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Puppy Coloring Pages for Kids

Updated on July 23, 2012

FREE Puppy Coloring Pages

On this page you will find all sorts of Puppy things including Puppy Coloring Pages.

I have loved to color since I was a kid and I still love it, so I am also offering on this page, some pictures that I personally have colored in as well.

Coloring is such a great way for children to amuse themselves and at the same time it teaches them good hand/eye coordination, learning colors and it is also a good way to encourage creativity. Hopefully this page will also help kids to become animal lovers

Here is a link to thousands of Puppy Coloring Pages online I hope you enjoy them.

You may also be interested in my other coloring pages including my Kitten-Coloring-Pages.

Please bookmark this page so you can come back again soon.

This photo is of our Bearded Collie Puppies

Photo Credit: Di McDonald

Funny Puppy Coloring Page

Photo Credit: copyright Di McDonald 2012

Cute Puppy Coloring Page

Ruffus The Dog - The Three Bears

A Mixture of Puppy Coloring Pages

Puppy Sitting Down

PIcture Credit :

Ruffus The Dog's Christmas Carol

Puppy Eating, Coloring Pages

Puppy with broken leg Coloring Page

Sad Puppy Poster


Ruffus The Dog - Robin Hood

All Sorts of Puppy Dog Coloring Pages

Mother with her Puppies Coloring Page

Ruffus The Dog - Little Red Riding Hood

German Shepherd Puppy Coloring Pages

Puppy on his bike coloring page

Ruffus The Dog - Little Bo Peep

Sleepy Puppy Coloring Pages

Cuddles Puppy Poster


Happy Puppy Coloring Page for you

Which Is Your Favorite Breed of Puppy?

See results

Cute Puppy coloring page

Ruffus The Dog - Jack & The Beanstalk

Puppies Running, Coloring Pages

Puppy head to Color

Photo Credit :

Ruffus The Dog - The Brave Little Tailor

Just Cute Puppy Coloring Pages

Lab Puppy POster


Grumpy Bulldog Puppy coloring page

Photo Credit :

Ruffus The Dog - Rapunzel

Cartoon Puppy Coloring Pages

Sad Puppy Coloring Page

Picture Credit:

Ruffus The Dog - Cinderella

More Puppy Printable Coloring Pages

My Colored Puppy Page

My Colored Puppy Page
My Colored Puppy Page

Happy Puppy Coloring Page

Picture Credit :

Ruffus The Dog - Hansel Gretel

Puppy Printable Coloring Pages

Could your new puppy be bored?

Is Your New Puppy Bored?

One of the biggest causes of destructive behaviour by puppies is boredom. If you answer any of these questions with a YES, then your puppy probably needs more stimulation.

1: Do you leave your puppy alone for long periods?

2: Does your puppy bark or whine when you go out?

3: Does your puppy dig up the yard?

4: Is your puppy a problem inside the home?

5: Does your puppy chew your belongings?

If you answered yes then here are a few ideas to try.

1: Buy a KONG and fill it with dog biscuits. Only give it to your puppy when you leave him alone. It takes quite a while to get the biscuits out so that will keep him from getting bored.

2: Hide food treats around the house and garden, so he is kept busy looking for them.

3: Make sure he always has something new to look at or to play with.

4: If you are really desperate, get another puppy, they will stop each other getting bored and will play great together,

Puppy jumping Coloring Page

Picture credit:

Ruffus The Dog - The Pied Piper

Puppy Coloring Sheets Free

Another of my Puppy Coloring pages

Another of my Puppy Coloring pages
Another of my Puppy Coloring pages

Ruffus The Dog - Robinson Crusoe

Puppy Color Pages for Kids

Little Puppy Poster


Ruffus The Dog - The Three Little Pigs

Puppy Color Sheets For Kids

Did you enjoy my Puppy Coloring Pages? Please let me know if you find any broken links or if you have links to coloring pages yo - Please leave me a comment, I

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