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Updated on May 15, 2016

love about pet, horse

Today I am telling about animals which are very loyal to us like hose;

Horse: Horse is one of the most hard working animal which is used for farming and used as a vehicle.It is used for carry huge weight,Its hairs are used for a disease. Its blood is used to disable the poison of a snake.a poet says about it that :

I bless the horse from hoof to head,from head to hoof, and tale to mane,i bless the horse which i said,from head to hoofs and back again.

An other quality of the horse is that he feels the danger,he turns and moves what ever its eyes covered with a little thick cloth. Its feet are very strong and in old time its population was in millions and it was used all over the world. It can live 20 years and above which means there for the old men's used it. It was very very work able in battles in old times but today's battles are fought with the modern guns and technice. our new generation is losing the respect for horse and today the cars, buses and bike are taking the place of horse.


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