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Colorful Parrot Wallpapers

Updated on May 17, 2014

Parrot Wallpaper Designs

Parrots are among one of the most intelligent birds there are, with one of the evidences being its famous and well-known ability to mimic some words human's speak; or at least some of them do.

That's not al though, as they are also a bird species that has about as many stunningly beautiful colors, making them a wonderful addition to anyone's group of wallpapers they use on a computer or other screen.

Also fascinating about the parrot is it is among the most disparate in size among bird species, ranging from a little over three inches in length to over three feet in length. Of course the body weight of the parrot changes to a similar degree in conjunction with the length and bulk of the bird.

For our purpose of presenting some magnificent wallpapers, there are birds of diverse colors to showcase the amazing hues which the birds have incorporated into their feathers. With that in mind there are also some flying parrots included because sometimes the beauty of the birds are displayed most effectively when seen in those positions.

Red and Blue Parrot Coming in for Landing

This first example of a parrot wallpaper encompasses one of the best positions of a bird of any type when wanting to see and appreciate the color and texture of them. That's true with this parrot as well, with the color of the belly, inner and outer wings, along with the tail feathers offer a look at almost everything this beautiful parrot has to offer.

The only area not see is the top of the tail feathers, otherwise we can see imagine what the other parts of the body look like that are already revealed. For example, the top of the feather we see with the red and blue will be what the other feather looks like on top as well. The same with the under part of the wing on the left.

All that aside, this is simply an amazing parrot wallpaper where we are allowed to see the extraordinary color of the bird while it's at flight in its native environment. Very nice!


Two Parrots Sitting on Branch

The color of these two parrots are stunning. It is amazing how it begins with what looks like a darker or similar olive hue on the tail, to the terrific dark green, bright yellow covering the top of the body and head.

All of that is accented by the reddish orange covering the eyes, with a small inner circle to accentuate the actual eye.

From the size of the branch in contrast to their bodies, you can see this is a very small parrot type. Even so it takes nothing away from the fantastic display of color they have.


Cockatoo Wallpaper with Beautiful Crest

The body of a cockatoo isn't usually near as nice looking as a regular parrot's body, but where it makes up for that is with its amazing crests, as see in this gorgeous one that appears to be feathers within feathers.

Even the yellow design within the red has the look of a feather, and the colors stands out nicely within the matrix of the red part of the crest.

It's really extraordinary to see how the longer, wispy aspects of the crest seem to be connected to the red part in a secondary manner. I mean by that it looks like they've been attached because of how different they look from the base colors of the crest.

Add to that the way it all builds off of that unique design of the cockatoo's head and you have a terrific wallpaper.

cockatoo wallpaper
cockatoo wallpaper | Source

Blue and Yellow Flying Parrot Wallpaper

For an unparrelled look at what this parrot type looks like underneath, you can't get a better glimpse than when it is flying in this particular position.

I'm glad its head is slightly bent so the green and blue can be seen to give a look at what the other side of the wings look like. The blue slightly covered by the talons of the parrot show nicely where the tail feathers meet the body of the parrot.

This is a fantastic image, but I prefer the first one above and the position the parrot has there, as you can see both the top of the wings and underneath them. With this one we know the forward part of the wings are blue, but we don't know what rest of the outer part of the wing looks like.

Either way this is a great parrot photo; it's only that we are able to see just a part of the bird's color rather than the whole. But what we do see is awesome.


Blue Parrot Flying

What is different about this parrot wallpaper in regard to the rest of them in this photo gallery is not only the obvious solid blue color of the parrot, but also the way the camera was focused in order to highlight the parrot itself while leaving the background blurred.

The other parrot photos were taken to incorporate the entirety of the scene to appreciate, this one targets the parrot itself.

I'm glad it was done in that way with this particular bird, as the dark blue hue is stunning, and it would have been lost some with a background that was included in the shot.


Parrot Wallpapers

When wanting to have something a little different to look at that includes stunning colors and tropical scenes, it can't get much better than a parrot wallpaper.

From only these several photos there are an amazing array of color and design seen which generate terrific visual effects to enjoy viewing. There are plenty more of them that showcase a lot more hues which seem at time to encompass the entirety of the color spectrum.

There are also a lot more positions and poses of these parrots that show off their color from different angles and perspectives, providing a look at specific colors that may be more desirable than others to you.

No matter what your personal preferences, there is a parrot wallpaper out there that you'll surely enjoy.


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