Inspired by watching ducks cross a larger lake

The quackheads floated idly by

Not bothered by the boaters' din

In teal colored waters beneath blue sky

Oblivious to the rustling wind

The gravelly sand a beach did make

Flanked by cottonwoods thin and sparse

And reedy grass grew near the lake

So birds could shelter in the marsh

Copyright 2010 MyFairLadyah - Reprint with Permission Only

Thank you for Your Virtual Visit to Our Mountain Pond

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      anonymous 8 years ago

      Nice lens, I thought it was pretty insightful so I decided to give you 5 stars, hey, I have a page that’s pretty similar to yours, maybe you can check it out when you have time: Cleaning And Outdoor Koi Fish Pond

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      JoleneBelmain 8 years ago

      Welcome to Poetry Poetry Poetry... 5 stars :)