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How to Pick out the Best Cat for You

Updated on March 10, 2018

The First Step to getting a cat

Before you decide to go and look for a cat, the first thing you should do is pick out a breed of type of personality you’d like your new pet to have. First time owners should consider getting a teen or adult cat because kittens can be a big handle for anyone, they would be even more difficult for first time owners.

Two newborns
Two newborns | Source

“Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties”

— Walter Lionel George (author, A Bed of Roses)

More information on cats

Most cats are seen as lazy and that they don’t do much but it al depends on what activ you dec to do with them.

  • Cats can be very active and adventurous so if you have more of an active life style a younger cat would be best for you because you could possibly take them on advenature’s with you
  • Obviosuly the younger they are the more active they would be
  • If you have young children the start thing to go for would be a kitten or teen so the child/children could grow up with a little pal beside them
  • Senior cats are the ones most overlooked like it is with all animals but you can try to give them a chance especially if your more of a at home person that doesn’t do much
  • Cats can get along with dogs but if you have a dog and plan on a cat be really careful when introducing them like put one in a cage and let the other go near them
  • When you do go out looking for the breed and age you want the best choice is usually the one the will let you hold them and not run away obviously

Personal tips I have learned

  1. With my cats I learned that somethimes you can’t always get them on a feeding schedule. My two youngest I cant get on one so I just put food out in the day and change it before I go to bed
  2. With senior cats the best way to go with food is wet food. So if you decide to go for an older cat be ready to spent a lot of money on food because wet food is way more expensive then fry depending on the brand
  3. Sometimes it’s best to change the food your cat/cats are eating. My cats can’t always eat the same food because they end up getting tired of the same taste so sometimes try and change it but not to often. Try looking for one you think your cat would like the most

Health issues
jump around like crazy; make sure you have lots of toys
They are able to have birth defects of course but are easier to care at this age health wise with their shots
Somewhat in the active stage so make sure to keep them entertained
Around this point they can show stages of joint problems or digestive problems and can get pretty bad ear infections
Not as active but try to keep them active so they don’t sit and do nothing
Around the age of 12 cats can show signs of getting cancer but it’s usually not seen in younger ages
One of my three cats; he is my youngest and most active he is around 8-9 months
One of my three cats; he is my youngest and most active he is around 8-9 months | Source

© 2018 Emili


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