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Are You Polar Bear Aware?

Updated on September 23, 2014

Are YOU Polar Bear Aware?

Are YOU Polar Bear Aware?
Are YOU Polar Bear Aware? | Source

Discover your polar bear awareness quotient here!

Polar bears, considered the largest bears in the world are being affected by habitat loss, destruction and degradation of ecosystems, pollution, over-exploitation and climate change. These factors are among the powerful and persistent impacts on polar bear populations and health. The purpose of this site is to raise money to help save Polar Bears from extinction while helping more people become Polar Bear Aware.

You'll find where polar bears live; how to reproduce; what they eat; how big their paws are; and other interesting facts. You'll see great photos; links to endangered species organizations; lists of great books; links to sites about cute KNUT, Hudson, Flocke and Wilhelma. In one section, my good friend David Booth of Cabin Fever Art, shares one of his wonderful Polar Bear Cartoons (changes often).

Now, off you go. Relax and enjoy the journey but do take it all in. There will be a test -- I kid you not -- about halfway through you'll find my "Polar Bear Aware-ness Test". Take it if you dare and find out just how Polar Bear Aware you are!

The royalties from this site are donated 50% to Polar Bears International and 50% to FIV Cat Rescue.

Photo: Copyright 2007-2013 Frankie Kangas

Polar Bear Scientific Classification

Classification of Polar Bears

Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Ursidae

Genus: Ursus

Species: U. maritimus

Binomial name

Ursus maritimus


From Wikipedia

Save Me
Save Me

Polar Bears Listed As 'Threatened' Species

The U.S. government lists Polar Bears as Threatened under Endangered Species Act. (May 14, 2008)

For U.S. Dept. of Interior's complete press release, click Decision to Protect Polar Bears under Endangered Species Act.

Attention: First Time Readers

The Go-To Place for Polar Bears

I created this site to be the GO-TO place on all things polar bear. Here you'll find loads of interesting photos and facts which might be just what you're looking for. For those of you who want more, you'll find many relevant links to more in-depth info.

As sections become overly large, I split them off into their own sites and have links to get to them. For example, Goodbye Knut - A Tribute, Polar Bear Ware for bear t-shirts, hats and other bear wares, Bear Fetishes.

It is a long lens so you are not expected to take it all in in one bite. I've organized it logically (I think) so read for a while, bookmark the page, and come back often. I add to it often. (I research, write about, read about or sculpt polar bears every single day so I have a mammoth amount of information on them.)

To share your thoughts and/or questions about this lens, use the comment section below.

Polar Bears of the Arctic

The Beuford Sea Bears

The Polar Bears of Arctic Alaska DVD is now available for only $15 (even though the cover says $25). The DVD is really the only one that shows Alaska polar bears, which you may have noticed are largely absent from the public view relative to high arctic and/or Churchill populations. The DVD showcases the polar bears on the Beaufort Sea coast as the filmmakers try to raise the profile of this population of polar bears. These bears are threatened as much by industrial development and helicopter harassment as it is by climate change.

If you love polar bears, get this DVD and help spread the word about the polar bears on the Beauford Sea Coast.

To order your own copy, click Polar Bears of Arctic Alaska

Photos: ©Arthur C. Smith III / PolarArt Productions.

Description Of The Polar Bear - Ursus Maritimus

The Largest Member Of The Bear Family

Polar bears are such great creatures. And to think that it's only in recent evolutionary time that bears adapted to arctic sea life. It started during the Ice Age, in the northern seas, when the seals needed to breathe and reproduce at the surface. By doing this, the seals put a rich year-round food source within reach of a population of brown bears, who then started to live on the ice, evolving into something like the polar bear of today around 100,000 years ago.

Weighing about 330 to 1,760 pounds, the length of the polar bear's body is approximately 6.6 to 10 feet (some sources say 8 to 11 feet) tall. The male body is usually larger than the female. The polar bear, similar to the brown bear, is large and stocky. It has an elongated neck and small head. Its fur, usually white, sometimes appears yellow, due to oxidation.

A polar bear has black skin, which helps it absorb and hold heat from the sunlight. It is definitely well dressed for the weather with a layer of fat more than 4 inches thick to provide good insulation. The heavy fur on its feet (its foot is about 9 inches wide and 12 inches long) provides warmth and traction. Since each foot is so large, it acts as a handy snowshoe. They walk with a bow-legged gait.

It is a good swimmer with its broad forepaws that serve as paddles. When swimming underwater, the small ears flatten for protection and its nostril close. It paddles at about 6 and one-half miles per hour - front feet only, hind feet trailing - and can remain submerged for about 2 minutes. The hairs of its waterproof coat are hollow which is a good insulator and increases the bear's buoyancy when swimming.

A polar bear has a good sense of smell, sensing prey at a distance of about 20 miles. Although little is known about its sense of touch (its eyesight and hearing is acute), a polar bear is able to manipulate various objects with great dexterity.

With canine teeth larger and sharper than those of other bears, the polar bear is the most carnivorous North American bear.

Photo: iStockPhoto

How Polar Bears Evolved

Not Your Great-Great-Great-Grandfather's Brown Bear

The earliest polar bear fossil is less than 100,000 years old. And it is likely that they separated from the brown (grizzly) bear somewhere near the arctic coast of Siberia.

As the polar bear evolved, it's appearance diverged from the brown bear's, growing hair all over it's body except nose and pads of feet. The bear's coat became white to yellow and sometimes light brown depending on the time of year.

The head became elongated with a Roman nose. The cheek teeth became smaller and more jagged and the canines larger and sharper for tearing apart it's favorite food, seal. And their claws are also shorter and more solid than the brown bear.

The polar bear's tail and ears are smaller than the brown bear's but they have huge feet. Their feet are used to swim (used oar-like) and like snowshoes on the snow and ice. They also have small, soft papillae on the bottoms of their feet which gives them traction on the ice when they run.

What is a Polar Bears Range? - How much do polar bears travel?

Polar bears travel throughout the year within single home ranges, which tend to be a larger area than for other mammal species because of the alterations in sea ice from year to year and even season to season. Small home ranges (19,000 to 23,000 miles) can be discovered near Canadian Arctic Islands, while larger home ranges can be found in the Bering or Chukchi Sea areas.

The polar bear remains in the same area during the same time of year. A polar bear is capable of traveling 19 miles or more per day for several days, although some are capable of a good deal more than that. One can only hope that polar bear adaptation will carry on, as their habitat area shrinks and the pressures of civilization continue to encroach on the the natural homes where the polar bear dwell.

How Polar Bears Reproduce

Polar Bear Birthing Facts

Polar bears mate in April or May.

Although the egg is fertilized, it remains in a state of suspension in the female until late in August or early September. The egg then implants in the wall of the uterus and begins to grow.

Early in November or December, the female, prepares for the impending birth by digging a maternity den. She stays in the den and the babies are born between late November and early January.

One of the most extensive denning areas for polar bears is the lowlands of Hudson Bay and James Bay--the only known location where polar bears den in earth rather than in snow--where by digging down to the permafrost they choose to dig out caves in lake and stream banks and peat hummocks. It is believed that they might also use these permafrost dens to find shade in the summer time.

Photo: iStockPhoto

Polar Bear Embryos

By Award Winning Photographers

Cibachrome print of polar bear embryos by award winning international photographers, Daniel & Geo Fuchs. To see it and more of their fabulous work, click The Bulger Gallery.

By the way, how many embryos do you count?

Polar Bear Habits

Polar bears are Fierce, Playful, Maternal

Polar bears, like people, prefer certain foods. They have an acute sense of smell and is able to locate prey, even when hidden by snowdrifts or ice. Polar bears mainly stalks young seals and can eat nearly 50 a year). They also like walruses and capture them by swimming underwater to their ice floes. They also likes algae (when available), berries, birds and bird eggs, crabs, dead animals (including whales), grasses, mushrooms, small mammals, starfish, and seals.

The polar bear, when it returns to it's den is lethargic. Males usually den from late November to late January, while females den for a longer period of time, from November to March. During that time, the sows give birth. The cubs remain with their mother about 1-1/2 to 2 years.

One of the largest denning areas for polar bears is the lowlands of Hudson Bay and James Bay. It is also the only known region where polar bears den in earth rather than in snow. They actually dig down to the permafrost to excavate caves.

Most polar bears meet their potential mates in prime seal-hunting spots. Female polar bears don't breed every year since they have cubs for up to 2 years. So, getting a date can be a real challenge! Therefore, competition for the attention of a female can be truly fierce. The males must fight one another for the privilege of mating, sometimes viciously.

Although mating takes place in late March to mid-July, females delay implantation of its fertilized eggs until early fall when it digs out and enters its den, giving birth a month or two later. To carry off a successful pregnancy and denning, the pregnant female must greatly increase her weight, mostly in fat. The denned mother often goes without food or water for as long as nine months.

The cubs are born in December or January, usually a pair of fur balls. They weigh in at about 1 to 1.5 pounds. When they leave their den in March or Apr, the cubs will weigh 25 to 30 pounds.

Photos: iStockPhoto

Polar Bears whiskers

Do polar bears have whiskers?

Turns out that polar bears have distinctive whisker spot patterns. The University of Central Florida keeps a visual database of polar bears encountered with photos and encountering information.

They have a picture of the polar bears side-view (right or left side) that shows the whisker spot patterns and scars. Each bear's is unique.

For more information, see Reuters's article Of Fingerprints and polar bear whiskers.

Polar Bear Tracks -- paw print

How big are polar bears paws?

Polar bear paws are large -- about 9 inches wide and 12 inches long. Here's a photo of a print left by a polar bear. You can see just the front part of the paw.

Polar Bear Tail

How big is a polar bear's tail?

The tail of a polar bear is very small compared to the rest of his body.

The tail is flat and between 3 to 5 inches long. It's not always easy to see because the long hair on the body often covers it.

Here's a great shot of one.

Photos: iStockPhoto

What Is Your Polar Bear Aware Quotient? - How Did You Score On The Polar Bear Aware-ness Test?

See how you compare with others that took the test. Remember, if you don't like your score, take the test again after you finish reading through the lens. I won't tell.

What was your Polar Bear Aware-ness Quotient?

See results

WEEKLY Polar Bear Cartoons by David Booth

Cartoon changes every Monday

Come back every Monday to see a NEW Polar Bear Cartoon. To see all of David's cartoons, be sure to go to his wonderful website Cabin Fever Art. Tell him you saw him at Polar Bear Aware! You can get this design or any of his other dozens of cartoons and artwork on anything from t-shirts to note cards at Cartoon Bear Ware

Polar Bear Cartoon Book

Hot off the Presses

Those of you who have been visiting this lens know that David M. Booth is an amazing cartoonist and is a good friend of mine. He is an animal lover and has made it his mission in life to save polar bears. His first book of polar bear cartoons has just hit the stands (so to speak).

As an Alaskan artist and cartoonist, David has a unique take on polar bears. His cartoons run the gambit from funny to quirky, and thought-provoking to silly and everything in-between. You can find his cartoons on Polar Bears International website as he is their official cartoonist. David's philosophy is that cartoons that add a bit of humor accomplish more than "doom & gloom" discussions.

The book also contains beautiful polar bear photos, polar bear facts and even a polar bear crossword puzzle. You can get you own copy by clicking on the book photo above, or click Skating on Thin Ice.

Polar Bears Cartoon Ware by David M. Booth

Polar bear cartoon t-shirts and other ware

Just click on the logo you like below to see all of the products available in that design from t-shirts and jackets to card and posters. To see dozens more of his designs, click B-Cool Stuff

Polar Bears And Their Habitat

Where You'll Find Polar Bears

Polar bears live only in the Northern Hemisphere. They inhabit the Arctic ice cap, islands, sea ice, and water and continental coastlines. Polar bears prefer the sea ice habitat. They like to be near the continental coastlines or islands.

Polar bears are found in Canada, from the northern arctic islands south to the Hudson Bay. They are also found in Greenland, the islands off the coast of Norway, on the northern and northwestern coasts of Alaska and on the northern coast of the former Soviet Union.

Some polar bears spend part of the year on land, although in warmer climates a bear might become stranded. Most pregnant females spend the autumn and winter on land in their maternity dens.

The home range of a polar bear tend to be larger than for other mammal species because of the changes in sea ice from year to year and even season to season. Small home ranges are between 19,000 to 23,000 miles, and can be found near Canadian Arctic Islands. Large home ranges are about 135,000 miles and can be found in the Bering or Chukchi Seas. A polar bear is capable of traveling 19 miles or more per day for several days, although some are capable of much more than that.

Photos: iStockPhoto

What Polar Bears Eat

Are polar bears omnivores?

Polar bears, like people, prefer certain foods. They have an acute sense of smell and is able to locate prey, even when hidden by snowdrifts or ice. Polar bears mainly stalks young seals and can eat nearly 50 a year). They also like walruses and capture them by swimming underwater to their ice floes. They also likes algae (when available), berries, birds and bird eggs, crabs, beluga whale and bowhead whales carcasses, grasses, mushrooms, small mammals, starfish, and seals.

Polar bears also love watermelon.

Inuit Beliefs About The Polar Bear

What do Inuits believe about polar bears?

The prehistoric Inuit people held strong beliefs about animals and about the polar bear specifically. They knew how to kill animals including polar bears but they believed they had to defer to their spirits when they did.

The beliefs and practices varied some depending on where the people lived. However, they had (maybe some still do) the following common themes: They believed that...

* All creatures have souls.

* That a polar bear would give itself to a hunter only if it were treated properly after death.

* The spirit of an animal might be chosen to be the tornaq (spiritual guardian) of an individual.

* The most powerful tornaq (after the Sedna, the Goddess of the sea, who was held to be the most powerful being of all) was that of a polar bear.

* It was wrong to kill a polar bear too soon after another one was killed so there was a taboo set on hunting. For instance, the Netsilik, Copper, and Inland Inuit abstained for 5 days after killing a female and 4 days for a male.

* If a polar bear was wounded by a hunter, it's soul would be deeply offended and cause sickness and harm to the hunter therefore, it had to be tracked down and killed.

The Inuit people still have much regard and reverence for the polar bear.

The Inuit legend of Qupqugiaq aka Kokogiak

Inuit legend

Qupqugiaq is a 10-legged polar bear in this Inuit legend. In the story, he renounces violence and tries to create a love-based community.

To read the complete story, click Kokogiak

Polar Bear Playing With Husky

Polar bear playing with dog friends

This one of my favorite photos. To see this fantastic picture and more of the meeting between a male polar bear and a husky, check out Mutts, a blog by John Woestendiek of The Baltimore Sun. His story is called Wonder on the Tundra. To go to the article and video click Play Article

Scientists predict two-thirds of polar bear global population could disappear within the next fifty years! Rising temperatures are literally melting the ice beneath their paws, drastically reducing their habitat and food supply. The situation is dire.

By adopting a polar bear from National Wildlife Federation today (less than 10 cents a day), you will be helping to save these magnificent creatures. Best of all, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to protect polar bears and other imperiled wildlife.

For more information, click New Adoption Center

I have my polar bear plush, do you have yours?

Share your best story, photo, joke, links to websites or Squidoo lenses, or anything else shedding light on polar bears. (Limited html.)

I'd love to hear from folks who have visited polar bears in their natural habitat. Thanks and bear hugs, Frankie

Share Your Favorite Stuff On Polar Bears - What Other Resources Are Out There?

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      P. Bear. Thanks for your comments, however, for every study or article you cite, I can site a dozen others that dispute their arguments. A few of things to keep in mind:(1) The early estimates of polar bear populations are a guess. There is no data at all for the 1950-60s. (2)Today Polar bear are showing less weight and fewer cubs. (3) Look at who paid for the studies. For more information on polar bear population comparisons, click Ask the experts I do include articles on both sides of the polar bear and global warming issues. From all of my ongoing research, I believe polar bears are in danger of extinction. I hope I'm wrong. Bear hugs, Frankster

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      It's been a lifelong ambition of mine to swim with dolphins, having read this, I now want to swim with polar bears! Great lens. They are magnificent creatures and so cute when they're babies. If they were to disappear due to man's folly it would be a disgrace. I read somewhere that when Knut was born some zoo officials said he should be left to die. That too would have been wrong. All life is precious and we should do all we can to help preserve and improve it.

    • profile image

      WebbyDiva 9 years ago

      Polar Bears may have finally been listed as 'Threatened' Species by the U.S. government (May 14, 2008) BUT that decision came with a big catch! An exemption for global warming pollution. Global warming is the biggest threat facing polar bears today and this exemption eliminates any protection the listing could have provided for the polar bear. The listing specifically says federal agencies don’t need to consider the impact of global warming pollution on the polar bear. The listing also proposes a separate regulation that reduces the protections the polar bear would otherwise receive under the Endangered Species Act. This might look like a listing to protect the polar bear but it’s really just a way for the administration to protect the interests of the oil and gas industry, as well as get away without taking action on global warming.

      Poor Polar Bears :( They still need our help and actions.

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      We love polar bears, in Russia they are called White Bears ;)

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      I think this is a fabulous lens!! Because polar bears are predators and eat other "cute" and wonderful animals such as the penguins and seals I think that this makes many people see them as vicious creatures who don't deserve as much protection. But this is not the polar bear's fault, that is how these wonderful creatures were made! They are truly beautiful and amazing and I hope your lens helps more people to be aware of their plight!

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      I love all the information on polar bear birthing! Good stuff.

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      I was shocked the other night when I saw a documentary on TV about Polar Bears and the effect of global warming on them. The bears were trying to cross the ice but ended up having to swim miles - usually not making it and drowning. Really sad to see. Wishing you all the best with this Lens.

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      And to think, I knew her when she was "just" my wife.

      Now I have to watch what I say or I get a giant tentacle up-side the head.

      Congrats and love

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      Bears of all kinds are beautiful creatures, without a doubt. They can also be deadly. Don't get too close to bears in the wild. Protect yourself with bear spray from

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      wonderful lens on a beautiful animal, I hope people join the fight to save their lives

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      Hopefully, we'll enjoy polar bears for a really long time.

      5 stars!


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      Wonderful lens. Their extinction rapidly growing because of Global Warming. I have seen the latest news about the rapidly melting of iceberg in Antarctica. How awful..

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      It's easy to see why this lens has won so many awards. Beautiful and informative!

      Congratulations on your Giant Squid 2008 Award!

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      Didn't see any mention of this don't know if it's relevant but apparently polar bears skin is black and their fur isn’t actually "white" its pigment free transparent with a hollow centre it which scatters the light and reflects all visible wavelengths appearing white

      other literature for and against the statement

      Awesome lense mate!

    • Franksterk profile image

      Frankie Kangas 8 years ago from California

      [in reply to John-B] John, thanks for your comment. I do have info about the black skin and hollow hair in the module called, "Description Of The Polar Bear - Ursus Maritimus" near the top of the lens.

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      Have you ever wondered how Polar Bears have EVER survived. I mean seriously, this isn't the first time the "POOR" bears have gone through weather changing!

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      Great lens, though I'm dubious about the whole man-made global warming thing. I spend a lot of time (and half my career) writing on environmental issues--especially electric/hydrogen vehicles and transportation.

      I greatly enjoyed this lens, though. If you haven't already (I'm sure you have), the Planet Earth BBC series is highly recommended.

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      I salute you for having a nice job in your lens! 5*...........

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      In Sweden there is a new Zoo called Polar World. I made a lens about it and will lensroll this. Thank you!

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      Thank you for all of your hard work to educate all of us about polar bears -- what beautiful, magnificent creatures they are plus the dangers they face from the damage we are doing the to environment.

      "Sea ice melting too fast for some polar bears" - this story just breaks my heart. :-( I hope we come together and figure out how to live on this planet without destroying the habitat of so many species.

      Again, thank you for your work. Ammie

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      Great lens! But shouldn't the first headline say "discover YOUR polar bear awareness.." ??

    • Franksterk profile image

      Frankie Kangas 7 years ago from California

      [in reply to MikeMitzner] OH DUH! You are right. Thank you so much for letting me know. Bear hugs, Frankster

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      Love the Polar Bear animation although I feel for the penguin's predicament :(

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      What's not to like? Bears rock! They were here long before us, they need our help.

      Great stuff......;)

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      SquidAngel blessings.

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      Beautiful page on such a wonderful animal. I have added it to my new page - a few of my favorite things. plus 5 stars. I love how polar bears will put snow on their noses while they hunt for further campouflage.

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      You are tops when you report about your beloved critters!

      Thumbs up

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      What a great lens! Congrats on the trip and this great lens! So cool to see you donate the proceeds made on all of this hard work. Thanks for making Squidoo great and for your dedication to these awesome animals.

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      If we can't move together to preserve those precious creatures immediately, they would disappear from our sights sooner or later.

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      Polar bears.. don't pick a fight with one

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      Ronnie, my little brother who died when he was 8, had a stuffed polar bear - bigger than he was. He called him Nanook... I have always had an affinity for polar bears ever since I was a child and I am certain it is because of Ronnie's Nanook.

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      AustinRick 6 years ago

      A very well-done lens indeed. However, the notion that climate change, whether human-caused or not, is reducing the polar bear population is far from certain. In fact, it is not at all certain that their numbers are declining in the first place. The people most likely to know don't think so. See this:

      and this:

      Those who champion the notion of population decline are, without exception, committed global warming advocates and have few, if any, bona fides in polar bear studies. They apparently have decided what it is that they want to find, then go look for it, find it and tell us all about it. Then they exclude the real experts from any discussions on the subject and candidly admit that the reason has to do with their position on global warming.

      That's not science.

      In today's world it makes sense to require anyone who advocates a policy or position that would force us to change our behavior to prove their points in detail and answer questions from those who object to their claims. They should show us their data and share their methods so that their results can be verified and their claims can be checked. We're not seeing that with this crowd.

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      @AustinRick: I'm surprised that you picked out global warming to write about when this lens barely mentions it. I do mention climate change as a factor in the introduction, however, I don't think even you would argue that just the fact that the climate is changing does affect polar bears just as it affects humans and other species.

      There are arguments on both sides and I listen/read/watch news about global warming from all points of view. However, this is not the forum I'd like to discuss/debate it. If you'd like, ceck out and post comments on Polar Bears and Global Warming ( which is a better forum. Thanks, Frankster

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      bobby jones

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      I've never seen a polar bear in the wild but do remember seeing them in the Stanley Park Zoo when I was a kid. It's amazing how big they are.

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      It is sad to see this wonderful animal and its other arctic area animals in danger because of the global warming. Also please if you find trash such as plastic bags or anything that can blow in the wind and land into a zoo enclosure please pick it up. One of our bears in the St. Louis, Mo Zoo died in the past few years from this such disaster.

      Thanks so much for all the beautiful information and the love you have shown by your page here.

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      Polar bears are in trouble due to climate change, they are finding themselves without a place to stand! I am not an animal lover, I am an environmentalist and what is happening to this species is a crime. They appear to be one of the most magnificent species of animal on the planet and we humans with our destruction of the environment are killing them. This is a sad fact of life, when we revert to renewable sources of energy we will at least be on the right path. Congrats on LotD. See you around the galaxy...

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      pheonix76 6 years ago from WNY

      I have not yet had the chance to visit their natural habitat, but I am against keeping polar bears in zoos.

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      Saw something on TV about a new bear -- half polar half grizzly. Apparently both breeds are losing habitat and meeting up and breeding. It would be a horrible loss to lose these animals.

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      Isn't it great news that the population of polar bears has doubled in the past thirty years. In a report by the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee released on January 30, 2008, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimates that the polar bear population is currently at 20,000 to 25,000 bears, up from as low as 5,000-10,000 bears in the 1950s and 1960s. A 2002 U.S. Geological Survey of wildlife in the Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain noted that the polar bear populations âmay now be near historic highs.â

    • cdcraftee profile image

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      I wish my Arctic Wolf Eyes had seen that Polar Bear and Husky at play - maybe would have joined in?


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      Finally LOTD on this extraordinary labor of love! You will have everyone loving polar bears...except for the ringed seal who was happy to see him enjoying watermelon. Bear hugs! Now you have a polar bear pair of LOTD's!

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    • Franksterk profile image

      Frankie Kangas 6 years ago from California

      @bag: Keep in mind that the polar bear populations have been increasing rapidly in recent decades due to hunting restrictions. Also, there are 19 subpopulations of polar bears and not all are increasing. In fact...

      "At the 2009 meeting of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group, scientists reported that of the 19 subpopulations* of polar bears:

      8 are declining.

      3 are stable.

      1 is increasing.

      By comparison, in 2005:

      5 were declining.

      5 were stable.

      2 were increasing.

      *Insufficient data to determine the fate of the other 7 populations"

    • Franksterk profile image

      Frankie Kangas 6 years ago from California

      @bag: Said better by Polar Bears International...

      It's important to note that scientists lack historical data on polar bear numbersâthey have only rough estimates. But we do know that polar bear populations dropped sharply due to over-harvesting in the 1960s. When restrictions on polar bear harvests were imposed in the early 1970s, polar bear populations rebounded. But polar bears now face an entirely different problemâthe loss of their sea-ice habitatâand to say that their total numbers are increasing is simply not true."

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      I think eating relatively small amounts of polar bear liver can kill a person, due to vitamin A toxicity.

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      unbelievably wonderful story and education. I absolutely loved this. Congratulations on your purple star and LOTD. Well deserved!!! Blessed!

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      @NuMil3Design: Yes, it is highly toxic to humans.

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      Hello all, Thanks for all of the kind words and congratulations on the LOTD. This lens is a labor of love. I will be visiting each of you as soon as I can. Bear hugs, Frankster

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      Frankie Kangas 5 years ago from California

      @LizMac60: I would agree if man wasn't the cause of at least 4 of the 5 major factors affecting polar bears (and some would argue it's 5 out of 5). The 5 factors are: (1) habitat loss, (2) destruction and degradation of ecosystems, (3) pollution, (4) over-exploitation and (5) climate change. Humans are the fittest evidently with all our technology and weapons, however, we are the ones who are killing off the animals of the world, one-by-one. Does that sound like we are really the fittest or merely the most oblivious to the other creatures of the world? Humans kill animals just because they are in our way, an inconvenience. Some of us are trying to change this pattern of "kill anything that gets in our way or is inconvenient."

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      Frankie Kangas 5 years ago from California

      Thanks again for all of the wonderful comments and kudos! Bear hugs, Frankster

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      Binky (1975 â July 20, 1995) was a polar bear who lived at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. Found as an orphan on Alaska's North Slope, he was taken to the zoo and quickly became one of its most popular attractions. He became a local hero and received international news coverage after mauling two zoo visitors in separate incidents in 1994

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      I think Polar Bears are awesome. I think it's great that you are an ambassador for Polar Bers International. When my husband and I visited New York (Manhattan) in 2009 we went to the zoo in Central Park. They had a Polar Bear in captivity. The enclosure was large and it was great to be able to see this magnificent creature in the flesh but it was also sad that this creature was in the middle of New York rather than in its natural habitat. This is just an observation. It may have been there for a perfectly good reason but it still seemed out of place and rather sad.

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      You have an awesome lens! I did not realize that I bear-ly knew anything about polar bears. Your lens was informative and cute, and I love that you donate to a charity for polar bears.

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      @allialso: You can only swim with them because of the very, very thick glass that is between you and them like at zoos. But it does look amazing doesn't it? I am looking forward to doing it one day.

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      Polar bears were listed as a threatened species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act in 2008 due to sea-ice declines and dwindling populations.

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      Gary @ Naples SEO

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      I'd appreciate it if you could go onto my page and leave feedback on ways to improve and what you like, thanks.

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    FREE Polar Bear Stuff

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