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Poochie Bells are my favorite potty training tool!

Updated on December 8, 2013

When Mum adopted me at 12 weeks old from a shelter in Indianapolis, potty training was one of the first orders of business on our positive training plan (get it, business, BOL!).

Mum did a lot of research and wanted to create a potty training plan that was positive and effective; and would help me learn potty rules quickly and easily. She found an article online about putting bells at the door where I would go out to potty (in our case the back door that lead out to the back yard), that she could teach me to ring when it was time to do my business. This would allow me to communicate with her to let her know 'it's time.'

So Mum found some bells from our holiday decorations and strung them up on a string. Then when it was about time for me to go out to do my business (about every 2-3 hours when I was just 12 weeks old), she would show me how to ring the bells with my paws, then click and give me a treat. Then she immediately opened the door for me to go out. It only took three time with this training before I learned how to ring the bells when I wanted to go out.

Mum didn't like the homemade bell set up she put together, so she started looking online for something that would be more safe and longer lasting and found Poochie Bells!

The cool thing is that when we moved to our new 'cabin in the mountains' Mum just hung the Poochie Bells on the door to where I would go out and I knew immediately where to go to let her know it's 'time.' And when we travel and stay in a hotel room, she takes them with us and hangs them on the hotel room door,

We love our Pooche Bells!

The other tools that Mum used to help me learn how to use the Poochie Bells are our dog training clicker and some great treats! Here are our recommendations....

See the Poochie Bells in action!


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