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Quotes About Dogs

Updated on October 9, 2014

Quotes About Dogs That Will Make You Smile

Dogs are inspiring animals. They can teach us unconditional love and loyalty and how to be a true best friend. It's no wonder dogs have inspired so many people, whether to do good deeds or write a novel, poem or a touching quote. These inspirational dog quotes are certain to make you smile, so go ahead and keep that happiness going by sharing these dog quotes with friends, family and co-workers. Great for sharing on Facebook, too!

The Well-Trained Dog

dog quote
dog quote

The Loyal Dog

dog quotes
dog quotes

Dog Facebook Page Filled With Dog Quotes, Dog PIctures and Dog Fun!

If you like all things dog, you're gonna LOVE this Dog Facebook Page! It has lots of inspiring dog quotes, funny dog pictures and hilarious dog videos.

Dogs Are Not Our Whole Lives But They Make Our Lives Whole

inspirational dog quote
inspirational dog quote

The Comforting Dog

dog quotations
dog quotations

Fun Dog Toys For Happy Dogs

These dog toys are fun, interactive and sure to keep dogs playing for long periods of time. Engaging dog toys like these are considered interactive dog toys because of their ability to keep dogs occupied by enticing them to play with some sort of stimulation or reward- noises, dog treats, lights, etc.

  • Atomic Treat Ball - This treat-filled dog toy releases dog treats as dogs play with it by rolling it around, shaking it or dropping it.
  • Kong Wobbler - This dog treat dispenser holds treats and lets them out as a dog plays with the dog toy. The Kong Wobbler keeps popping back upright to make the "game" more exciting (and challenging).
  • Animal X-Tire Ball - A fun talking dog toy that makes all sorts of realistic animal noises to keep dogs company! Great for keeping doggie boredom far away with "home alone" dogs.
  • Super Ring - This dog toy does it all - it flashes lights, it floats and it's fun to fetch and chew! The bright light moves around in a circle around the toy, adding to the excitement of this interactive dog toy.

How To Handle Stress Like a Dog

pet quote
pet quote

The Peaceful Dog

inspiration dog quote
inspiration dog quote

World's Most Durable Chew Toys

The Toughest Dog Toys You'll Ever Find. Perfect for Powerful Chewers!

The Best Dog Gifts

These dog gifts are the perfect present for any occasion!

  • Dog Treat Pan - Making dog treats is easy with this silicone dog treat pan. Dog treat recipes are included and the treats pop out easily because of the flexible nature of silicone.
  • Pup Casso Paint Kit For Dogs - For a really unique dog gift, go for the Pup Casso! It allows a dog to create his own painting masterpiece all by using his paws. It's important to mention that the Pup Casso dog paint kit is completely mess free!
  • Dog Breed Testing Kit - This dog DNA kit includes everything you need to find out what breeds make up your mixed breed dog - right down to the postage paid envelope for mailing in your dog's cheek swap. Testing is easy and you'll receive detailed information about each of your dog's breeds. This helps to understand your dog's temperament, behavior and any potential health problems.


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