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Pits....My Pit is just not a dog...just ask him

Updated on January 30, 2013

Meet Tech!

There are a million articles on Pit Bulls, most of them saying how horrible these dogs are. Well I am here to let you know that it isn't the species, it's the owners that raise them, they are the true PITS!

My Pit, Tech has a great little life story, a few years ago I was out yardsaling and was in a questionable neighborhood for some reason and there was this tiny puppy leashed to a desk. He was laying in the grass under the desk with his head between his feet, you know the look of puppy eyes looking up at you right? I kept hearing in my head my husband reminding me that if I bring another dog home he'll divorce me, but how could I not bring this puppy home.

I asked the owners how much the puppy was and they said FREE. They went on to explain that they sold him to another couple two weeks before and they brought him back with the threat that if they didn't take him back that thye would take him to the human society. The problem was that this puppy was a terrible chewer, he chewed everything!! So against my husbands wishes I took on the puppy. When I got back to my moms house where my husband was I had to face him with this puppy, and ohhhhh was he mad!!! He didn't talk to me for three hours. After that he warmed up a little and I mean a little. We went to the grocery story and got him some things that he could chew on so he wouldn't focus on bad things like furniture. The first year he lived with us was rough, he chewed everything, there wasn't a safe pair of flip flops or sneakers in the house, he even chewed up a brand new pair of jeans. After that first year the chewing stopped and now after seven years he is all about the occasional chew treat. His favorite treat is a granola busy bone.

One of the most important things about his up bringing was that we didn't horse around with him to the point of him getting mean. So many people wanted to say bad things about him without even knowing him. Like I said in my title he isn't a dog, if you ask him he is a baby, our baby. He has grown to be a military brat, he travels with us everywhere we go, the thought of leaving him behind at home is just unconcivable to him. He spends full days on base with his friends of the Army, he has more friends then his parents.

The bottom line in my opinion and personally knowing other parents of Pit Bulls is that it is all in how they are raised. If you raise your dog to be mean, he's goign to be mean, just like if you raise a poodle to be mean, and I've met Poodles that are way more mean then my Pit. After spoiling our baby for seven years he is most comfortable cuddling under super soft blankets, he doesn't like to be alone, and he is always with in arms reach of myself and my husband. I have to say that love prevailed and he is the best dog I've ever had.

As I write this he is laying on a hotel bed in his blanket. Nothing is better then having a big bed to stretch out on while it is raining outside. It makes my heart melt that he stretches and looks to make sure I am still sitting here right by his side. Soon we will pack up to head to our home in Maryland and he will sit in the back of our SUV watching the whole drive go by hoping to see some horse and buggies in Lancaster County.

If you are looking for a new pet that will be a great companion give a Pit Bull a chance. There are so many in need of good homes. Most of them have had horrible lives and need love just like any other species of dog. Talk to other parents and see what they have to say, do some research. One thing I would like to point out is that when I first brought him home and everyone was saying how bad Pits are and that once they bite down on somehting that their jaws lock and blah blah blah I reasearched it. You might be surprised that a Pits jaw is built no different then any other dog. Yes they are strong, but they are a stocky dog.

Tech has taught us to not be judgmental. He is the love of our lives and we plan everything we do around him, never will he see a kennel, never will he sleep outside, never will he be cold or hungry.

He has our love because he has given so much of his to us.

Tech's Family

Since I originally wrote this article Tech has had quite the adventure. His life as an Army dog has come to a quick end due to his mom and dad getting a divorce and heading different directions. Tech was my companion on a long 3000 mile drive West. He kept me safe, he kept me company. He slept at hotel doors to make sure we were safe during the nights in strange locations. It was with him that I found my real self. We drove through some of the most beautiful places this country has to offer and because he is so great at being a companion not once did I have to worry that he'd run off or away from me when we stopped to just gaze at the amazing mountains in Montana. His sleeping arrangements were tight for that week of driving and not once did he complain.

Tech has faithfully been by my side during many great moments in my life and my families lives. He is in the pictures of a Worldwide magazine that published my story of raising Cotournix Quail on our farm, that was a huge deal for me, it's a small magazine but they wanted my story. Tech took on the job of relocating quail that would get out of their cages and return them to me. They always returned alive and well. I could go on and on about his faithfulness but anyone with a great family dog as a pet knows how they sit by your side when life isn't right, or how they sleep by your side when you are sick, and how they make you feel like you are their world just because you came home from work. There's is nothing better then knowing you have this faithful friend who loves you unconditionally.

How did you come up with the name?

I'm not sure that I even remember how we came up with this name. What became funny over the years is how his name came to fit into Hi Tech (High Tech) and Tech No (Techno). The latter made it hard not to smile when scolding him for something, not that we've had to since his chewing days as a puppy.

What are your favorite things to do with Tech?

Actually one of my favorite things to do with Tech is take him to public places. It is funny to me how much attention he gets. He smiles alot and I think that is an attractant to alot of people. I have been approached hundreds of times just so someone could point out how beautiful his coloring is, he's brindle. Then comes the question of what species he is. When I say he is a Pit you can see a transformation on some faces, all the bad things they've heard go out the door and they have their very own first experience with a Pit Bull and realize that this isn't always a species to be feared. I know that I've side stepped little ankle biters because they started snarling and growling just coming up on me on a sidewalk. Even then I laugh to myself that my Pit would never and has never done that to a single person and people fear my dog? People can be funny.

Love is all you need...

Give them love and they will return it

Toys, Tricks, and not-so-much

Tech was a challenge to teach new tricks or to figure out what his favorite toys would be. He didn't want to fetch balls or Frisbee. He didn't seem to want to play with anything or do any tricks. The one thing he does do is sit like a bear for a treat which is just friggin adorable...he gets several treats just for being cute. Once at his veterinarian I asked why Tech won't play with toys or do tricks. I thought that maybe something was wrong with him and the vet assured me that Tech is a good and healthy dog. The vet explained how Tech is a social dog, he just wants to be with us and by our side, this is the reason that most times when he is sleeping at our feet he will reach out with a paw and touch our feet, he just wants to know that we are there with him and that he is right there by us. He's loves car rides and adventures in hiking so those are his toys of choice and I make sure that he gets them regularly.


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    • anxietybites profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens! I loved reading about Tech.


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