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Tropical Pet Fish Care

Updated on July 23, 2012

My Pet Feeder Goldfish Experience

Tropical fish like all other freshwater tropical fish are usually taken from their natural habitat and confined to limited spaces where they are fed so called fortified food that is supposed to promote longevity in fish. But, these fish either die early or thrive but tend to remain the same size.

As a child I always loved and admired fish. I would catch common gold fish in the rivers or streams, take them home only to find them floating on their backs at the surface in the morning. I just left them in a tightly covered jar and thought I was doing a lovely job. But that was way back then when I was clueless about fish care and had no pet smarts. It never occurred to me that I was keeping needed air out when I placed those poor little fish in a tightly covered jar.

Now an adult, I'm still fascinated by fish and rear them as pets. Fish is sort of therapeutic. I can sit for hours on end just looking at them. This helps me forget my worries for a while. I have not been very successful in my quest to prolong the lives of these fish until now. Most times, when I purchase fish they were the expensive ones that would go belly up after a week to 10 days and it became very frustrating as energy, time, and money were vested in these tropical pet fish only to see them languish in a matter of days.

I don't recall what I was doing wrong if I was doing something wrong because like everybody else I was feeding my feeder fish bits of flakes a little at a time so that the fish can feed on them before they sink to the bottom to maintain the cleanness of the water. I even bought store brand liquid to reduce stress and added vitamin drops to keep those freshwater aquarium gold fish healthy. The whisper filter was an expensive brand and every two weeks, I would wash the tank and colorful gravel after which I would add fresh water.

One would think that all this would ensure the growth and longevity of those common goldfish but it did not; because my freshwater aquarium fish were dying like flies. Some people I know seemed to have the same problem and accepted it as normal. Every time their pet tropical fish died they would hop on over to the pet fish store and buy more pet tropical fish to replace the dead ones. I don't blame them really as many people invest lots of money on common goldfish and do not want to be left with a tank and all the accessories that they purchase with it.

I understand these people and use to do just the same; go out and buy more expensive freshwater aquarium goldfish; but, that did not help as those freshwater tropical fish continued to die out; I mean very few people make progress and experience positive results with their pet smart tropical fish. This led me to conclude that just maybe I was doing something wrong and was left to perform my own inquiry, from which I discovered that those who were succeeding were doing something similar yet different from the few of us who were getting frustrated as we witness sudden demise of our common gold fish just after a few days of purchase. A secret was revealed to me.

You see whenever I clean my fish tank, I would transport all my fish into a bucket and really wash down that tank not knowing that I was supposed to save at least half the water to pour back into the tank after cleaning both tank and gravel. The water in the tank contains bacteria that keeps fish healthy as well as nitrogen which can be detrimental to fish. It never occurred to me that I was getting rid of needed bacteria and nutrients that fish need to survive when i make a complete water change. When you remove half the water; the fresh water that's added dilutes the nitrogen left in saved water making it appropriate for fish to continue living. Do you know that chemicals can have harmful effects on fish to the extent that they can die? Well,the utensils used in cleaning the tank down to the cleaning solutions not purchased from a fresh water aquarium store can pose a threat to fish. That's why everything needs to be rinsed in plain water to ensure the survival of fish.

Aquarium fish Food Tips

Fish food is available as iron rich, protein rich, vitamin rich, fortified, and in other forms. How does one know which tropical fish feeding is the best? Well, you don't unless you experiment with all yet; who has the time and money unless you want to purchase lowest price fish food. Well, I use to purchase high protein fish food for my fish; the only good thing about it was that it came in the form of flakes; so adding tiny amounts to the feeder fish water kept the tank clean. But, my fish did not expand neither did they last long so I stopped purchasing these pet smart fish food.

I once recalled one of my friends telling me, that she does not purchase fish food. I found it rather strange because her fish looked very different from other peoples' fish and other fish at the pet store. I mean, they were huge and ready for cooking. When she told me she fed her fish rice; i was taken aback, but when I thought about it ,things began making sense . When these fish are in the wild they devour anything. So, I decided to feed my fish rice and they ate it. From rice I upgraded their diet to just about anything humans consume, especially cereal with 50% and above iron. My fish thrived and grew nicely. I managed to extend their life span because I feed them scraps and change the water every two weeks. When I tell people I feed my fish rice, they look at me strange and say they won't take that chance because the fish will die. Well, its up to them.

So here you have it! The secret to rearing Feeder fish that last and grow for years on end. I hope my pet aquarium fish food tips is of great benefit you. You can raise your own fish and and extend their life expectancy by following my methods. Happy Goldfish rearing.

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      givingfairy 6 years ago from some place in the Big Apple

      Thankyou WillSteinmetz glad you liked it.

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      Thanks for the information, I really love it.