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Oink on over to The Piggy Playground!

Updated on August 8, 2013

Welcome Pig Lovers!

Welcome everyone! If you like pigs than you came to the right place. Here we have piggy facts, jokes,  photos, videos, and polls.  I hope you enjoy this page and have a lot of fun!   

"I like pigs.  Dogs look up to us.  Cats look down on us.  Pigs treat us as equals." 
-Sir Winston Churhcill

The Famous Pig Poll

Witch famous piggy do you like the most?

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Pig Movies

Babe: The Complete Adventures (Widescreen Edition)
Babe: The Complete Adventures (Widescreen Edition)

Deservedly acclaimed as one of 1998's best films, this sequel to the beloved 1995 live-action fantasy proved a commercial catastrophe and a source of dismay to parents expecting another bucolic, sweet-natured fable.

Charlotte's Web (Widescreen Edition)
Charlotte's Web (Widescreen Edition)

Wilbur the pig is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. He hatches a plan with Charlotte, a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never happen.


Arnold Ziffel

By request...

I have been asked to add Arnold Ziffel from Green Acres to my page. So, here you go! Anyway, Arnold Ziffel (a cute pig from Green Acres) is (supposively) the son of Fred and Doris Ziffel. Arnold gets to do pretty much anything he wants. He can do alot of amazing things as well! Some of those things are playing the piano, drinking for a straw, delivering letters from the mail box, and to turn the channels on the television. He loves Westerns and THE CBS EVENING NEWS with Walter Cronkite. More things he can do is to predict weather with his little curly tail, and play cricket with his own miniature cricket bat.

Like any regualr boy, Arnold goes to school. At school he likes to play practical jokes on the other students! Also Arnold delivers newspapers, and enjoys to sending away for various mail-order products. Another amazing thing the little pig can do is that he can write his name! He can also speak an impressive number of languages - English, French, and a touch of Japanese.

The only person in Hooterville who can't seem to make sense of Arnold is, of course, Oliver. Oliver seems to mostly dislike the little piggy. Although he eventually warms up to the anthropomorphic pig. Going so far as to represent Arnold in court. While Arnold's actual age is never specified, he exists in a perpetual childhood somewhere between third grade and puberty.

Isn't Arnold one amazing and very talented pig?

1. What kind of tie do pigs wear?

A pigsty.

2. What do you give a pig with a rash?


3. Why didn't the piglets listen to their father?

Because he was a boar.

4. What position does a pig play in baseball?

Short Slop

5.Why did the pig go to the casino?

To play the slop machine!

6.What do you call a pig with three eyes?

A piiig

7.What did the little pigs do for the mama pig?

Throw a sowprize birthday party!

8.How did the pig win Monopoly?

It bulit hotels on Pork Place

9.Where do you take a sick pig?

To the hogspital

10.The Pig

A man was driving down the road in the country. He looked over and saw a baby pig in the field. He stopped and picked up the pig. He was driving around town with the pig in the car and a cop sees him and pulls him over. Cop says "Hey, What are you doing with that pig in the car?", driver says "Well, I just found the pig beside the road in the field.", cop says" I want you to take that pig to the zoo!" the driver agrees he will take the pig to the zoo. So the next day the cop sees the guy driving around again and pulls him over. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO TAKE THAT PIG TO THE ZOO!!" reply, "Well I did take the pig to the zoo. We had such a good time we are going to the ball game now."

If you enjoyed these jokes, you may also enjoy my Animal Jokes page!


Year of the Pig

Did you ever wonder if you were born in the year of the pig? Well your wondering stops here. Every twelve years it is the year of the pig. It is also the year of Ding Hai.

People who were born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the "year of the Pig," while also bearing the following elemental sign:

30 January 1911 - 17 February 1912: Metal Pig

16 February 1923 - 4 February 1924: Water Pig

4 February 1935 - 23 January 1936: Wood Pig

22 January 1947 - 9 February 1948: Fire Pig

8 February 1959 - 27 January 1960: Earth Pig

27 January 1971 - 14 February 1972: Metal Pig

13 February 1983 - 1 February 1984: Water Pig

31 January 1995 - 18 February 1996: Wood Pig

18 February 2007 - 6 February 2008: Fire Pig

5 February 2019 - 24 January 2020: Earth Pig

2031 - 2032: Metal Pig

2043 - 2044: Water Pig

If you were born in any of the above years, you have the following characteristics:


What careers are people born in the year of the pig most suited for?







Hotel management

Department store personnel

Interior decorators

Click here to find out more about the Year of the Pig and other Chinese horoscopes!

photo credit Peter

Year of the Pig

Sterling Silver Chinese Character for the Year of the PIG Horoscope Charm, 1 1/4 inch tall
Sterling Silver Chinese Character for the Year of the PIG Horoscope Charm, 1 1/4 inch tall

This Sterling Silver Pendant is a Chinese Character for PIG (Horoscope Year). The writing is very Clear and Distinct, and the amount of silver is substantial. 1 3/16" Tall and it comes with an 18" Box Chain.


Draw A Pig!

Check out this awesome website.

Draw a Pig is a great site! At this site you can draw a pig online. After you draw your pig, you can answer a few questions about your drawing and find out about your personality! There is over one MILLON pig drawings! Also the owner of the website personally looks at the drawings and, if yours is good enough, it will go on the Top Oinkers list. It is alot of fun and, I hope you like it, too!

Go ahead, Draw a Pig!

Did you know that George Clooney had a pot bellied pig named Max?

Pot bellied pig are the most common pig for people to have as a pet. They weigh 30-200 pounds. Max was a Vietnamese black bristled, pot bellied pig, and his weight was 300 pounds! Max crawled into Georges life in the late 1980s. He lived with him in the actor's Hollywood Hills home. Sometimes they shared a bed together. Max had a massive appetite and would squeal every morning until he was fed. Their relationship was strong. Max is often credited with saving Clooney's life by waking him up before an earthquake in Los Angeles on January 16, 1994. In 2006 the pig was taken for a flight in John Travolta's private jet!

Max suffered from arthritis and failing sight. George owned Max for 18 years. Sadly, he died December 1, 2006 at the age of 19.

Clooney told USA Today that "He was as old a pig as the vets had ever seen. I was really surprised, because he's been a big part of my life."

Piggy Movies


Piggy Fun Facts

pigs live on farms or in the wildpigs eat corn, potatoes, grains, etcpigs can not sweat because they have no sweat glandsthey roll around in the mud to cool their skinspigs are very intelligent and learn very quicklypigs are intelligent and have been placed fourth on theintelligence list (humans are first, primates are second, dolphins/whales are third and pigs are fourth)a mother pig is called a sowa father pig is called a boara baby pig is called a pigleta whole group of pigs is called a herdpigs are some of the cleanest animals aroundthey refuse to mess anywhere near their living or eating areas when given a choicefor the right people they make wonderful pets but for others they become a nightmarethere are pigs on every continent except for Antarcticathe largest pig was a Poland-China hog named "Big Bill" at 2,552 poundssome pigs may learn tricks better than dogsticks usually are not interested in pigs, although they can get ticks around the face where the skin is a bit thinnerpigs do not shed their hair like cats and dogspigs live for 9 to 15 yearspigs are the only animals except for humans that can get a sunburnphoto credit: be_khe


Did you know pigs...

Did you know people have pigs as pets?

Well they do! Alot of people have pigs as pets. Some because of allergies. Pigs don't shed fur. Others have pigs because they want to enter in shows. Some pigs can learn tricks better than dogs. And some just want company.

Did you know the most popualar pig for a pet is a potbellied pig?

photo credit (aka Brent)


Pigs as Pets

Taking care of a Potbellied Pig

The most popular pig for a pet is the potbellied pig. Unfortunately, some cities/towns do not allow you to have a pig.

If you are planing to get a potbellied pig you should...

1. Check your town/cities zoning laws to make sure you can get one.

2. Make sure you will be ready to comitt to take care of your pig for 12-15 years.

3. Do you have a dog? If so think of the possibility of your dog attacking your pig.


If you go to a rescue center or a shelter they will be more than happy to give you a pig for no cost. (Some have small adoption fees.) Some pigs will sell for large amounts because they come from a special breed line.

Is your pig not right for you?

If you choose to sell your pig take a close look at who your are selling your pig to. Make sure your pig is going to live with a caring and loving family or environment. Make sure your client will not make your pig for dinner, use him/her for experiments, or use him/her for target practice. (All of these have happened before!) Make sure the pig you are selling will live a save and happy life at his/her new home.

photo credit (aka Brent)


About our Famous Piggys


Miss. Piggy is famous for being on The Muppet Show thyat began in 1976. In the show she is despritly in love with Kermit the Frog. She is very glamourus and loves jewlery and big bowas.

Muppet Central

Porky Pig

Porky is an animated pig on Looney Toons. "That's all folks!" is a famous line he says. Also, there is a Nintendo game called "Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday".

Looney Toons Website


Piglet is Pooh's best friend on The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. (A children show on television.) He's small, shy, and adorable.

Winnie the Pooh Website


Babe is a young pig who is won by a farmer and leanrs how to herd sheep by beeing kind to them. "Babe" was nominated for Best Picture at the Acadamy Awards. The next movie about this little pig ("Babe: Pig in the City") followed.


Hampton J. Pig

Hampton is an animated pig on Tiny Toons. He's a worried and cute pig who loves to eat.


Wilbur is one of the main charactors on Charlotte's Web. He is a pig who is almost eaten but is saved by Charlotte -a spider- and her amasing webs.


Squealer is the Ty Beanie Baby pig. He is now retired and so he's sometimes hard to find, but he's really cute. Squealer was one of the nine original Beanie Babies. There is another pig Beanie named Knuckles, and one for the Chinese Year of the Pig

Beanie Baby Website


Hamm is in the movies Toy Story and Toy Story 2. He is not such a major charactor but, he is still cute!


photo credit

Hey! Any Collectors?

Are you interested on getting the rare (or not so rare) Squealer Pig Plush from above?

If so, here is one of the toys found on eBay!

Lens Of The Day!

I am happy to announce that this lens was selected as 'Lens of the Day' on October 10, 2007. A special thank you to the Squidoo team for this honor. :)

View blog post.

March 1st...

Is National Pig Day!

Did you know that March 1st is the offical pig day? National Pig Day was started by Texas art teacher Ellen Stanley in 1972 to honor and give thanks to our most intelligent domesticated creature.

On this day, remember the good things pigs have brought to us. We remember that pigs are sociable and intelligent mammals. They are much like us in many ways. One thing is that they have noticable personality traits and soaring emotions. You might want to visit a farm sometime in March for a day out (with the kids of course) and pay your respects to these marvelous animals.

There are also many indoor activities you can do to celebrate pig day! One of them is to try and stick to a pink theme for the day: clothes, decorations, paper plates etc. You can also play pin the tail on the pig. Why not create your own version of The Three Little Pigs? In a group by taking turns making up each part of the story!

Want to find more unusual holidays? Click Here Have Fun!

Snow Foam Micro Beads Cute Eyes Blink Pink Pig Head Cushion/ Pillow
Snow Foam Micro Beads Cute Eyes Blink Pink Pig Head Cushion/ Pillow

place your head slowly into your soft piggy pillow,

and finally solwly drift off

To Sleep...


Hi Everyone! Thanks for ALL of the wonderful comments!

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      Best lens I've seen so far! I love pigs (I'm a vegetarian---and that DOES NOT mean that I only eat veggies. I LOVE your lens----especially the piglets on youtube!!!! SO cute! The pig tricks is hilarious!

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      Wow! What a great site for pig lovers. We have a song called The Three Little Piggies you can download from itunes. It's kids music that adults love recorded by a real live Big Band For Kids called Kinderjazz.

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      Pigs are our friends

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      Crazy stuff about pigs. Great lens! :-) Come over to A DAY OF HOPE

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      My kiddos will love the pig jokes!

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      My sister owns a pot belly pig, she's so cute! 5* for a great lens.

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      Great lens! I have a degree in Animal Science and raised pigs for living at one time in my life. Pigs really are very intelligent animals that are social and like people. Most people do not know that they are naturally clean animals.

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      I adore your lens on pigs! 5*

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      the products are based on one of my pastel drawings which can be seen at

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