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My Kitty Cat Patches

Updated on August 29, 2015

Here's Patches!

Patches is my four year old calico cat. She's a friendly little kitty with a ton of confidence. She's a pretty happy cat that loves people, paper bags, and being outside. We keep her on a leash when she goes outside.

She lives in a nice big family with lots of kids and other animals... 2 painted turtles, a horse, a mini horse, my cat Stalker, and a fish. We got her from a farm when she was 2 months old. She came from a litter of 6 kittens but by the time we got there, it was only her and one other left. She was so pretty that it was an easy choice! We took her home that day. We definitely made a good choice because she's been a great addition to the family.

Lazy Kitty! - She loves hanging out in her kitty bed

Patches in her little cat bed
Patches in her little cat bed

A nice comfy bed

Patches loves her bed! Most of the time, that's where she is! The tower underneath is a little flimsy so she doesn't go in it but she loves being on top in her fluffy bed. She actually prefers sleeping in a paper bag but she doesn't complain about a bed either!

Cats Love Climbing - It's natural for them to try to get higher up in the room.

Patches loves sitting on the very top of her very short tower. It's pretty flimsy so I bet she would love one of these! She loves climbing up and laying around. I hope to someday get a big tower like this one so that she can really run around on it and play and hide in the box. We have a cardboard box house that she goes in so I know she would like it.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige
Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

Patches would love this!!! Any cat would love this!! What a fun tower! It has lots of platforms that they can choose from. They also have a ladder to climb and a little box to hide in.


Patches Says Hi!

Patches | Source

The Funny Things She Does

Patches likes to chill out in her bed. A lot. When she's not in her bed, she's usually running around the house looking for bags to play in. Sometimes she likes catnip toys but she doesn't really like them as much as our other cat, Stalker, does.

Another funny thing that she does, whenever we leave the house, is she gets up on the couch and sits up with her arm on the arm rest. It's really funny. Most of the time it looks like she's sitting there watching TV. Maybe she really is. Who knows what she's thinking?

Find a Comfy Bed for Your Kitty - They love their beds!

Armarkat Cat Bed 18-Inch Long C08HJH/MH,  Burgundy and Beige
Armarkat Cat Bed 18-Inch Long C08HJH/MH, Burgundy and Beige

A traditional fluffy bed is a favorite for most cats. The softer the better! I find that my cats like the higher up sides so they feel like they're hiding or they're in a nest of sorts.


Patches loves going outside almost as much as she loves sleeping in her fuzzy little bed. We always keep a leash on her so we know where she is. We don't like letting her wander the neighborhood.

A Cat Lounge Chair

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge.  [Superior Cardboard & Construction].  Beware 'cheaper copycats' with 'unverified' reviews
PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. [Superior Cardboard & Construction]. Beware 'cheaper copycats' with 'unverified' reviews

This modern looking lounger is a comfy resting place for your kitty to stretch out and relax. It's made of scratching material so it has a dual purpose and it looks cool too.


I Caught A Cat! - It's a Cat Trap

Patches in a box
Patches in a box

Any kind of paper will do!

The box traps always work. Put a box down and there she is! I think it's because it's made out of her favorite material - paper.

I should just say it, she loves sleeping. It doesn't really matter where. She likes her bed, a box, or paper bags. If we leave a piece of paper on the floor, she'll lay on that too!

Bags Make Great Toys - Inexpensive Fun!

Patches when she was a kitten.  Bags have been her favorite ever since she was a baby.
Patches when she was a kitten. Bags have been her favorite ever since she was a baby.

Paper Bags

She loves playing in any bag that makes it's way to the floor. When she was a little kitten, she would hide in the bags and then jump out at us when we walked by grabbing us with her claws. She's so funny that way. These days, she enjoys sleeping on plastic grocery bags that happen to fall to the floor.

She still loves bags

She still loves her paper bags!
She still loves her paper bags!

Still Sleeping in Bags

Even though she's four years old now, she still sleeps in paper grocery bags. It's been a long time since she's slept in one of those fuzzy beds. Now it's all about the bags. I recently found a crinkle blanket that I thought she would love but she ignored it and went for the bag.

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Kitties Love Toys

Most cats love their toys but I don't spend any money on them anymore. Patches likes the free paper bags most of all. Cat toys promote the hunting that cats love to do. It also uses up some of their energy and helps build confidence. Patches doesn't need either one of these things so we'll leave the toys for other cats.

Milk Jug Rings

Another free toy that cats love are the rings from milk jugs. They grab them and throw them in the air and try to catch them.

Crazy Cat Videos

So Many Things for Cats! - It's hard to choose.

When I walk down the cat aisle at the pet store, I see so many things that I would love to buy for my cats! Some of the cat trees are amazing but they can be pretty expensive and I could buy so many more toys with the money.. but a cat tree would be so cool! What do you think?

If you had $200 to spend on your cat, would you buy a cat tree or toys?

What is your kitty's favorite toy? - Is it store bought or something around the house?

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