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Oster Professional DRP-SUNY-BLT6 Cat Window Seat, Suction

Updated on August 21, 2014

A great fix for cats who love climbing on our furniture !!

Kitties love looking out windows to see outside ! The problem is that in order to do this, they will try anything to get to that coveted viewing spot. That means climbing ! We all know what happens when our cats climb up, on, and around the furniture right ? Big problems, especially for that expensive leather living room set ! Here is an idea that could help this, if not solve this problem for good !

Oster Professional DRP-SUNY-BLT6 Cat Window Seat, Suction - Cat window seats

These are perfect and your cats will just love these as they can easily spend all day looking out the window as they doze in and out !

Cat Window Seat

This gives your kitty a personal spot to call their own ! Easy to install. No tools or drilling necessary ! Just place on your window with the industrial size suction cups. Big enough for cats to turn around on, sit or nap the day away, with a view !

Cats love this and is a very popular spot for them. Holds up to 50 lbs.

Window beds

If you do not have the floor space for climbing toys, try staggering 2 or 3 of these on your windows, or sliding door. Your cats will climb and hop from one to another. Also if you have more than one kitty, they will not be as prone to fight over the one perch !

Kitty window seat

Comfy cozy place for kitty !!

Oster Professional DRP-SUNY-BLT6 Cat Window Seat, Suction

Pros, cons and reviews.

As with every product, there are always a variety of user reviews. Here we will explore some of most common.

Pros :

Most user have stated how easy this is to install ! Perfect for not drilling holes and leaving permanent marks.

Strong industrial size suction cups, and big enough to hold 2 cats.

Easy to clean and move around.

Users state their cats absolutely love these, and spend much time in them !

Affordable enough to purchase more than one, to create a climbing playground up off the floor. No need for big bulky cat structures on the floor !

Cons :

Some users report they come loose,fall off...with kitty in it !! Yikes !! ( Note... others have stated to fix this problem, simply place suction cups in hot water for a few moments to make it "pliable"...problem solved !!

These are for use with double pane windows ONLY ! (could this be part of the problem of other users experiencing their cats falling because they did not follow that part of the instructions perhaps ??)

The actual bed platform is nylon, and unappealing for cats ! ( most users simply place a kitty bed, or pad on it).

Others report the entire product seems too flimsy to secure, and hold anything, let alone a cat ! A pad on top, and adhering the suction cups properly fixes this according to most users.

Chemical smell when first opened but goes away over time.

Cats sometimes like to chew on the support cords. That can't be good !! Be careful and watch your cat to be sure !!

Window seat bed

In summary......

So there we have it, All in ,this seems to be a great product for most users ! Just be sure to follow the directions, and use these for double pane windows only, and maybe as one user suggested...dip those suction cups in hot water 1st ! Another thing to keep in mind, which is really important, would be to measure your windows BEFORE you buy. Some users have stated regrets for not doing this because when the product arrived, they were too big to fit in the window....Oops !

Window Beds and Pads your Kitty will Love !!

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