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Pup Casso - A Painting Kit for Dogs!

Updated on March 12, 2014
Pup Casso Dog Painting Kit
Pup Casso Dog Painting Kit

Your Dog Can Create a Real Painting Masterpiece - Without Any Paws Getting Messy!

Is there an Inner Rembrant waiting to be unleashed within your dog? Well, with the Pup Casso dog painting kit you can find out - and then proudly display your dog's work of art right in your home. When guests gush over the beauty of your newest abstract painting and comment on the genius and creativity of the artist, you'll barely be able to hold back your smirk as you tell them that it was good ole Fido who painted it! This is one painting that is definitely a conversation piece! And, who knows, your pooch might be the next Jackson Pollock!

Look What Oliver the Dog Painted! Very cool and totally frameable!

Want to Know How Pup Casso Works? (And how your dog can become a bonafide artist!)

Just follow these steps to make your dog the next PupCasso! (Everything your dog needs is included in the Pup Casso dog paint kit.

  1. Put the art paper on a flat, hard-surfaced floor.
  2. Thinly apply the various paint colors in broad swirling motions to the art paper.
  3. Cover the art paper with the Paw Protector covering and then tape down the edges.
  4. Fun time! Let your dog walk, pounce, hop and jump all over the plastic paw protector until the amazing, astounding Pup-Casso masterpiece is complete.
  5. Remove and discard the Paw Protector and let your dog's painting dry thoroughly.
  6. Now it's time to frame and hang it and then forever bask in the beauty of your dog's artistic work. That is one talented pooch you have there!

A Dog Can Paint a Picture Without Getting Messy Paws!

How Pup Casso Works
How Pup Casso Works

Here's Everything That Comes With the Pup Casso Art Kit for Dogs Just add dog.

What Pup Casso Includes
What Pup Casso Includes
Perfect Dog Birthday Party Gift
Perfect Dog Birthday Party Gift

Here's an Idea: For Your Dog's Next Birthday Have a Pup Casso Party! Each Dog Makes His Own Take-Home Masterpiece!

Pretty wooftastic eh? Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? Of course you do! Well, why not make it extra special this year by inviting over your dog's bestest buds and having a Pup-Casso Painting Party. Each dog gets his own Pup Casso dog paint kit to create and then take home. The dogs and their owners will have a ball - but, best of all, your dog will have the best birthday party ever!"

Do You Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday?

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Watch Pup Casso Dog Painting Kit in Action

What Do You Think of Pup-Casso? And...Would You Hang Your Dog's Artwork in Your Home?

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    • Bk42author profile image

      Brenda Thornlow 3 years ago from New York

      That is too cute! I definitely have to get that for my pup. I've never heard of it...thanks for sharing! Voted up!