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Persian Cat Facts

Updated on July 11, 2011

Factors that influence its life expectancy

The Persian cat tops the list for cat lovers around the world. The unique looks and stunning beauty coupled with the gentle and loving nature of Persian cats make them excellent pets. But how long do these pets live? In general the Persian cats have a life expectancy of 15-16 years which is how long you can expect to have this pet with you.

This is not to say that all Persian cats reach that age or none cross it. In fact there are Persian cats owners who claim to have a 27 year old Persian cat. Others lose their cats in less than ten years. There are a number of factors that can influence the Persian cat life expectancy beyond what is naturally expected off them.

Exotic Persian Cats
Exotic Persian Cats

Exotic Persian Cats

Known for its sweet pansy face and long thick coat of hair the Persian cat is one of the most popular breed of cats out there. They stand upon short legs and have a well toned muscular body inside the fluffy coat. Persian cats have a dazzling set of big and bright eyes which makes cat lovers fall in love with this exotic breed.

The Persian cat is available in a wide variety of coat colors with differing characteristics as well. They have been categorized into different groups with some having more value in the eyes of cat lovers than others.

Black Persian Cat
Black Persian Cat

Black Persian Cat

What makes the black Persian black?

Everybody knows that the black Persian gets its colors from its genes. To be more specific however the black coat gets its color due to the pigmentation present in the fur which absorbs a considerable amount of light. This is quite the opposite of what happens in the case of white Persians where the light is actually reflected.

The black Persian is categorized amongst the solids. Other cats in the series are blue, fawn, chocolate, lilac and the like. The Persian cat has microscopic granules in its hair through which the light is absorbed. These spherical shaped granules are known as eumelanin.

It can be quite a challenge for Persian cat breeders to develop a pure black coat. More than often they will end up with a rusty brown tinge in the black coat. Such cats are then excluded from the breeding pool.

The sunlight is another factor that influences the blackness of the Persian cat's coat. A combination of sunlight with saliva actually works to oxidize the pigmentation. As a result a brown tinge develops in the black coat which is considered to be undesirable.

The black coat in Persian cats is believed to be formed due to the mutation of the tabby coat gene. The black color is considered to be the first genetic mutation that affects the tabby coat.

Blue persian cat
Blue persian cat

Blue Persian Cats

The Blue Persian cat is one of the more exotic varieties from the Persian cat family. Throughout its history the blue Persian has been popular amongst the aristocrats of 19th century Europe and today it is a much sought after variety by cat lovers across the world.

Cute Persian Cats

The Persian cat has a rather distinct facial structure that sets it apart from other breeds of cats. First of all it has a relatively larger head than most cats. The head of the Persian features a rather wide forehead with large round eyes. The head has a round underlying bone structure and is set up on a short thick neck. Some Persian cats as white persian cats have the angry man moustache look which is a very distinctive feature of the Persian cat.

Teacup Persian Cats

Teacup Persian cats are miniature cats but they differ with regards to some very specific details. A normal female cat weighs somewhere between eleven to fourteen pounds and a male cat can go up to seventeen. On the contrary a teacup Persian cat starts weighing in at the measly three pound mark and stays below eight at the maximum. If you have these weight markings in mind then you will instantly be able to gauge whether the cat being offered in the market is an actual teacup Persian cat.

Himalayan Persian cat
Himalayan Persian cat

Himalayan Persian Cats

Himalayan Persian cats are more popularly known as the color point Persians. This is more so the case in Europe whereas in the United States they go by as Himalayan cats. Basically this particular breed is a hybrid between the traditional Persian and the Siamese cat.

How To Keep the Persian Cat's Life Longer?

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Persian Cat Diet

Persian cats are far more sensitive to food as compared to other normal cats. This is why Persian cat owners need to be very careful regarding what they feed their cat as it is bound to have an effect on their health. In order to keep healthy Persian cats require a higher dose of vitamins than most other cats. There are many vitamin supplements especially prepared for Persian cats that can be purchased from supermarkets or pet stores.

persian cat kittens
persian cat kittens

Don't Feed Them What?

One thing that Persian cat owners should remember is that Persians are lazy cats. If they are given human foods to eat then they are likely to become obese and may even cause them to die a lot sooner than their average life expectancy rate.

Persian Cats Diet
Persian Cats Diet

Feeding Kittens

The type of food and its quality is also dependent upon the age of your Persian cat. It is recommended that Persian cats of a month old to two months be fed milk designed specifically for kittens. Then as the kitten grows to 4 months up till it reaches 12 months you should start feeding it soft foods such as chicken and food enriched with vitamins to ensure a healthy growth of the kitten.

There should be optimal nutrition so that from the start you can help your Persian build up a strong and healthy immune system, which would then in turn support your pet's natural defenses against the negative effects of aging & illness that might threaten your pet and also against any physical and environmental stress.

Life in a Day of Persian Cat

Persian Cats Stud Service

Generally you should expect your feline to take up to a week's time to get used to the environment of a Persian cat stud service. It will take time for your Persian cat to overcome the fears of a new environment and get used to the sights and smells. It is only when she becomes comfortable with her environment that she will get in the mood to mate.

It would be wrong to assume that your Persian cat will get straight at it if she is on heat. She is quite likely to lose it all of a sudden in a new environment. This is especially true in cases of first timers and shy cats.



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