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Johann's life in photos

Updated on June 25, 2014

Welcome to my life in photos!

Mum loves photography. And she absolutely loves taking photos of me!

We thought it would be fun to share some of the most pawsome, memorable, interesting and fun photos of me throughout my life, so far.

So sit back and put your paws up for a bit; and take just a little glimpse into my life through my favorite photos!

This is the first photo Mum has of me...

It's the photo that captured my Mum's heart when she logged onto Petfinder back in September 2004.

She immediately drove to the Southside Animal Shelter south of Indianapolis and adopted me on the spot!

The day I was adopted...

This is the very first photo Mum ever took of's the day that I arrived at my new home and explored my backyard for the very first time. Mum thought the minute she saw this photo that I looked wise way beyond my years!

We've arrived...

In 2010, we moved from the suburbs of Indianapolis to the Mountains of Tennessee.

This was the first photo Mum took of me and my sis Gracie on our very first hike around the 100 acres of property. We were amazed at all the land we were yet to explore.

King of the World!

Hiking is one of our favorite activities.

Sometimes we hike way, way, way up the ridge where the rock ledge is and I get to be 'King of the World' for a day! I love teetering on the edge.

The photo shoot...

In early 2010, I did a photo shoot for a very cool coffee table book about rescue dogs. Here is one of the photos from the shoot.

Mum loves how I play to the camera, BOL!

I love dog agility...

Dog agility is my absolute favorite pastime, Mum's too! We love doing agility as much as we can, training and competing on the weekends.

This is my favorite agility photo, doing the weave poles!

Baling day...

S everal times a year the workers that take care of our property bale the pastures we have. I love baling day, it's a day when there's lots of activity, lots of people to play with and the best part is that I get to play on the bales. Too fun!


Certain times of day lend themselves to contemplation. Mum caught me in a moment of reflection while taking a break in the sun puddle. I will never tell her what I was planning and plotting, it's only for me to know!

Up close and personal...

There's nothing like getting up close and personal! Mum loves this photo because it represents how curious I am.

I love exploring and learning new things! Sniff, sniff...

Getting my first professional grooming...

Usually Mum gives me a bath at home, but after we moved to our cabin in the Mountains, Mum had to take me to a professional groomer for a bath. You see, she didn't have the hose hooked up yet and I was schedule to make some personal appearances at BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta throughout the weekend. I have to say I didn't have much fun getting this bath, but I did get lots of treats!

Learn to take great photos!

Getting my zoomies on...

Zoomies are one of my favorite activities! I love zoomin' around the yard, chasing my sis Gracie, herding birds, and just getting crazy.

This photo really shows my wacky side!

My favorite ball...

I have two favorite balls. This red ball is my favorite inside ball and I have another basketball that is my favorite outside ball. Mum took this photo with our first point and shoot camera one day after I came in from playing outside. I love my ball!

Sometimes I rest...

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes I like to rest, especially when Mum's working and the sun is streaming in the window.

Mum got down on the floor with me and took this photo.


The first snow of the year is so much fun! I love running around and catching snow flakes, and sliding around in the wet cool stuff! Mum thinks this photo shows not only how much I love the snow, but how much I love her, looking up at her through the lens.

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Being a herding breed, it's only natural that I would just love to herd sheep! Well not all dogs are suited for herding, so when I was about two years old Mum took me to meet sheep for the very first time to find out if sheep were my thing.

I passed my herding instinct test with flying colors!

Ahhhh, fall...

Ilove the fall, it's one of my favorite times of year. When Mum starts raking up the leaves, I just have to help! Here she caught me in a moment of pose...when immediately after, I began rolling around in the leaves, snorting and acting goofy.

That's when Mum joined me!

The three of us...

There aren't many photos of the three of us - my sis Gracie, Mum and me - because Mum is usually behind the camera! This photo was taken after a four mile hike at the beautiful Fall Creek Falls National Park in Tennessee.

We love this photo of the three of us, we are a pack!

One day...

Oday I was resting in Mum's office. The light was streaming through the window and I was enjoying the warmth. Mum thought the light was great, so she got out her point and shoot and took this photo of me. It's one of our favs!


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