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Organic Dog Food

Updated on April 23, 2011

The Best Dog Food is Organic


With so much in the news about contaminated commercialdog food, I have started making home made organic dogfood for my two beloved girls, Lady and Lola. Of course the number one natural organic ingredient in healthy safe dog food is meat.

Did you know dogs need and enjoy the fresh addition of vegetables to their daily diet? When I make their dinner, I use the same organic vegetables we use. My dogs love mashed carrots in there freshly cooked meat as it is naturally sweet.

Rice or pasta mixed in with the meat and vegetables every day is not just used as filler and in proper proportion make for a healthy happy pet. The proper mix of organic meat, vegetables and grain every day, made with ingredients that you or I would eat is the basis of proper nutrition for your dog.

We have been told that feeding dogs "people" food is bad for them for so long that it has become an unsubstantiated part of our beliefs. We have actually come to believe and trust that commercial dog food with additives, toxins and all sorts of preservatives, is better than home made organic dog food.

Knowing what you feed your pets is the first step in giving them a longer healthier life. There recently has been an increase in manufacturers making high grade, excellent quality organic dog food, that is ready to eat. This is a much better alternative to the grocery store brands, and as good for your pet as making your own home made. A label marked with 95% certified organic ingedients is actually human grade and the best choice. Any organic commercial food marked over 75% certified organic would be an acceptable alternative to making your own food.

Organic dog food certification must be done by USDA or a government agency that is local and certified to inspectfood.

Obviously we all don't have the time, or inclination to make dog food at home, so rest assured that the high end, superior quality organic food is a superb alternate choice, which can be made without guilt or fea of reducing your petsnutritional intake.

Before you start making healthy, home made dog food you must be aware that there are certain human foods that are toxic and can make your dog sick or worse, Most people know about chocolate being bad, but did you know that onions and raisins or grapes can harm you pet.

Feeding your dog super tasty calorie controlled, home made organic food has other incredible benefits other than just having the most adoring loving pets. Your dog will live longer. He/she will also look and feel healthier.

Because you are not adding sugar, salt and fat to your home cooked recipes, you can help an overweight pet lose weight.

A chemical free diet can be nothing but an improvement over what we now know is being put in a lot of the commercial dog food. I know I have seen major changes in my two special girls, Lady and Lola.

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