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The Story of Pampered Pussums the Adopted Cat

Updated on November 3, 2014
Gloriousconfusion profile image

I love to share the experience I have gained over three quarters of a century, be it useful tips, love, jokes or technology.

That's me looking in from our  back yard to be fed from the silver dish
That's me looking in from our back yard to be fed from the silver dish

Pussums - Adopted Kitten

Did you ever wonder what it's like to be an adopted kitten or adopted cat? Well, here you will learn what it's like to be adopted - straight from the horse's mouth, or, in my case, kitten's mouth.

When I found my new Mummy and Daddy, I struck gold. I was very frightened of them to start with, in case they hurt me, and I certainly didn't want them to touch me.

I just happened to be in their garden crying because I was hungry, and they put down some food for me in a silver foil dish (real silver, I think, just for me!). I had been fending for myself in the wild for a few days, dodging foxes and magpies, and it was no joke for a baby cat, I can tell you.

So I grabbed the food and ran off.

i kept thinking about it and popped back later to see if there was any more of the same. Sure enough, there was, but this time they had put it right inside their back door - soon to be our back door, that is.

I soon had Mummy and Daddy under control

They did everything I told them to do - not bad for a little kitten, eh?

All I had to do was look at them plaintively with my big eyes, give a little miaow, and I could see them melting. These people were real cat lovers - I've never known such kind people, not a bit like the last woman, who dumped me out in the wild when I was only a few months old. I never saw her again.

My new Mummy and Daddy got me a scratching post, and my Aunty bought a special cat bowl for me, and lots of cat toys.

They even bought me a square box with sand in it, and kept it in the bathroom, near where they go to the toilet. I don't know if that was a hint or something. I liked jumping in it and playing, chucking out the sand all over the floor, but I certainly wouldn't use it for anything else. My birth mother always told me to perform my ablutions outside, and that's what I've always done.

That's me on said Persian carpet
That's me on said Persian carpet

Except once, when I wasn't feeling too well, and the door was shut, so I pooed on their nice Persian rug. I didn't like that, because I couldn't cover it up.

Mummy didn't like that either, I could see, but she wasn't cross, because she knew it was a mistake.

But that was the only mistake, because they always let me out when I ask.

Image above right: Me with my new bowl, snarling to make sure no-one stole my grub

Cat Training in 10 Minutes
Cat Training in 10 Minutes
Everyone who has a cat would find this useful - you can actually train cats - they just pretend they don't understand

Cat Training in Ten Minutes -

My Mum likes this - I think its Rubbish!

How to get a cat to do what you want, indeed!

I'll believe this when I see it

I suppose it uses "Cat psychology"....

psychology - schmichology, that's what I say....

How about you?

That's me looking a bit huffy
That's me looking a bit huffy

Everyone Calls me Pussums, Even the Neighbours

That's a bit of a stupid name for a kitten, just slightly better than no name at all!

I was expecting something a bit sophisticated, like Charlotte, or Hepsibar, but no, Pussums it was. I think it's because when they first met me, they used to shout "puss, puss, puss......pussums", and so did the people next door, who were also very kind to me.

So the name just stuck. Not very dignified, but I don't care as long as I get decent food.

Me reclining on the bed - I'm quite tall when I'm all stretched out
Me reclining on the bed - I'm quite tall when I'm all stretched out

Now that I'm older, I like to sleep on the bed

I like to snuggle up to Dad's feet

I wasn't allowed to sleep on the bed when I was small, because I was too naughty and used to jump on Mummy and Daddy in the middle of the night and give them a fright, and they thought I might have fleas. Now I wear a flea collar, so Quod Erat Demonstandum - no fleas, and I am allowed there until sleepy time.

They always chuck me out at night, just when I am feeling all cosy. I don't think they like me waking them up by biting and scratching their feet. So I sleep in my special chair.

I'm a Tortoiseshell Cat

I bet you think I'm beautiful -

My Mum and Dad do!

Did you know that tortoiseshell cats

are nearly always female?

Rainbow Mice - Bag of 12 - Cat Toy
Rainbow Mice - Bag of 12 - Cat Toy
I could play around with these all day, couldn't you?

I love Toy Mice - - they make me jump about all over the place

These mice are really fun

(but I still prefer real mice....

...don't tell anyone!)

Tournee du Chat Noir

Metal Plate

My mummy has this metal plate hanging on the front of her key cupboard in our hall - I love it

Tournee Du Chat Noir

12 in. x 16 in.

Buy This at

Just to Wind up, Here is a Greetings Card, Depicting Pussums - You can get it on Zazzle:

Sleepy Cat

by GloriousConfusion

And how about this Ginger Cat Bag - you can get the same design on T-Shirts, Mousepads, Mugs and other items as well:

Striped Cat Canvas Bag

by GloriousConfusion


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