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Throw A Great Dog Party!

Updated on January 31, 2014

How to throw a great party for your dog!

Whether it's a Birthday, Gotcha Day, a new puppy shower, Holiday or any other significant day it's always a great time to celebrate. You can throw a fun and safe dog party. And we're here to help!

My first Gotcha Day was the best party ever! What a day we had -- lots of pups, fun humans, games, cake, toys, presents, and goodie bags. I have to say it was one of the funnest days of my life! If you want to see everything that happened - just go to my website and check it out

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A good time is all in the planning!

Your pet is a part of the family, why not throw them a great party. And as with any party, success is all in the planning.

Start with a theme and build from there. A theme always helps your creativity and build a base for planning your party. From deciding on the location, food, goodie bags, invitation designs, decorations, activities and more - a theme will make a party much more fun!

Click here to download a party planning checklist!

If you need a little help -- here's a great book!

When Mom was thinking about having a party to celebrate my first Gotcha Day (that's the day she got me); she searched around for a little help in planning.

She found this great book! Get it here!

Pups having fun on their party day!

Three weeks before the big day....

  • Plan guest list and set time and date
  • Decide on a theme
  • Reserve location and send invitations
  • Plan menus for both pups and people
  • Order supplies, decorations, celebration cake, goodie bags items, activity equipment and prizes
  • Plan games and activities

Week before the big day....

  • Confirm guests and location
  • Shop and begin preparing food
  • Put together goodie bags
  • Compile game/activity descriptions and rules

On the big day!

  • Designate a separate poo, food and activity area
  • Put out plenty of water for the pups
  • Have poo bags and trash can on hand
  • Make sure leashes and quiet time areas are available for 4-leggers to keep the peace
  • Decorate, put out food, set out prizes and goodie bags
  • Have fun!

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Find dog beds, all natural foods and treats, collars, leashes, charms, training and agility gear, vitamins and supplements, books, clothing, toys, crates, dog seat belts, t-shirts and other cool stuff for two and four-leggers!

And the best part is they donate 10% of their profits to dog shelters and rescues!

Location, location, location!

Well that's what they say! Location is everything. And that's true for pup parties.

There are many places you can hold your party. From your own backyard, to local parks (check with your Parks Department), area dog parks, doggie day camps, and dog sports and obedence training centers -- just to name a few.

Ask your pup pals to help you can find just the right place for your next party. Be sure and reserve your location at least 3 weeks in advance!

Great theme ideas!

Here are some theme ideas for you! And this is just a beginning -- you can basically turn any theme into a great pup party! You're only limited by your imagination.

  • Garden Party - a great backyard party idea, decorate with bugs and bees!
  • Pool Party - another great backyard idea, if you have a pool that is, or bring out the kiddie pools! Turn your backyard into the beach and let your pups swim to their hearts content.
  • Holiday Themes - from the 4th of July to New Year's Eve; any holiday is a great time for a party!
  • Hollywood - why not turn your pups into stars with a great Hollywood themed party!
  • Sports - all dogs love sports, or at least playing, right? So, why not try a sports related or Olympic theme for your party?

You're gonna need some party supplies.

Napkins, hats, cups, tablecloths, balloons, candles, and more - to round out your theme, you'll need supplies. Check out some of these great doggie and theme related party supplies! We're sure you'll find just what you need!

To us dogs (and some humans) food is just about everything!

A party just isn't a party without good food. We'll let you take care of the people food, but we can sure help with the pup pastries, fur food and canine candies!

All kinds of treats and goodies - you can find it all at

Goodie bags are all about goodies!

You can put together great goodie bags for all your 2 and 4 legged guests; and they will love you for it!

Add in some doggie treats, a doggie banadana, a training clicker, tennis ball or small toy - and you have the ingredients for a terrific goodie bag. See a bunch of items perfect for your goodie bags at

Try paw bone shaped post-its, dog bone cookie cutter, paw print stickers, and other cool stuff for your 2-leggers. They will be impressed!

A party isn't a party without great dog games!

There are all kinds of games you can play at your pup's party. We've just listed a few, but many games can be modified just for your celebration!

  • Hot Dog Dunk - For each dog, take a hot dog (preferably all natural) and cut into 10 slices. Throw them in a kiddie pool and see how long it takes the dog to eat them. Fastest dog wins!
  • Water Relay - At the start line (with dog on leash) the dog parent fills a small cup, races with the dog to the finish line to fill a larger cup. Continue until the big cup is full.
  • Dog Painting - This is one of my favorites! I did a dog painting at my Gotcha Day party. Mix together corn starch, flour, water and food coloring (safe for dogs) to desired consistency and color. Put paint on dog's paws with a sponge, put them on paper and let them go at it!
  • Snoopy Says - Guests form a line with their dog and play a variation of the game Simon Says with their dogs. You give commands like sit, Simon says sit, Simon says down your dog, etc. -- last dog 'standing' wins!
  • Agility! - Yep, it's my favorite thing in the entire world! You can get inexpensive agility equipment at; or make your own. Set up a small agility course and have the dogs and 'handlers' take turns!

Give the honored pup a great gift!

At we've got a terrific assortment of gift ideas for any pup.

Try out some of these:

Birthday cake plush toy

Doggie gift box

Pup picture frame

Be Kind to Animals doggie t-shirt

Rub My Tummy collar charm

EarthDog Hemp collar

Henrietta Rubber Chicken

And there's so much more - check out all the toys, treats, books, magazines, collars, charms, clothing and more at

Add your pups Birthday or Gotcha Day! We'd sure love to know and help you share in the fun! Add it here:

Share your pups Birthday or Gotcha Day!

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      love it! Every year I hold a little party for my dog. He enjoys the presents...although he loves the wrapping paper more than the toys

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