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Pet-Friendly Furniture: 5 Crucial Things To Consider

Updated on November 17, 2015

When choosing pet-friendly furniture for you home, it’s important to keep some things in mind before making a final decision. After all, furniture is expensive and important to the look of a home, so you don’t want to be stuck with any bad pieces.

You’ll find lots of conflicting information on the Internet about pet-friendly furniture because not all pets are likely to damage furniture pieces in the same way.

Sorting though these ideas can be a chore, but making a good decision really comes down carefully considering your options. A well-reasoned choice is better than a hasty one every time.

In addition, here are a few things you may want to consider if you want to make good pet-friendly furniture choices:

1. Consider the types of animals you have.

A young cat with tiny claws, for example, damages furniture in a different way than an old dog that chews on everything. While certain pieces may not show either claw marks or chew marks, shedding hair or fur might be a big problem if you choose a piece that attracts it.

2. Consider all the fabric choices available.

Microfiber and leather are two types of furniture covering often touted as good for pet owners, but some people adamantly oppose one or the other for households with pet. Before making any choices, research the array of pet-friendly furniture fabric choices available, then choose the one that seems best for your home and your situation.

3. Consider using throws.

Many inexpensive throws attract hair and fur like a magnet, so consider placing one where you know you pet will sit. Then, simply wash the throw weekly instead of trying to clean and vacuum the whole piece of furniture. Some people also cover their furniture in old sheets and only remove them when they have guests.

4. Consider using patio furniture inside your home.

Patio furniture is often sturdy and resists chipping and scratching. Because it’s made to stand up to harsh elements, it might stand up to your pets too. There are many stylish choices available that look like they could belong in a living room. In many cases, cushions can also be removed easily and stored when you’re away so there’s no chance of a pet damaging them.

5. Consider glass and metal over plastic and wood.

Some woods are more durable than others, of course, but most will show claw marks from a cat or chew marks from a dog, for example. There’s not much an animal can do to damage a sturdy and securely placed glass-top table with a metal frame, however.

A Final Thought

Living with animals means making many adjustments to keep you and your precious pets safe, happy and comfortable. New pet owners soon find that their design choices aren’t necessarily the most pet-friendly furniture choices.

With some careful thought and a willingness to make choices with durability and damage-resistance as a primary consideration and design as a secondary matter, it’s possible to have a home filled with happy people, contented pets and pet-friendly furniture that will last for years.


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