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Pugs For Sale

Updated on August 31, 2010

When a registered dog breeding establishment advertises pugs for sale, or pug puppies for sale, they are by law expected to follow certain guidelines provided by the AKC association that pertain to each specific breed. Here is a over view of breeding standards that one should consider before buying a pug dog.

What are breeding standards

Breed standard or breeding standards is a guideline that must be strictly upheld by all registered dog breeders. This is to show any potential buyer the temperament, characteristics and appearance of a specific breed of dog, in this case Pug Dogs. Pug dogs are very sociable animals and although you may think that all these types of dogs are well maintained , to a judges eye there are things they judge a dog on that may seem irrelevant to us, but it seems all these atributes are vital when choosing a winner that out performs and out classes all the rest. Weather buying a pug dog for pleasure or for show these basic standards a pug dog should posses are essential for insuring a healthy and strong breed.


There is still some controversy about the origins of this breed, but most believe that they originated from China. It is also suspected that the pug dog is related to the Pekingese or more likely the Bull dog or mastiff this is still being debated. These dogs were faithful companions of Buddhist monks and priests in the country of Tibet. Over time the pug dog was introduced to Europe and eventually became famous as royalty pets to kings and Queens. Pekingese were also introduced around the same time and were bought back to England after the take over of the Imperial Palace in China in 1860.


The pug dog is very energetic with the most cute round and wrinkly facial features. A short stout nose with a sturdy stock body with the recognizable curly tail. The character of these dogs are energetic, very well matured and playful thus making it the ideal companion for children. You could say that the pug is a little dog with a big personality with a need for attention. Set time aside to groom your dog as pug dogs have a tendency to shed their fur so to avoid this weekly grooming is recommended.


A well bred pug dog should have well knit proportions as well as hardness of mussel and should not appear slightly low on the legs or lean and leggy. A pug dog is very active and shows great charm and intelligence with a some what dignified attitude and character. They are tolerant and temperamental, and are always lively and attention seeking. The ideal pud dog should have a medium sized and silky smooth coat with a heavy thick set appearance. A low swung body and with a stocky short faced head, complimented with wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. You will find that these dogs show integrity, dignity and courage as opposed to aggressive behavior.

Size and proportions

The ideal size and weight for pug dogs is around 20 to 30 pounds, the circumference or measurement of the head should measure at least the height of the dog from the shoulders to the paws. Any ill-proportioned measurements that don't meet these standards may show that the dog may not be of pure breed. Female pug dogs are slightly different in appearance and stature compared to malesĀ  and do not bare the same degree of perfection as male pug dogs. Pugs were first registered with the AKC back in 1885 and from then on have been a favorite as show dogs amongst dog breeders.


There are many other considerations that cannot be covered in this Hub but the main concerns have been said. If you would like a full break down of all standards pertaining to this breed than visit AKC and study the breedĀ  and standards of any dog you are thinking of purchasing, this is vital to know, just so you know what you are actually buying, so next time you see a sign saying pug for sale you will be well equipped to know the difference.

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