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Pup Pak offers a New Design for Dog Walkers

Updated on December 1, 2011
Pup Pak Worn on Waist
Pup Pak Worn on Waist | Source

All dog owners understand the importance and daily responsibilities that come with walking our dogs.

Whether we take this task on ourselves or pay a professional at least part time to assist us when we are not at home, the job has to get done.

And to be frank, this should not be looked upon as a task but as a bonding moment with our pets where we can confirm our position as pack leader and instill the proper social behavior in our pups.

And it is during this time that our concentration should be entirely focused on our dogs with little to no distractions during the walk.

To assist us with this daily ritual, there are of course the standard tools we use to get the job done; whether it be a collar and leash, plastic pantry bags that we (hopefully) carry with us for clean up, treats to reward our pets or even house keys for ourselves upon returning home, we rely on these tools to make the task easier on our dogs and ourselves.

When you think about it though the process is a bit haphazard don't you think?

After having a pet for a while we try to get more organized. We might keep our leashes hung by the door. Hopefully we keep a roll of bags in a near by drawer. We may even purchase one of those flimsy plastic holders that dispense a single role.

But where is that single solution to cover all the bases?

This was the thought process behind the Pup Pak Dog Walking Assistant..

The goal?

To provide an all-in-one solution that stays out of the way, yet serves as a handy assistant providing the dog walker with all she or he needs.

And the Pup Pak delivers!

First, it provides loads of storage. Two pockets are stitched back-to-back, one serving as a dispenser for up to two pantry bag rolls. The second pocket can hold treats or a small set of house keys. Both pockets offer a flap cover that is velcro secured.

Second, it is extremely flexible to use. The pockets are attached to an adjustable strap that clips onto either the end of the leash or to the dog walker's belt loop. Either way, the Pup Pak won't weigh your dog down and it stays out of the way until you need it.

Third, it's machine washable. We all know that any items that are used in connection with our pets are prone to getting soiled. The Pup Pak can be tossed in the washing machine and cleaned up, fresh and ready to use whenever necessary.

Lastly, it comes in an array of colors to suit anyone's taste. Currently the Pup Pak is available in blue, green, red and yellow.

For more information visit Monk Pak Designs at

Pup Pak with Pantry Bag Dispenser
Pup Pak with Pantry Bag Dispenser | Source


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      3 years ago

      Audrey - OK WOW these pics are incredible. Dare I say top chef meets sex in the city? I didn't know wehhetr I was looking at a romantic engagement shoot or a JCREW, Saveur, or Wine and Country magazine!! The colors are incredible, their outfits are fab and the staging both at the restaurant and in the park were superb all around an amazing and ultra fabulous shoot. Great job!!November 17, 2011 6:19 pm


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