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Oscar the Corgi Pug

Updated on July 4, 2011

Meet Oscar!

Many people see Oscar and incorrectly guess he's a Puggle. But that's only half right! Oscar is part Pug, part Corgi and 100% cute. He has a laid back sweet personality, loves playing with his friends and will do almost any trick for a yummy treat. Learn more about Oscar and the things he likes to do right here on this page.

Photo Credit: Nibbled.

Oscar was an Accident

But a happy one

Oscar was born to a Corgi mom and a Pug dad. The farm his parents lived on bred corgis and pugs, but a little accident brought Oscar into the world. He had quite a few brothers and sisters, all looking very much like him. Curly tails, short legs, and a tan/white body with a black muzzle.

He was very small when we brought him home with extremely short legs. It took him a long time to be able to go up and down stairs. Those little stubby legs didn't get much longer, but Oscar finally figured out how to use them to his advantage. He's now a really good jumper!

Why did we name our dog Oscar?

Well it was all about his eyebrows

It took us about a week to settle on a good name for our puppy. Nothing we tested out seemed to really fit him. But for some reason I kept coming back to those black markings above his eyes that gave him the look of big fat grouchy eyebrows and for some reason Oscar seemed fitting. It stuck, though we sometimes call him monkey or skur.

Oscar's Favorite things to do

He's a fun loving dog

Oscar is a very friendly dog. He absolutely loves to play with the other neighborhood dogs. One of his best bud's lives right next door. This is a picture of them celebrating their 6 month birthdays.

He also likes to hang out with us and enjoys camping trips and nice long walks around the lake. He used to enjoy swimming, but now is a little unsure of the water.

If he could only have one toy, Oscar would choose a tug toy. He is the master at tug a war and will not let go, even if you lift him up and suspend him in air. He has also perfected the head whip kill maneuver.

Photo Credit: Nibbled.

A few of Oscar's favorite things

KONG Classic Large
KONG Classic Large

Being a smart puppy, Oscar figured out the Kong pretty quickly. He utilizes one of two perfected methods and sometimes a combination of the two to reach the treat.

1. Lick it until it turns to mush.

2. Toss the kong up in the air until the treat breaks and falls out.

Both methods work for him quite well.


Oscar is a good brother

We introduced a very tiny dog into the family and Oscar stepped into the role of big brother.

Brothers Cuddling

Photo Credit: Nibbled.

Oscar's Guilty Pleasure - Pig Ears

Cadet Pig Ears Dog Treats; 25 ct.
Cadet Pig Ears Dog Treats; 25 ct.

We have to limit these to one or two a month. Oscar would love to have one every day though. He chews one into 2 pieces and then lets his little brother have a chunk.


Baby Oscar takes a Bath - He was about 4 months old

Leave a little note for Oscar - He loves to make new friends!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      How cute is Oscar? Way cute! What an adorable dog you have.

      I like people's dog tribute lenses on Squidoo, it really shows the love! :)

    • scrapperkare profile image

      scrapperkare 5 years ago

      I just read all the way thru your lens, and had to LAUGH when I read 2 characteristics that are identical to our Corgi's: our Holly LOVES tug-of-war (yes, even being suspended) AND the "head whip kill maneuver" is a perfect description of what Holly does when we're playing tug-of-war with her. So those must be corgi traits for sure . . .

    • scrapperkare profile image

      scrapperkare 5 years ago

      Oh, my! Oscar is adorable!! We have a Corgi mix (we think part Corgi, part bassett hound and who knows what else). Just published a lens on her: . . . I think our pets would make great friends! Thanks for sharing Oscar with the Squidoo world . . .