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Our Nesting Blackbirds Life Of A Blackbird Nest

Updated on February 27, 2015

A Glimpse Into The World Of A Nesting Blackbird In Our Garden.

I love blackbirds and love telling the story of our nesting blackbirds. We were so honoured to have them build a nest on our patio in the trellis of a raised bed! The female and her mate have subsequently raised a brood of four baby blackbird chicks from the clutch of eggs.

I try to have a bird and wildlife friendly garden and this was indeed a treat! So since we saw the nest we have been taking photos and keeping an unobtrusive watch for our blackbirds.

I now want to share the experience and show you our beautiful blackbirds and their chicks.

It would also be lovely if you want to share any of your experiences of birdwatching or your nesting blackbirds in the Guestbook at the end of this page. Thank you :)

Do You Have Blackbirds Nesting In Your Garden?

Love for you to vote in the poll below to get a basic idea if we can find out if people are seeing blackbirds in their gardens.

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Blackbirds Appearance

First a little bit of background about blackbirds...

The male blackbird is a striking black bird with a bright yellow beak. He also has an eye ring. They are very easy to identify.

The females are brown and may have spots or streaks on their breasts.

Blackbird behaviours

Territory is important and male blackbirds will establish a territory within the first year of their lives. They will defend this territory from about Spring until late summer(July)

It is very important for pair breeding and nesting. A pair will usually remain monogamus as long as they both survive.

After rearing the young both males and females tend to stay in the same territory (as long as there is sufficient food) though live seperately.

After the last fledgings have flown, the territory breaks up and birds tend to relax the boundaries until the autumn. From spring until July they are once again defended.

The life expectancy of a Blackbird is commonly two to three years.

Nesting Blackbird Mum With Eggs

Nesting Blackbird Mum With Eggs
Nesting Blackbird Mum With Eggs | Source

The Nest

Blackbirds attempt to bring up about two or three broods a year during the time of March to late June. Exact timings depend on weather conditions.

The nests appearance as you can see in the photos I took is a large nest made up of mud, grass, twigs and various plant materials. She built the nest over a couple of weeks. It is quite an untidy stricture but an amazing feat- I dont think I could do as well!

Blackbird Nest Built On Trellis Of Raised Bed!

Blackbird Nest Built On Trellis Of Raised Bed!
Blackbird Nest Built On Trellis Of Raised Bed! | Source

Attract Nesting Birds To Your Garden

If you want to attract blackbirds and other birds to your garden you need to provide the basics of food, shelter and water.

Here is a start with a lovely and stylish bird table feeder. Adds beauty to your garden and provides essential food for the birds

There are many different styles of Bird tables some very simple to the most elaborate, some basic , some with a lot of character and always one to suit any garden.

Take a look to find one for your birds.

Love Birdbaths!

If you want to attract blackbirds or any other birds into your garden then you need to provide a good source of clean water for drinking and bathing. Many people feed birds but forget to provide water. If you would like to see blackbirds nesting in your garden this is a good first step.

Blackbirds love to bathe! I have often see our nesting blackbird parents take a dip in the birdbath we have. They splash about, clean their feathers and seem to have a great time!

We keep our birdbath on the patio so we can see the birds easily without disturbing them :)

There are many different designs and styles of birdbaths. This one is the most similar to the one we have. If however you prefer a different style just click through and you will find many many more of all different designs and price points.

Where To Build A Blackbird Nest?

Blackbirds can build nests in Shrubs, trees climbers or even in buildings. The female is the one to expertly build the nest.

In our garden this female blackbird decided to build her nest on our patio extremely close to our house.

She sited it on the trellis of a raised bed I had built for me when I had severe back pain and could not garden normally. That is why it is at waist height.

She had a couple of weeks of frantic nest building where she would browse around the garden looking for twigs,grass,mud and anything else nestworthy. She found an abundance in our garden!

This is why the RSPB (Royal Society For The Protection of Birds) say to not have too tidy a garden if you want to attract and keep wildlife happy and safe there. A few twigs, grass and mud do not matter to me but mean the world to our blackbird.

We haven't gone onto our patio since early April when we noticed she was building the nest and the raised bed has gone a bit wild!! She doesn't seem to mind :)

Springwatch Highlights of a Nesting Blackbird video

View Above A Blackbirds Nest

View Above A Blackbirds Nest
View Above A Blackbirds Nest | Source

Nesting Blackbirds Brooding the Eggs

Waiting for the hatching.

A fter a couple of weeks of frantic nestbuilding we noticed that the female blackbird was sitting on the nest. She sat there day after day only leaving for short breaks. Usually between three to five eggs are laid.

Obviously I did not disturb the nest to look. I have read that only the female broods the eggs and we did see her sitting diligently for days only leaving them for brief feeding periods.

However we also saw the male blackbird sitting for a while sometimes when she was off feeding- so I can't explain that but maybe he was a new man!

Blackbird Nest in April

Blackbird Nest in April
Blackbird Nest in April | Source

Keeping The Blackbird Eggs Warm

Keeping The Blackbird Eggs Warm
Keeping The Blackbird Eggs Warm | Source

Hatching And Feeding The New Blackbird Chicks!

She was sitting on the eggs for about two weeks before I noticed the first signs of chicks and feeding.

Once they hatched the male blackbird got involved as well. At first we could not see the chicks at all but they grew quickly.

Both parents presented the chicks with mainly worms from our garden. I understand they eat caterpillars too but I only saw worms being presented.

We noticed that the male and female generally took it in turns to feed the chicks. It was interesting that the male would fly in give each chick a worm then fly off. The female always stayed a little longer as if she was checking them all over!

New Blackbird Chicks!

New Blackbird Chicks!
New Blackbird Chicks! | Source

Orphaned Baby Blackbirds - Out Of The Nest - What to do if you find an orphaned baby Blackbird..

Advice from the RSPB on sightings of orphaned baby blackbirds out of their nest.

Please read if you find any baby blackbird out of its nest and you think it may be orphaned. .

Please note Fledglings should almost never be rescued, but should be left well alone in the care of their parents. You may not see the parents but they may be nearby and caring for the chick.

Bringing Home Food For Chicks

Bringing Home Food For Blackbird Chicks
Bringing Home Food For Blackbird Chicks | Source

Blackbird chicks in nest video - Adorable little blackbird chicks

Cute Baby Blackbirds In Nest

Cute Baby Blackbirds In Nest
Cute Baby Blackbirds In Nest | Source

Blackbird Predators!

Cats are the main predator of the Blackbird in gardens. Please do all you can to avoid your cat attacking them.

In addition the fox is a predator and birds of prey particularly the Sparrowhawk and also the Magpie.

Sometimes Cuckoos will lay their eggs in a blackbird nest. However this is not common as adult blackbirds recognize the eggs and adult cuckoos.

Feeding Many Blackbird Chicks

Feeding Many Blackbird Chicks
Feeding Many Blackbird Chicks | Source

So Many Baby Bird Mouths, So Little TIme.

So Many Baby Blackbird Mouths, So Little TIme.
So Many Baby Blackbird Mouths, So Little TIme. | Source

Blackbird babies leaving home.

I read that blackbird chicks should be ready to fledge at 14 days old but our little ones seem very happy to stay right where they are!

Despite the parents tempting them by flying in with a big fat juicy worm then leaving without feeding them the chicks stayed put and then the parent returned and fed them! The chicks are getting nice and big and seem very happy apart from the lack of space!

There are four healthy looking chicks in there which I understand is a good clutch to rear as losses are very common at the egg and chick stage. Normally the young birds would creep out from the nest but I think our guys will have to fly down.

Apparently they stay under cover for a few days and I am worried about cats but we will see and hope.

Once the chicks have left the nest the male will look after them for about a further 3 weeks until they are flying and feeding independently.

During this time the female is busy brooding another clutch of eggs. and so it goes.

About Birds A Guide For Children - Educate children about birds.

About Birds: A Guide for Children
About Birds: A Guide for Children

Help your children understand and love the world of birds from eggs and nests to song and how they live.


Teach Children About Birds

I think it is very important for children to learn about and respect our wildlife, including birds as young as possible.

That way hopefully they will grow up not only appreciating the wonderful world of nature and birds but also wanting to protect it.

Blackbird Chick

Blackbird Chick
Blackbird Chick | Source

Blackbird Chick Growing Up

Blackbird Chick Growing Up
Blackbird Chick Growing Up | Source

Make Your Garden Better For Blackbirds.

8 Ways To A BlackBird Friendly Garden

8 Top Tips

1. To nest they need shrubs, trees, climbers or an outbuilding. See if you can provide one of these by planting a shrub or climber.

2. Blackbirds need nesting materials such as mud,straw,grass,twigs. Do not have your garden too tidy in the spring and summer- leave a few twigs and grass around. Leave a few patches where mud is easily accessible. If it is dry then water some of the patches of earth to help her build her nest.

3. When you see evidence of nesting keep away and do not try to look inside or bother her. Keep unobtrusive and you will have the pleasure of seeing the chicks grow up.

4. If you have a cat keep him or her away from the nest. Put a cat bell on.

5. If your neighbours have cats you could try one of the cat deterrant devices(humane only)or deterrant pellets. Perhaps ask nicely if they will put a bell on her.

6. Teach children to be respectful of the nest and they will experience the wonder of nature.

7. Try not to use pesticides or slug pellets in your garden.

8. Have a bird bath or source of clean water for the birds.

Feed The BIrds - Attract Birds To Your Garden Fill UpThese Birdfeeders

Garden Song 101-4 Dine Around Window Bird Feeder
Garden Song 101-4 Dine Around Window Bird Feeder

This is a lovely bird feeder as it enables you to see the birds closer up through your window. Will enthral young children and adults alike.


Window Bird Feeder.

This is a lovely bird feeder if you like to sit inside and watch the birds as it fixes on to a window.

The birds may take a little time to get used to any new feeder.

Best approach is just to put it up with a little very tasty seed inside and just wait.

The birds will soon find this delicious new source of food and you will get a perfect window seat view!

Nesting Blackbirds Nesting Habits video

This video of nesting blackbirds is very interesting if you like birdwatching. It is quite long but if you like blackbirds and are interesting in nesting habits it is worth a watch.

Care Taken With Photography Of The Blackbirds.

All the photos on this site were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Great care was taken not to disturb the blackbirds and their fledglings. Most of the photos were taken through my kitchen window.

Sometimes this has made the photos a little blurry but better that than to disturb the birds.

Please be respectful and do not copy without permission.

Blackbird Ready To Fledge? Shall I Go Or Shall I Stay?

Blackbird Ready To Fledge? Shall I Go Or Shall I Stay?
Blackbird Ready To Fledge? Shall I Go Or Shall I Stay? | Source

Blackbirds Flown The Nest.

Finally fledged

Just an update on our nesting blackbirds.

All the chicks have now left the nest. One day they were there then when I returned from work they were all gone!

I wish I had been there to see them all fly out but that is a rare thing to see.

I have since seen all four chicks in the garden living in the hedges and being fed by the male blackbird.

They all look big and healthy :)

Pretty soon if not already they will be off on their own.

Ready To Fly Last Sighting of Baby Blackbirds In Nest

Ready To Fly Last Sighting of Baby Blackbirds In Nest
Ready To Fly Last Sighting of Baby Blackbirds In Nest | Source

Sites about Blackbirds. - Blackbird Websites.

Lots more information,facts and figures and points of interest in these websites. Do feel free to browse.

Thank you for visiting our nesting blackbirds. I would love to know who dropped by, please come on in and leave a comment.

Feel free to leave any of your tips on helping wild birds. I do read every comment and thank you in advance for taking the time. Please note I do not allow spam or commercial links.

Thank you If you liked this page please feel free to rate it and add to any social bookmarks.

© 2008 RaintreeAnnie

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    • profile image

      Marjie Butler 4 weeks ago

      I have a nesting blackbird in my clematis - have spotted three eggs so far. I'm feeding her mealworms.

      I feel very privileged that she has chosen my garden

    • RaintreeAnnie profile image

      RaintreeAnnie 2 months ago from UK

      Hi Cynthia, how wonderful you have nesting Blackbirds in your clematis! and Robins close by too-you are so lucky!! You sound very caring and is there any way you can delay the pruning of the clematis? It does sound as if there are eggs or young chicks in there and it is not good to disturb them. Nests should not be disturbed or damaged. A delay to the pruning will not hurt the clematis but could hurt the nesting birds and chicks. Wild birds need all the help they can get and you are so lucky they have chosen to nest on your patio. It is always best to prune outside of the nesting season. I hope you get to see young chicks very soon, it is amazing! Thank you so much for visiting.

    • profile image

      Cynthia Giles 2 months ago

      Nesting Blackbirds in clematis on small patio. Surprisingly, it appeared as if Robins were also nesting close by. I saw the robin disappear into the clematis and the blackbird quickly returned to its nest and the robin flew away but returned later. We are having our clematis pruned next week, although still in flower and I am concerned about the birds as they have been there about a month now and until today, I thought they had left the nest. Today I saw the blackbird go into the nest three times.

    • RaintreeAnnie profile image

      RaintreeAnnie 9 months ago from UK

      Hi Irene,

      I am not sure...I saw both parents looking after the chicks. I imagine that if only one parent is left they would maybe try their best to feed the chicks and look after them , though it would be harder for them.

    • profile image

      Irene Novelli 13 months ago

      If a mother blackbird hasn't returned to her chicks will the father take care of them

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