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Pine Warblers of the Forests

Updated on November 15, 2014
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Since the mid-1980s Yvonne has maintained a registered NWF backyard wildlife habitat where a variety of birds, insects and frogs abound.

Seed Eating Warbler

The Pine Warbler is a beautiful yellow and olive green bird that inhabits Pine forests all over the United States. In the south, these birds are permanent residents, but in the north, they migrate south in winter. Because they are the only Warbler that eats large amounts of (primarily) Pine seeds, they will visit seed and suet feeders, especially in winter. Come and learn more about the lovely and interesting Pine Warbler.

Pine Warbler photos by Y.L. Bordelon All rights reserved

Pine Warblers

brighten a winter day with their yellow breasts, cheery attitude and their amusing antics.

Pine Warblers are Unique Warblers

Pine Warblers are unique among Warblers. It is the only Warbler that eats large quantities of pine seeds. Like the Brown-headed Nuthatch, its habitat is Pine Forests. It can also be seen visiting seed and suet feeders. Northern Pine Warblers migrate to the south to join the resident southern birds. Sometimes they will form large mixed flocks of 50 or more. They are also the first warbler to return north in the spring and breed the earliest of any warbler in the north. Pine Warblers forage among the leaves and branches of trees.

Their nest is built high in pine trees and consists of a deep cup of grass, pine needles, twigs, and plant fibers bound together with spider web or caterpillar silk, lined with fine plant parts, hair and feathers. In the south, they start nest building in late February and March.

Pine Warbler Range Map

yellow indicates summer-only range, blue indicates winter-only range, and green indicates  year-round range of the species.
yellow indicates summer-only range, blue indicates winter-only range, and green indicates year-round range of the species. | Source

Description and Song

Size: 13-14 cm (5-6 in) Wingspan: 19-23 cm (7-9 in) Weight: 9-15 g (0.32-0.53 ounces) Small songbird but large for a warbler. Yellow throat and chest with dark streaks on the sides.Two white wingbars.White belly and under tail.Olive green upper parts. Plain back with no streaking. Inconspicuous eye crescents. Yellow lores; may give impression of yellow spectacles. Small dark bill, but large for a warbler. Dark legs. White spots on the outer three tail feathers. Occasionally pumps its tail.

Males are more colorful that females. Immature birds look like females, but are duller in color.

Reference: All About Birds


Listen to the song of the Pine Warbler (from the PWRC.USGS).

Field Guide to Warblers

A Field Guide to Warblers of North America (Peterson Field Guides)
A Field Guide to Warblers of North America (Peterson Field Guides)

You can't go wrong with Peterson field Guides. Warbler identification can be confusing, but this guide helps to clear things up.


Winter Pine Warbler Poster


Buy Winter Pine Warbler Poster by naturegirl7 on

Stokes Select Double Suet Feeder - Squirrel-proof

Hang this under the eaves of a house and the suet should be kept squirrel-free.

Male Pine Warblers brighten up a winter day as the visit the suet and seed feeders. Their favorite type of suet in our habitat is the no-melt peanut butter suet. If you don't have a problem with raccoons, a combination feeder like the one below will be fine. However, if raccoons or other mammals carry off the suet, as they do here on Hummingbird Hill, one of the box style wire suet feeders hung under the eaves of the house will usually keep the suet safe from troublesome mammals.

Pine Warbler Feeding Poster


Buy Pine Warbler Feeding by naturegirl7 on

Stokes Guide to Warblers

Stokes Field Guide to Warblers
Stokes Field Guide to Warblers

The Stokes are expert birders. Their books have good photographs and information.


Pine Warbler and Other Birds Video

Pine Warbler in Cherry Poster on Zazzle


Buy Pine Warbler in Cherry and other art photo designs by naturegirl7 on

Warble Out a Note to Us

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    • ElizabethJeanAl profile image


      9 years ago

      What a pretty little bird. I've never seen a Pine Warbler. All the warblers are awesome songsters.

      Great lens


    • kerbev profile image


      9 years ago from Upstate, NY

      What a beautiful bright bird!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Pine Warblers like to eat suet during the winter. The males are striking.


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