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Updated on December 1, 2016

Pug, smallest dog of the mastiff family, of Chinese origin and was brought to Europe by Dutch traders in the 17th century. Widely kept as a pet during the Victorian era, it became very popular in England during the reign of William of Orange, when it was known as 'Dutch pug'.

The pug is a breed of toy dog with a sturdy body and a flattened face. The pug stands about 11 inches (28cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 14 to 18 pounds (6-8 kg). Its tightly curled tail lies on the left or right side, and its ears are folded close to the head. The short, glossy coat may be black, silver, or fawn-colored. The ears are dark, there are dark markings on the face, and there is a dark streak down the back.

In 1883 the Pug Dog Club was formed in England and a standard was laid down, with the following points: body short, square, and cobby; wide chest; ribs deep and well rounded; legs strong, straight and well under, of moderate length; feet firm, with well-split-up toes, and nails black; head large, massive, round; muzzle short, blunt and square; eyes large, dark, lustrous and set well apart; mask and ears black and head heavily wrinkled; markings clearly defined; thumbmark on forehead, and back-trace very black; tail curled tightly over the hip; coat soft, smooth, short and glossy; colour, apricot or silver-fawn. There is also a black variety.

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