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Do You Need Pet Health Insurance

Updated on February 12, 2016
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I love my pets and want them to have a healthy and happy life. I always try to take my dog with me when I travel, on a plane or in the car.

Do You Really Need Pet Health Care Insurance

If you are the owner of a dog, cat or some other form of pet, you are probably aware of the high cost of pet medical care. Animal medical insurance can help you keep those costs under control.

Just a quick trip to the Vet can run into hundreds of dollars. If your pet gets really sick or needs surgery, you can expect bills that range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Pet health insurance is not a new thing, it's just that more people are now starting to think about getting a policy.

Most families make a dog or cat an actual member of the family, taking them along on vacations, letting them sleep with the kids and pampering them just as they do their children.

Because of the high cost of a pets health, families are investing a monthly amount in order to ensure that their pet will be taken care of if they get sick or injured.

Of course, we all hope that we will never need to use the insurance.

Always Get Information Before You Buy - Pet Insurance Can Be Just What You Need

pat insurance
pat insurance

I Insure Myself And My Family, Why Not My Pet

Pets Are Also Family Members

In these days of high costs and bad economic times, you can insure almost anything.

Pet health insurance is becoming more and more popular for pet owners because of the peace of mind it can bring.

The benefits you will get from a pet insurance policy from a company such as Purina can rid you of future worries that you may encounter with your pet and their medical issues.

I Should Have Had Pet Insurance

Here is a situation that made me regret not having pet insurance

pet insurance
pet insurance

Why I should have had pet insurance

You May Get Into This Same Situation

I had a beautiful Golden Retriever named Alex, who was as much a part of my family as my 3 kids. That dog was the perfect pet, loveable, intelligent and very good natured.

In her 12 th year, Alex developed breast cancer and got extremely sick in a very short period of time. Even though we didn't have pet insurance, there was no question that Alex was going to have an operation to save her life. The operation was a success and she recovered to almost 100%.

Unfortunately my bank account took a severe hit and that was when I wished I had taken out pet insurance when Alex was a puppy.

About a year later the cancer returned and Alex had to be put to sleep, there was no saving her this time.

Once again, I wished I had taken out pet health insurance on her.

Tips To Help You Chose A Pet Insurance Policy

Information Is The Key To Selecting Pet Health Insurance

1. Always compare prices. Policy prices vary greatly from company to company.

2. Find out what their deductibles are for office visits and other pet medical care.

3. Where are the Vets that you can use. If they aren't conveniently located, then it won't do you much good.

4. Does your pet have a pre-existing condition that may disqualify them from coverage.

5. Determine how much you can afford to pay. There are many extras that can be added to policies which will cost you more.

6. Start a pet insurance policy when your pet is young, about 6 to 10 weeks old is a good time to begin.

7. If you already have a pet insured with a company, they may give you a reduced rate for a second pet.

Here's What An Expert Says

cat health insurance
cat health insurance

Can Any Dog Or Cat Be Insured

That's Always A Good Question To Ask

Generally speaking, yes.

Coverage will be based on the species of your pet, the age and if they have pre-existing conditions.

If the breed of your pet has a history of back problems, hip problems or some other recurring problem, the insurance company may exclude these things from coverage.

Always check the details of the policy to make certain that your pet qualifies.

If you haven't yet purchased your pet, checking the policy details may help you decide on which breed to purchase.


Don't forget to buy pet insurance for Fluffy

dog health insurance
dog health insurance

How Hard Is It To Get Pet Insurance

Check It Out Before You Buy

At times it may seem very confusing or impossible to understand and apply for pet insurance.

Actually the process is about the same as getting health insurance for yourself.

.....Ask your Vet which company they recommend, they may even have information at their office.

.....Determine how much you are willing to pay for the policy.

.....Make sure your pet is eligible for coverage by reading the policy or talking to a representative.

.....Figure out just how much coverage you want and how many extras you want to add or what you want to exclude.

If you are unable to afford pet health insurance for your pets, there are some non-profit organizations that can help you financially.

Check with your Vet, they may be able to help you if your pet needs medical care.

health and pets
health and pets

Questions To Ask About A Pet Insurance Policy

Your Friends And Your Vet Are A Good Place To Start

... Can I use any Vet or am I limited in my selection

... Should I get a full blown comprehensive plan or a discount insurance plan? Comprehensive pet insurance plans work like the health insurance of people. A discount plan may require you to pay annual fees and you will only be able to use limited services.

... How big are the deductibles and co-pays. At times you may be better off paying more up front on the premiums, rather than paying higher deductibles for each visit.

... What are the built -in exclusions. These may include various breeds, pre-existing conditions, and hereditary defects.

Pet Insurance Means Peace Of Mind - Tell Your Story Of What Pet Insurance Has Meant To You

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      7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this informative lens on pets health insurance. The mentioned tips on choosing a best insurance policy are informative and I have gained lots of information. The questions to ask about a pet insurance policy are helpful with informative tips. Dog and cat insurance policies are the most selling policies and are also offered by most of the companies and it is really helpful to gain detailed knowledge on the policy before purchasing.


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