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Personalized Cat Collars

Updated on April 17, 2016

Pamper Your Pet with Personalized Cat Collars

Personalized cat collars are not just another way to pamper our feline friends, they're a way to help protect them and keep them safe as well. Sure, our kitties look cute with their rhinestone collars or leather cat collars, but cat collars and tags are a great way to identify our cats and keep them safe. Keep reading for more tips and information about breakaway cat collars and, of course, personalized cat collars to spoil your cat with.

Why Buy a Personalized Cat Collar

Giving your kitty some bling

Everyone who has known the love of a pet knows that animals are a part of our family. For some people, that simply means treating their pet with kindness. For others, it means pampering them with luxurious gifts. Cat lovers are especially prone to treating their pets like the princesses and princes they are. What better way to show the world how much you love your cat than to purchase a personalized collar?

Whether your feline companion is elegant, mysterious, bold, or prissy, there is a collar out there that will suit your cat's personality perfectly. If you're going to buy a glamorous collar, why not go all the way and get one personalized? Perhaps you have cats that look the same, and you want to tell them apart from a distance. Maybe you just want guests to know your cat's name without needing to ask. Or perhaps you just think a personalized collar is the best way to show love to your cat. Even though cats can't read, they know when they look good, and every cat loves being fussed over. A personalized collar is the best way to ensure your cat will be the center of attention wherever he or she goes.

If aesthetic appeal isn't enough to convince you that a personalized collar is a perfect accessory for any cat, consider the practical side of collars. Many cat owners personalize their cat's collars with their phone number or address. Because the constant jingling of traditional collar tags is a nuisance, keeping your personal information on the collar itself is an excellent way to ensure your cat returns safe and sound from every adventure. Even if your cat is kept indoors, everyone knows how easily a cat can slip outside.

When you purchase your cat's new collar, make sure the collar is the breakaway type. These collars are carefully engineered to break off the cat's neck if they're ever pulled tight. Because cat collars tend to get snagged during adventures, the collars that are not intended to break may end up strangling your cat, resulting in serious injury or even death. Choosing a breakaway collar over a traditional collar might mean you have to pass up a few lovely collars, but your cat will thank you for being responsible.

PetSafe - Pet Micro I.D. - Keeping your pet safe

The PetSafe collar has a built-in USB thumb drive that stores all the information about your pet inside. If your cat should become lost or injured, the person finding your cat can easily plug the thumb drive into any computer to retrieve your contact information. Medical records can be stored as well so that if the pet needs medical attention, it can be given right away.

Cat Collars and Tags - Fashionable ways to ID your cat

Cat Collars and Tags
Cat Collars and Tags

Why a Cat Collar is Necessary

A cat collar keeps your pet safe

Cats are independent animals and for a long time people assumed a collar was not necessary or even dangerous for a curious cat. In fact the opposite is true; a cat collar is necessary and helps keep your cat safe in several ways.

Cats love to explore and roam around. If you have an outdoor cat sometimes they go too far away. Yes, even a cat can lose his way and become lost. It is even more likely if you have an indoor cat that slips out accidentally. An indoor cat will run, maybe first just because they are excited to see all the new things to explore, and later when you are hunting for them because they may be afraid, hungry and cold. Their first instinct may be to hide. Either way, outdoor or indoor cat the result could be the same, a lost beloved pet.

If your cat is wearing a collar with identification on it then if someone finds your pet they can call you. Even without an attached identification tag, when you tell people about your lost pet you can use describe the actual collar to identify your pet.

Additionally a cat collar with a bell attached lets you know at all times where your cat is when in the house. Cats like to crawl into small spaces or get into things they shouldn't. By wearing a collar with the small bell you will be alerted where your cat is in case they are stuck somewhere hidden from view.

If you have decided to train your cat to walk a leash a cat collar is necessary as well. This might seem odd but more cat owners want to be able to take their cats outside with them so their cat is not destined to a life inside. Letting cats roam is dangerous especially in busy neighborhoods so it makes sense to train your cat to collar and leash.

If you are still concerned about your cat wearing a collar because you worry it will be caught on something and accidentally strangle him, keep in mind they do have break away collars. These collars will break free from the animal's neck after a certain amount of pressure allowing them to escape.

Rhinestone Cat Collars
Rhinestone Cat Collars

Making Sure Your Cat Collar Fits Correctly

Why use breakaway cat collars

There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing a cat collar. Not all cats will accept a cat collar right away and will need to learn to accept it. Place the collar on them for short periods of time, gradually extending the period of time until they grow to accept the collar. Never leave the cat alone with the collar on until they have fully accepted the collar.

Many cat collars now come as breakaway cat collars. This, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. It's great that if your cat hangs its collar on something, your cat can break free of the collar without choking itself. However, if a cat is resistant to a collar, it can easily break free from the collar as well. Breakaway cat collars are recommended for cats that accept the collar.

There are mainly to types of cat collars; the buckle and adjustable clip collar. The breakaway clip adjustable cat collar is the most common. When fitting your cat for its collar, make sure that you leave enough room that you can place two fingers under the collar when it's fastened. This will ensure that the collar is loose enough to prevent the cat from strangling, but tight enough to fit properly. Remember, no cat collar is designed to last forever, so keep an eye on the condition of the collar and replace it once it begins to show signs of wear.

Why Use Breakaway Cat Collars

Breakaway cat collars are the best thing invented for our feline pets since the feline leukemia vaccine. I suppose anyone with a cat can recount times when their little fur ball would have been killed or injured were it not for their breakaway collar. Nonetheless, I am going to take this opportunity to enumerate my own cats' misadventures with breakaway collar rescues. If it were your article, you could tell yours.

Sheba, a tuxedo cat rescue (the homeless man carrying her as a kitten was arrested and I found her under a local bush), liked tall bushes a lot. She was an indoor cat who liked to slip out now and then. One day when she didn't return, our family searched for fruitless days. Finally, she came guiltily through our door, minus her collar, and very hungry. Several days later our son found her collar tangled tightly in the branches of a laurel oak. Evidently she had graduated from bushes to trees and the breakaway collar permitted her to do just that: breakaway.

Sunny and Cher are mixed bluepoint Siamese humane adoptions. As soon as they were old enough I gave them really blingy collars with their names in crystals on silver glitter breakaway collars. Ok, so sometimes I get carried away over my cute cat children.

Sunny was more laid back and content as cats go, but Cher was full of it. One day Cher was missing and since they are both house cats only, we were quite perplexed. Even Sunny acted puzzled when we asked where Cher could be. It was 24 hours before Cher appeared, walking across the living room with tail high and that snobbish look only cats give the people who feed, water and love them. It remained a mystery until my husband found Cher's breakaway collar hung on his pants hanger in the closet.

Clearly, while the cats were able to free themselves-eventually-if they had been wearing conventional collars that held them mercilessly by the neck, our stories wouldn't have happy endings. I can't imagine the horror of finding your cat's body hanging where it had been helplessly strangled by a conventional collar.

Breakaway collars cost no more but save many. Use one on your feline friend. You won't be sorry. And neither will your cat buddy.

Breakaway collars are needed for cats and not dogs because cats climb to heights. When at a height if the collar catches, the cat can suffer and die. When a dog catches its collar, it is usually on its own foot and it comes limping up to you for assistance.

Cats have a totally different relationship with their humans than dogs do. However, we love them anyway.

Reader Feedback - Let me know what you think of these cat collars

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    • profile image


      19 months ago

      A good cat collar is hard to find unfortunately. I used many and the best I found is on Amazon - bemix pets cat collar.

      You should add it here.. is by far the best cat collar available on Amazon.

    • David Stone1 profile image

      David Stone 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Well-done, good detail and clear, entertaining explanations.

    • tlholley717 profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Holley 

      7 years ago from Evansville, IN

      @delia-delia: That's funny. I bet Kitty hates that bell, but the birds love it!

    • delia-delia profile image


      7 years ago

      Great collars! I have two for Kitty, one breakaway and the other buckle with stretch, however they both worry me. I designed my own stretch collar and most importantly it has a bell loud enough so I can hear her and the birds can hear her coming.


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